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The Little Boys Society - part 6: About crying, laughter, simulation and sex

Abigail Pereira Aranha

One of the most ridiculous things that we see nowadays is the series of "powerful" posts on social networks written and shared by average people. Women who are for years valuing the wrong man saying they will throw the skies over the head of her man, but they are patient; unsympathetic and ridiculous cows say to those who did not ask it that they do not care about the opinions of others, but her unexciting Facebook profile is only visible to friends; boys who are sexually unresolved and in jobs they hate say themselves strong and independent; and so on. There was a time when the theatrical inversion of the truth could be convincing. Now that we have more and more semi-literates in student bodies and faculty of universities, notoriously stupid leftists as columnists in the mainstream media and other fakers lackluster in prominent positions, some fakers can recognize themselves in the other fakers and attack themselves in each other.

Let's start analyzing this falsehood in the issue of crying. Before it, let's remember that being strong does not mean to have less or have no reason to cry, strong people only withstand more without crying or before crying. And let's also remember that men have always been those who took the heaviest services, and in the more rustic societies, were they who caught almost all manual service, and all the unhealthy service and the service with risk of death. Any ancient town smaller than a small town center today, any settlement like many in eighteenth-century Brazil or any indigenous or African village was a protection of some dangers of Nature and a place with a little more comfort. But when someone needed to get out of there, for example, for hunting, they were men. They had the tools they invented, the clothes they produced, each other and only, were they that were exposed to Nature. The women worked too, but usually within the populated place or, for example, washing clothes in the nearby stream. Ah, nowadays, there are women in the police and army. There is no police troop all-female or female majority to tackle organized crime in ghettos, for example.

Now, yes: do you know why we cry? Emotional tears discharge some hormones that cause stress, such as cortisol and corticotropin (ACTH). You can see more at "Psicobiología del Llanto" (Crying Psychobiology), by Miguel A. Requejo, Instituto Psicología Integral, at And what do the boys learn from an early age? Men do not cry. This is not even a pretense of strength. Whimpering for manipulation is something else. Who says men don't cry wants to deny them the right to cry if they need, and when is a man, after himself accept this negative.

And the men who went to Nature for agricultural work, pastoral work, hunting work, deep sea fishing work, mineral extraction work, they were never looking for vanity, they were looking for the breadwinning of their entire country, of their community or, at least, of of their own family. We start there: in the more rustic societies, men were created for hard work, by mothers as well as by the social group. Men begin here three farcical contradictions. The first is the one of a feeling of weakness and helplessness combined with an external image which is not even of strength to overcome difficulties, it is one of less difficulties. The second is the one of the discomfort of direct exposure to the real world combined with the public image that is expected of him in the social group. The third is the one of the dedication to a work with crucial importance for the family and social life combined with a feeling of inferiority in relation to all the others.

All this inside farce of men begins with the farce of mothers, but the society also adopts three farcical contradictions of women. The first is the one that the woman who does not like sex, who does not offer sex and who flees to please men heterosexually is the truly feminine woman. The second, consequence of the first, is the one that the "goddess" is the sexually attractive woman that, with the possible exception of a husband and/or some bandits, does not have sex and flees from sex. The third is the one that the woman who is not pleasing to men physically or even is a woman with pleasant manners is more worthy of value than the woman who is. The female farce is functional and is the means of life for all women from median down, physically or mentally, and for the most of the above median women. The farce of men is only a incarnation of the farce of women.

From then on, almost all life is a farce. Have you noticed that every woman who shows herself as intelligent and well resolved dwells in an ordinary place and she is unhappy in love relationships? Have you noticed that all self-assured man had an unhappy childhood? Have you noticed that all the brave people are from the most irrelevant parts of the country or the world? More: why old age should be respected as a sign of wisdom and respectability? Or where respect for authority comes from, if not from the petitio principii that the position itself proves the expertise required to it, or even an intellectual and moral level higher than commanded in general?

If mediocre women in prominent positions are more obviously imbeciles, pathetic and without merit, it is because women meet a terror of the mother figure that hinders others to see this obvious or to say it publicly. Through it, women are less demanded, and attractive women are further spoiled by men because of male heterosexuality plus that maternal figure terror. Men are different, many of them not only build a false public image, they are also this image. Well, they are and they are not. For example, how many of the men in the 1% higher wages in Brazil or the United States make use of tranquilizers to sleep? Another example: what a high-ranking man in the public administration has been able to do and an employee who earns two minimum wages would not do even under threat of starvation or death? Another example: what an executive or a high-ranking civil servant receives of humiliations and, instead of get out of there, he rather ensure a pose that any worker who earns little, but he does not sell his dignity, wishes to be in his place?

And a jealous man accompanied with his girlfriend is the picture of male farce. First, the man has a woman aside and he acts like he had a great treasure or something like this. So he has to protect his woman. Protect of what? Ah, to protect of any man who looks at her in the streets. He sees this man and he kisses the girl to show that she is with him. Oh really? And at this point, boyfriends of beautiful women are no different than boyfriends of ugly women who are uninteresting in every aspect, because these last need such farcical inversion for themselves that it spills over to the real world. After all, they men are passionate about the minimum chance with any mediocre cow, and they women are passionate with jealous men. And this is a common man. The difference between him and the prominent man who has a number of women is that the farce of this last is multiplied.

War and violence of men against men are the evidence that many men have an animalistic concept of what is the human masculinity itself, because they were always surrounded by idiots and fakers literally from the cradle. By the way, throughout History until 2 or 3 centuries ago, humanity was able to deliver Medicine to illiterates, the Weather to religious leaders, the sciences of everyday life for unprepared people who sometimes hated science, but it took seriously war and religion. Why? Everyone was afraid of the real world, and a feeling of helplessness, the only possible power was over the neighbor.

On the violence of men against women, primarily, associate the rape to male heterosexuality is a lesbian level of stupidity. Do you know how a vaginal or anal penetration without lubrication is like? Let's assume that a particular man can be so stimulated to penetrate a woman to the force as a average man in a normal sexual intercourse or watching normal porn. It will be horrible, uncomfortable, for him and her. At least, he'll have the friction of the glans, which is the most sensitive part of the penis, with a dry vagina. The pleasure that this man will have will not be the sexual pleasure. We can see more clearly what pleasure is this in cases of collective rape in wars, which when it is not in an open place in the land of attacked people, it's in the presence of the victim's family men. This is what happens, perhaps it's less visible, in the most common cases of rape (by men against women) in Western civilization, which are the cases of demonstration of force by criminals, revenge by criminals against other criminals or revenges by more audacious men of the common people against other men. You may have noticed that I refer here to true rapes, not the rumors of cows in the periphery or fictions by sluts against their ex-husbands. The pleasure of the rapist is almost always to meet the objective of hitting other specific man, hitting men in a community in general or self-assertion through a random man. Yes, this rape of a woman was to hit another man, because a typical freeman in the history of mankind had the protection or support of a woman, who could be a wife, mother, daughter or sister, as something that defined his life itself; and even a coarse thug had his girlfriend or his "girls". But there is also a minority of cases where the rapist is had the objective of hitting the raped woman. A common case is when the author is an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband hurt because of the end of the relationship. We can see that rape has nothing to do with male heterosexuality in the cases which the ex-boyfriend or ex-husband kills the woman before the rape. But did you notice that I said back there "violence of men against women" instead of rape? It is not because many people summarize one thing to another, it is to show how this issue is steeped in farce. If really almost all rapes are to hit other men, linked to the victims, women are a minority of the planned targets of violence in general and even rape cases themselves (by men against women). Therefore, there is a fear, even in criminals, of even thinking of attacking a woman as a direct target. This fear comes from not only the mother's terror, it also comes from the possibility of reaction of other men.

Still on violence by men against women, we will discuss sexual harassment (by men to women). Sexual harassment can be very annoying, but it is not a violence like theft, much less like a physical assault or rape. And I am not calling sexual harassment any delusions of grandeur of a lesbian who has a ridiculous body and a monkey face. The issue of sexual harassment by men to women is also steeped in farce. First, men in the general population and the judiciary defend whoever woman who says she was harassed as if they really were born for this (to defend women). Second, a common man can, let's say, defend a woman who says she was harassed by committing, then yes, a violence foreseen by law (from threat until murder). Third, and summarizing all, the horror to man was transformed into a right guaranteed by law, often while adultery (which, even reprehensible, it is consensual relationship of a married person with a third), prostitution or pornography are still crimes.

I will skip the part of why we laugh and why we love sex, hehehehe. But have you ever noticed how humorism in general is stupid? The people in general as well as the comedians in general are afraid to laugh at the ridiculous, they are afraid to laugh at ridiculous people, and they create a fake laugh. So, the public likes a program like "El Chavo del Ocho", where the joke is one depreciating the other, one hitting the other, furthermore the story itself is absurd, the characters are atypical, the dialogues are demented. Then, someone will say "El Chavo del Ocho" is good because it has neither bad word nor sex. This one did not refute whatever I said and also added two problems. The first is the idea that sex is not funny. I myself, since my parakeet has more passes than bus roulette, I have a bit of funny stories. I could also try to make jokes with other issues, but with female nudity or sex within, and the joke to be good. The second problem, and it is really a problem, is the one of bad jokes with sex appeal. And this is the same problem of nervous laughter, inventing fun where there is none to escape to laugh at other things really laughable, plus an appeal to the discontented sexuality. "El Chavo del Ocho" is from Mexico, a developing country, let us go to the United States or England: the skits recorded on the streets are for you to watch someone mocking others. For example, an actor gives an idiot scare in people passing or a sexy actress with provocative clothing makes a stupid joke with men who pass. At least in Brazil, where the situation is similar, the skits are so poor that sometimes actors are beaten or almost beaten by someone who did not like the not funny joke. After all, this humorism is not laughing with each other, is laughing at the other. Have you ever noticed too that nowadays, when the joke is good, the joker can take a lawsuit? It is because, as you may have noticed, the good humorism is the one that says a serious truth, or at least it attacks someone or something that bothers in the real world.

A question that may seem nymphomaniac, but that illustrates what is the life of pretense: why countries where supposedly people do not care about each other have laws against prostitution and pornography? More: why, in the United States, a person can be assaulted on the streets without someone to help, but a prostitute may be denounced? 1) Women who are prostitutes or who pose for erotic and pornographic materials represent the closest to "woman" in the appropriated meaning of the word, even if they are not in real life. 2) Women-mothers, who hate femininity and live through the terror of men-sons of the mother figure, hate it. 3) Men-sons also hate it, because they are not more than host bodies of the mind of women-mothers. 4) Physically attractive women do not like sex a lot more than the ugly and repulsive women, and is less likely that they dream of careers in prostitution or pornography than of a traditional marriage or a life of luxury on the back of a rich sucker. 5) The inner wounds include poor quality of sexual life, and likewise chastity is the forced glorification of sexual frustration, the imposing posture and hardness is nothing more than theatrical reversal of weak people wounded inside.

Questo testo in italiano senza filmati di dissolutezza in Men of Worth Newspaper: "La Società degli Ragazzini - parte 6: A proposito del pianto, il riso, la simulazione e il sesso",
Questo testo in italiano con filmati di dissolutezza in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "La Società degli Ragazzini - parte 6: A proposito del pianto, il riso, la simulazione e il sesso",
Ce texte en français sans films de libertinage au Men of Worth Newspaper: "La Société de les Gamins - partie 6: A propos de les pleurs, le rire, la simulation et le sexe",
Ce texte en français avec films de libertinage au Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "La Société de les Gamins - partie 6: A propos de les pleurs, le rire, la simulation et le sexe",
Eso texto en español sin películas de putaría en Men of Worth Newspaper: "La Sociedad de los Chiquitos - parte 6: Sobre el llanto, la risa, la simulación y el sexo",
Eso texto en español con películas de putaría en Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "La Sociedad de los Chiquitos - parte 6: Sobre el llanto, la risa, la simulación y el sexo",
This text in English without licentiousness movies at Men of Worth Newspaper: "The Little Boys Society - part 6: About crying, laughter, simulation and sex",
This text in English with licentiousness movies at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "The Little Boys Society - part 6: About crying, laughter, simulation and sex",
Texto original em português sem filmes de putaria no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade: "A Sociedade dos Garotos - parte 6: Sobre o choro, o riso, o fingimento e o sexo",
Texto original em português com filmes de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: "A Sociedade dos Garotos - parte 6: Sobre o choro, o riso, o fingimento e o sexo",
Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia
Section of sex, lust, licentiousness, naked woman, pornography
Section de sexe, luxure, débauche, femmes nues, pornographie
Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia
Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía

"After dad leaves" - featuring India Summer, Tysen Rich and Tyler Nixon,

Moms teach sex dot com. Excluding the part of woman licking woman, I liked this movie. Specially, I liked to imagine myself in the future like India Summer (having plus tits and buttocks) with a son like Tyler Nixon, hehehehe.

"After dad leaves" (Depois que o papai sai) - com India Summer, Tysen Rich e Tyler Nixon,

Mães ensinam sexo ponto com. Excluindo a parte de mulher lambendo mulher, eu gostei deste filme. Especialmente, eu gostei de me imaginar no futuro como a India Summer (com mais peito e bunda) com um filho como Tyler Nixon, hehehehe.

"After dad leaves" (Après le papa quitte) - avec India Summer, Tysen Rich et Tyler Nixon,

Mamans enseignent sexe point com. Hors de la part de femme léchant femme, j'aimé ce film. Spécialement, je me plaisais à me imaginer à l'avenir comme l'Inde Summer (ayant plus seins et fesses) avec un fils comme Tyler Nixon, hehehehe.

"After dad leaves" (Después que papá sale) - con India Summer, Tysen Rich y Tyler Nixon,

Madres enseñan sexo punto com. Con exclusión de la parte de mujer que lame mujer, me ha gustado esta película. Especialmente, me gustó imaginar a mí misma en el futuro como India Summer (con más pechos y nalgas) con un hijo como Tyler Nixon, jejejeje.

"After dad leaves" (Dopo papà lascia) - con India Summer, Tysen Rich e Tyler Nixon,

Mamme insegnano sesso punto com. Escludendo la parte di donna che lecca donna, mi è piaciuto questo film. Specialmente, mi piaceva immaginare me stessa in futuro come India Summer (con più seni e glutei) con un figlio come Tyler Nixon, hehehehe.

To help a son 03 - featuring Melanie Hicks
Para ajudar um filho 03 - com Melanie Hicks
Pour aider un fils 03 - mettant en vedette Melanie Hicks
Para ayudar a un hijo 03 - con Melanie Hicks
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Mom, son, dad, daughter fucked on birthday
Mãe, filho, pai, filha fodida no aniversário
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Madre, hijo, papá, hija follada en el cumpleaños
La mamma, figlio, padre, figlia scopata sul compleanno

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Filho virgem recebe lições de sexo quentes de sua madrasta e se apaixona por ela

A madrasta é gorda, mas qual é o problema? Você vai ver que ela é uma boa pessoa, hehehehe.

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