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Why an adulterous woman deserves condemnation and an indecent woman deserves congratulations?

Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Concrete Paradise): ¿Por qué una mujer adúltera merece la condenación y una mujer indecente merece las felicitaciones?,
Eso texto en español (con fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Paraíso Tangible): ¿Por qué una mujer adúltera merece la condenación y una mujer indecente merece las felicitaciones?,
This text in English (without sex pics and movies, at Concrete Paradise): Why an adulterous woman deserves condemnation and an indecent woman deserves congratulations?,
This text in English (with sex pics and movies, at Paraíso Tangible): Why an adulterous woman deserves condemnation and an indecent woman deserves congratulations?,
Texto original em português (sem fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade): Por que mulher adúltera merece condenação e mulher safada merece parabéns?,
Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam): Por que mulher adúltera merece condenação e mulher safada merece parabéns?,

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Some readers (especially women) should find it's a contradiction of mine to defend free bitching and open marriage, but to condemn the bitches, single mothers, cheating wives. I'll explain why it's not.

The traditional marriage requires sexual exclusivity, a life together, a partnership. If both lived tied one to another, it already would be a problem. And when one of the two breaks that covenant? It's a betrayal. Not because of sex with someone else, but because of the villainy. How so?

Sex for the man of character is in the red ligth district or at least at dating. Months until she have some interest in him and he set up the courage to ask her for a date (even when she likes the boy too). The brothers and her parents near of asking for his police records before allowing him to date her, with the project they will marry. Depending on the father, about six months to there. Until not long ago, to him only see the girl's shoulders after the wedding.

After the wedding, the boy's life with his loved girl will become increasingly boring. Until he gets increasingly more willing to kill her or die. If she was beautiful of face and body, she gets ugly. If she has always been ugly, she gets worse. Fatter, more wrinkled, more messed up. The defects that were tolerable in dating, now he can not stand. Sex is increasingly rare and worse. The "darling" is also increasingly rare. Anything that does not bother balanced people can be cause of a fight. The merchandise is defective and was never guaranteed. Get rid of the wife will be a nuisance, besides being expensive.

The woman is not a misshapen pig, but the relationship the honey is over and reached in the moon. Then, the man discovers that his wife is fucking with another man. Maybe the witch is not doing sex strike with him for months (or two years). Maybe she is not wanting to take revenge of when he was making a snack with the friendly female co-worker after work. But it is a villainy. Because for the other man, there were no months of future father-in-law annoying before he can kiss the girl alone. For the other man, there were no brother of his girl surveilling them. And the other guy got in weeks, days or maybe hours exactly what he (the husband) wanted since he was interested in the woman: fuck with the daughter of her mother. And it is likely that the same family who treated the man like a leper always knew everything. Now, the other pays up to the motel. The husband will pay a share of divorce if he wants to leave his wife. Got it? Betrayal is not because of the sex, is because of the lack of character. And it's not only with an ex-prostitute, a single mother, a crazy woman. Often it is with a serious woman, or rather, a fervent Christian woman, who before her husband thought the only other man that was going to have in the wedding was Our Lord Jesus Christ.

For good men, there is no easy sex. For good men, there is not 15 year old girl, guitar-shaped body, wanting to lose virginity hidden from the father (unless he is already married to another woman). For good men, there is not two "ordinary" girls going to bed together with him (unless he pays the Coca Cola of these two in the club). For good men, there is neither married woman making madness to meet him and take some stick hidden of the rude and violent husband. It's not that he rejects, is a chance that does not appear. The woman who has sex with anyone she wants never wants with him.

Oh, I had forgotten. And the woman who was a bitch or a prostitute (yeah, sex worker) when she was young and after she wants to get married, it means that she will cheat her husband too? Usually not. But does she accept the open marriage? She told her boyfriend her past? She is jealous? People, a woman experience a load of logs in youth is not a negative point for her character, what scores against her is the falsehood. Indeed, the former horny woman says that? What the most wanton women make about 30 or 40 is to marry a good sucker (preferably of goods), usually together with children from previous relationships who hardly see their fathers, attend a church and hide the past looking like those old ladies who have not experienced two dicks in life. To retire the decaying body that scoundrels do not want to and can not help cut the line of competence to ensure a professional career. And sensuality and sexuality that she had with the age at which her husband was making himself a serious man, perhaps he was still a virgin, is gone. She will tell her husband and for those who know of her past about how she was treated as an object by scoundrels and how she is ashamed of photos she took nude or amateur (or professional) sex movies.

It is not true that who loves blocks. Love is one willing the good of other, not necessarily, in the case of man and woman, wanting to start a family. And as a man and a woman unmarried who enjoy the companionship and the joy of each other can go to a barbecue, walk in the park, they can well enter the car in the garage (with two or three cars, it gets better, hehehehe).

And just because they do not want marriage, does not mean they do not respect each other or like each other so much. It is precisely because they do not want to take away the freedom of one another.

And just because the maiden will be with a cock today and another two at a time tomorrow, it does not mean that the relationship is superficial. Heck, they can talk a little between one and another until the mast of the kitten up again, until a sad thing that one is going and the other give the shoulder to cry a little. They can talk something happy too, everybody naked. Hehehehe.

Several partners increases the risk of venereal disease how much as out with the car increases the risk of accident. So, with prudence (and condoms), not worth the argument of AIDS, including because it's coming to married women who have not had three men in my life (and not always the man took bitch out there). So, for a life of luxury you need to have more courage. No courage to challenge syphilis, gonorrhea, but have more courage than the cowardly mob who seek a marriage for fear of disease and Hell.

And women live in hooker or open marriage is not a lack of morals. It's just worry about having more than a lack of cocks to hide who knows what lack of moral or intellectual virtues. It's having qualities that sometimes the cheating wife doesn't have and makes everyone believe that she has.

For a woman, sex with more than one man (at one time or not) taking a conventional marriage is hypocrisy, lying, hanky-panky. Having an open marriage or sex without commitment (of a stable relationship), is sincerity with herself and with others, respect for others, fun (with prudence) and courage to a lifestyle that was never accepted any time. Yeah, against God, against chastity and against mediocrity.

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