martedì 24 maggio 2011

Fighting discrimination is a thing of lesbians and queers, let's respect only who and what deserves it

Abigail Pereira Aranha

  1. Karl Marx was a white and European man, and thought the world with no divisions in countries, without religions and without exploitation of man by man. Mikhail Bakunin, anarchist thinker, too. But we can find the world more fair because only a poor black girl is in college because of the quota system (note: in Brazil, colleges and universities have quota systems benefiting black people and former public school students).

  2. No one was born yesterday to have what to hear from an intelligent person, but any woman who has reached age 60 without having read a book or had an orgasm has a lot to teach.

  3. A moody young man, with a horrible childhood, full of bitterness and mother since the age of 15 have early maturity. A young man with a critical sense who knows how the world might be better has not woken up to life.

  4. Mastercard and Visa are still accepting donations for the Klu Klux Klan and the Swiss banks deny access to data on financial transactions of people involved in drug, women or weapons trafficking or terrorism. But MasterCard and Visa decided to terminate their partnership with the WikiLeaks, and Swiss bank where Julian Assange had an account decided to block it because WikiLeaks has published secret documents from the Pentagon and a bunch more that has much to hide. (See, in Portuguese, "O povo contra Julian A.", by Walter Hupsel)

  5. "If a woman has a job where only men work she is pioneering, if a man has a job where only women work he's queer; a man who hits a woman is coward, a woman who hits a man is brave (not that I support a man hits a woman, it never); a betrayed woman is a victim, a betrayed man is a cheated." (Émerson, commentary on text "O mito do poder masculino" (The myth of male power) , published in Paraíso Concreto)

  6. "When a black man uses the '100% black with pride' shirt, a historical reading of the sentence translates: 'I belong to an ethnic group that was oppressed throughout history, but I'm proud of it and grieve for her to have the same rights the other'. When a white man uses the '100% white, with pride' shirt, a historical reading of the sentence translates: 'I'm racist'". (Túlio Vianna , professor of criminal law at UFMG - Federal University in Minas Gerais)

  7. "When gay people make their 'Gay Pride Parade', they manifest themselves for respect to their sexual orientation. When heterosexuals people make a 'Heterosexual Pride Parade' they express their intolerance for diverse sexual orientations." (same Túlio Vianna)

  8. "When a woman is beaten by her husband, she is beaten by from centuries of subjugation of women to men. When a husband is beaten by his wife, he is simply a coward." (again, Túlio Vianna)

  9. Someone can exalt women and cite 10 women who made something important to the world. Before anyone cites 20 men who made something in the same areas, will be called a macho or will hear the victimist lesbian speech.

  10. Before anyone cites 10 names of white scientists and thinkers, will hear that blacks raised Brazil with their slave labor.

  11. When two non-white people stuck in time and in life make war against each other, it is ethnic conflict. When whites come and kill some hundreds of them (with bad intentions, it is true), it is genocide.

  12. Any culture without written language should be preserved. Just for not being white.

  13. Africa has always been a horrible continent full of ignorant people dominated by scavengers from them ourselves, but African slaves built Brazil. America was populated by Indians who believed in Astrology, but they teach us to care for nature. Europeans arrived in the two continents and put them into the civilized world, but they were the bad guys who killed people and cultures.

  14. Who ever heard at least one of the expressions take the hand of the nose and raise your hand:

    - Women will and should dominate the world because then everything will be better world

    - A woman has personality traits higher and more moral than men

    - Fathers are good for nothing

    - Men should not be more like women because they are superior emotionally

    - The world's tragedies and wars are faults of crude personality traits man. Women give more peace to the world and fewer crises, the world would be a better place for everyone.

    Now imagine the following scene: I come here and say, "Well people I think the world should be dominated by whites. Because whites are emotionally superior to blacks and have higher traces of organization. Notice Africa. Africa is a shit because it is dominated by blacks. Let the whites dominate and then the world will have more peace and less tribal wars". Well, if I wrote it on my blog seriously, the other day the Federal Police would enter in my house, eat all my Doritos, delete my porn movies and put me in the Suburban beating in my head with their shit rifles.

    (Sílvio Koerich)

  15. Religions and religious divisions have made their adherents hate, deny rights, assault and kill ones the adherents of others. But a ruthless criminal has not God in the heart.

  16. An atheist may find it absurd a woman to be killed accused of sex outside of marriage in the twenty-first century in an Islamic country. But one person is better just because have a religion and our laws are based on the Ten Commandments.

  17. The ATEA (Brazilian Association of Atheists and Agnostics) made an advertising campaign in Porto Alegre to promote atheism and beyond the companies do not run ads with a signed contract, the Association of Passenger Transporters claims that advertising is illegal because it makes religious offense. But a former Muslim has been victim of an attempted murder within Brazil, where Muslims are not 1% and link Islam to suicide bombers and women stoners is prejudice.

  18. A child of some countries can learn to hate or feel superior to whom it is of a certain ethnic group or any other country or religion before learning to read, but the internet he or she will access when grow have to be blocked at the national level for he or she not see a breast on display or something that does not comply with government or with his or her religion nor when is over 18 years.

  19. Homosexuality is sexual orientation, sex outside marriage is immoral.

  20. A girl who only comes out with miscreants and outcasts have the right to fuck with whoever she want, but can make an anonymous call to Guardian Council to denunciate the mother who received a male friend at home.

  21. A woman can call us bitches or whores, but we can not call her sexually repressed lesbian.

  22. What is no good and is old is tradition, what is no good and is new is innovation.

  23. This country (Brazil) has freedom of expression and respect for differences, but those who read this text, did not like and can not respond now will say it is atheist (atheism is equal to the worst of all bad), macho, misogynist, homophobic, racist, elitist, anti-family, antiold, immoral, ...

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