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Six and sixteen (Or: Christian right-wing, it's over! - part 10)

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Once, John Rense wrote a letter to the Target's customer service online in which he complained about some of its T-shirts:

The size four will fit my three year old daughter, but I would never let her wear it. It says "Hottie" on the front in flaming letters.

Is there a non-sexual connotation to the word "Hottie" that I'm not aware of? Do YOU think it is appropriate attire for a three year old? Are your little girl clothes designed by PEDOPHILES?

Picture a group of children on the playground, being watched by a pedophile. He sees a pre-schooler in a tshirt that says "hottie" and thinks, "there's the woman for me."

Pedophilia has been a nowadays discussion, right? But then it was January 2001[01]. In that epoch, in Brazil:

  • Our President was Fernando Henrique Cardoso, no one thought how Lula could be the President in 2003
  • Disarmament Law did not exist
  • PSOL (Socialism and Freedom Party) still did not exist
  • Adultery and providing facilities to prostitution were still crimes
  • The reality show Big Brother Brasil, based on the Big Brother exhibited firstly in 1999 in Netherlands, would have its first of fifteen seasons in the following year
  • Not only the lesbian couple Lanna Holder and Rosania Rocha has not founded yet the church Comunidade Cristã Cidade de Refúgio (Christian Comunity Refuge City), Lanna Holder was also in the Assembleia de Deus and she preached against homosexuality[02]
  • The writter, journalist and philosopher Olavo de Carvalho was a columnist at the magazine Época and the newspapers O Globo, Zero Hora and Jornal da Tarde
  • President Dilma Rousseff was a Secretary in Rio Grande do Sul Government, and she was not in the PT (Workers' Party) yet[03]
  • There were still two parties with names containing "Liberal" (Libertarian, in Portuguese)

In United States:

  • The President was George W. Bush
  • World Trade Center was still erect
  • Hillary Clinton was a recently elected Senator but she was, basically, a lawyer and the cheated Bill Clinton's wife[04]
  • Barack Hussein Obama was only a Senator from Illinois[05]
  • Gianna Michaels (or Becky, or Gianna Rossi) was 17 years old, and all her curriculum was in a fast food in Seatle and as a receptionist in California[06]
  • Mia Khalifa was a girl about to complete 8 years old recently arrived from Lebanon[07]

In another countries:

  • China's GDP was, in the year before, USD 1.198 trillions[08], less than the Brazil's one in 2015 (not confirmed when I wrote it, but estimated about USD 1.9 trillions in May[09])
  • Hugo Chavez Frías was in his first mandate in Venezuela
  • The President of Bolivia was a militar and former dictator, Hugo Banzer[10], the leftist Evo Morales would assume only five years after
  • Pope Francis was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he would be "created a cardinal in 2001 by Pope John Paul II. He led the Argentine Church during the December 2001 riots in Argentina, and the administrations of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner considered him a political rival"[11]

What is the point I want to get to? The Christian Conservatives and Libertarians still beat the same old scarecrows while leftists advance, except when they are caught unaware by some new Liberal trick and act reactively. I mentioned the pornstars Gianna Michaels and Mia Khalifa only to kid, hehehehe. Here, I will focus the issue of so-called pedophilia. They are, at least, three essential confusions among Conservatives and Libertarians about the matter:

1) Confusion of pedophilia and sexual abuse against children. Pedophilia is ATTRACTION, and just because of it, PEDOPHILIA DOESN'T EXIST in its real definition. What exists are cases of sexual abuse of underages, and in much less cases than police departments and television programs report. No one man will rape a child if he has the option of having sex with a teenage girl or an adult woman. How many cases of the so-called pedophilia are against girls having 12, 13 years old? It leads to the next point.

2) Confusion of sex with children and sex with adolescents. It's a grotesque error to confuse sex with a 6-years-old person and sex with a 16-years-old person. The border between childhood and adolescence is the beginning of the sexual maturity. Boys begin to produce sperm and testosterone, this one will produce, beyond a further interest toward girls, some physical signals as the development of muscular mass. Girls begin to have their breasts bigger (well, some of them not so much, hehehehe) to feed a baby, they begin to have their wombs prepared to pregnancy, they begin to have their buttocks bigger (well, some of them not so much, hehehehe) to help their babies' birth. If a teenage is not ready to a sexual life, it can be a PSYCHOLOGICAL issue or an ECONOMIC issue, but not a BIOLOGICAL issue.

3) Confusion of marrying a pre-adolescent girl and having sex with this girl. Supposing that pedophilia exists, Islamic societies are NOT pedophilia-supporters only because girls are married when they are 8, 10 years old. After all, sex and marriage are not so tied together as Conservative Christians suggest them to be. As there is sex without marriage, there is marriage without sex. Lack of sex is the reality of the majority of conventional marriages after 5 or 10 years, fuck! So, what would be the objective of all of this? Could it be withdrawing this girl from the "market" BEFORE she reaches the adolescence? And, fuck, the romantic Conservative picture of a marriage is a very recent advance even in developed countries. Marriages were made historically, and without the concern about the couple, to from villager fathers to save their daughters of the "perdition" to aristocrat families to make political or business deals.

Incidentally, who REALLY defends pedophilia OR sexual abuse against children? I mean CLEAR WORDS in some screenshot that is not fraud. I mean CLEAR WORDS in some homepage not made to incriminate someone else. Ah, I found casually a blog titled "Banco Santander defende a pedofilia" (Bank Santander defends pedophilia). Really? Why a bank would support a scheme to spread a half dozen's oddity? And what is the name of ONE SINGLE pedophile portal? Another casuality: I went to the NAMBLA's homepage (North American Men-Boys Love Association) and I found not only the text "If Oprah's lying about being sexually abused as a child, who else might be?"[12], that warns us that "few people realize just how little evidence is needed to successfully convict someone of child sexual abuse", I found also an open letter to a gay news portal accusing this one of "unexamined prejudices".[13]

What could explain this confusions is a "smart" strategy: sex of an adult man with a teenage girl is labeled pedophilia (in a minor grade, of an adult woman with a teenage boy too), as if sex with a 16-years-old person was like sex with a 6-years-old person, so the provincial mothers can trust in society to sponsor their own sex dislike and the frustrated fathers won't have another men's sons having more chances to have sex than they had until they married their unpleasant puritan wives. Here is a fourth confusion regarding pedophilia: of child and legally underage, what can reach incomplete 21 years old in some countries.

But while the right-wing and the Christian Conservatives insist in mixing up pedophilia and sexual abuse against children, child and legally underage, sex with children and sex with adolescents and marrying a pre-adolescent girl and having sex with this girl, all they will get is 1) to cooperate with the worst Feminist sections to hellish the honest men's life and illegalize heterosexual sex; 2) to struggle not against Feminism, but against what remains of the feminine heterosexuality, or whatever looks like it; 3) to make the Feminists to look like as if they fight for the sexual freedom, both feminine and masculine; 4) in the medium term, being discarded together with the extreme-left.

For you to understand better what I am trying to explain, I will tell you a illustrative case while I was with this words in mind. Few days ago, a friend in Facebook and reader of my blogs said he accepted my friendship request but he stopped to follow my writings since I called him gayzist subterfuge user and anti-Christian gay. When I asked him when it happened, he showed me a post, July 12, in which I said it about his SPEECH STYLE, not about his PERSON. This post was a little after my comments in Facebook about some comments in the Brazilian page Mulheres Contra o Feminismo (Women Against Feminism), comments that celebrated the prision of the teacher Brianne Altice for having sex with three male students two weeks after the legalization of the gay marriage in all United States. Ah, my friend presents himself in Facebook as Atheist and Center-right. The right-wing in Brazil has a lot of this hiper-sensibility. But it's a little bit.

The same month, few days before, I posted in my blog that a leftist Brazilian page, Humaniza Redes, said that a child abuser can be not a pedophile, almost like I said one month before. When I showed it to a self-entitled political analyst, he replied me with some mockery, a blocking in the Facebook and ignoring my comments in his blog. Brazilian right-wing has very much vanity. But there is more.

The same month of July, a friend in Facebook and anti-Left activist was associated to a grotesquely forged blog made to incriminate him and another friend of ours who gave him an interview in his blog. This forged blog campaigned for infant girls abuse. Before July was ended, I wrote about this case twice, pointing the so-called pedophilia and lessons the Brazilian right-wing failed to learn. But there is more.

The same month of July, 10,

A 24-year-old history teacher at a New Jersey Catholic high school was arrested Thursday for having sex with a student, authorities said.

Fatima Grupico was charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child in connection with a 17-year-old student at Cardinal McCarrick High School, according to the Office of the Middlesex County Prosecutor.[14]

I saw it in a Brazilian news website and I thought that calling "child" a 17-year-old boy could be a translation error. It was not. The Prosecutor, Andrew Carey, really said it!

Ops, this Prosecutor is from Middlesex County! Dr. Marty Klein told us, December 2013, that the nationwide anti-porn filter in United Kingdom had already blocked the county's page,, in the name of protecting the infants.[15] Hua, hua, hua, hua, hua!

November, in Manchester, England, the teaching assistant Caroline Berriman "who had sex with 15-year-old schoolboy 80 times and got pregnant by him is finally jailed after judges overturn lenient sentence" (Daily Mail, November 17, 2015)[16]

Praise to the Lord, church? So see this news of the week before this case, November 13: a 9-year-old student at Tampa Bay, Florida, passed a love note to a female classmate and he was accused of SEXUAL HARASSMENT.[17] In the same U.S.A.!

Wait a moment! A 17-years-old boy is still a child, he needs to be protected of a woman, but a 9-years-old boy can be a sexual predator? If a female teacher jailed because she had consensual sex with her pupil is a victory against Feminism, what about a 9-years-old boy victim of the Feminist rape-paranoia?

The problem in it, further than in the case itself, is that the voice of the truth and sanity was not regained by the Christian Conservatives or any expressive group outside Liberalism. I can remember, as a pro-licentiousness, Anarchist, Atheist girl, that I warned, in this same semester, about the errors of the Conservative Christians in Brazil we can see within this case: in short, we can see that protests against Feminism did not occur here and the Conservatism is being left behind. I said several times since July to now: not only Socialists don't want to end up Capitalism, not only anti-sex politics will only give power to the leftists, the eradication of the Socialism will come only with the increasing of individual power and the rebuilding of the collective mental sanity (OK, Olavo de Carvalho, this last is yours too). It's "good" to see the right-wing paying the price for ignoring me. In a short-term, Conservatives and Libertarians can see public transportation vehicles in which men can't enter in a city where gays and lesbians can marry and kiss one another in the streets; likewise, they can have a nationwide censorship against porn, for the sake of kids, where schools and colleges despise boys, in acts and theory, with public funds. Sometime, when the stupidity and madness decrease, the moderated left-wing can accuse the remnant Conservatives for their applauses to their hated State when it censored or criminalized pornography, prostitution, sex outside marriage, nudity and sensuality. All for the sake of children. Best, to make them as much frustrated as themselves, not only sexually. So, Conservatism will be buried.

Incredible! I was still writting this text when I saw the news: "Pornhub star Mia Khalifa receives death threats after being ranked the site's top adult actress"[18]. She said about it:

Women's rights in Lebanon are a long way from being taken seriously if a Lebanese-American porn star that no longer resides there can cause such an uproar.

What I once boasted to people as being the most Westernized-nation in the Middle East, I now see as devastatingly archaic and oppressed.

Let us not to count the term "women's rights" as if it was Feminist, in respect to its idea, not its "trademark". But we can see also "archaic and oppressed". We are seeing leftist terms here! We are not seeing any Conservative word here! Thus, a porn actress from Middle East residing in United States, the home of the Capitalism, being hostilized by liberties-haters Muslims from Middle East does not remember Conservative ideas, only terms about liberties spoken by Socialist militants. It can be an example that the right-wing speech is disappearing in the everyday life of common people, while left-wing speech is being incorporated to the everyday life of these same common people. If I am right and if Libertarians did not perceive it, Conservatism is a walking dead discussing business and preaching lack of sex.


[01] "Clothing For Little Girls With Sexually-Connotative Lettering",, January 31, 2001,

[02] "Pastora Lanna Holder: 'Eu era o Malafaia de saias'", Época, July 16, 2013,






[08] Graphic displayed at, quoting World Bank

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[12] "If Oprah's lying about being sexually abused as a child, who else might be?",

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[18] "Pornhub star Mia Khalifa receives death threats after being ranked the site's top adult actress", Independent, January 7, 2015,

Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia
Section of sex, lust, licentiousness, naked woman, pornography
Section de sexe, luxure, débauche, femmes nues, pornographie
Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia
Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía
Gianna Michaels Piranha-3D
Gianna in fishnet stockings and a garter belt
Gianna em meias arrastão e uma cinta-liga
Gianna en bas résilles et porte-jarretelles
Gianna en medias de rejilla y un liguero
Gianna in calze a rete e un reggicalze

Slutty Muslims do a hot threesome with the boyfriend

Horny Muslims cannot hold their sexual desire to fuck so the girlfriend give a blowjob to the boyfriend during dinner under the table. The stepmom catches her so she joins the fucking action until the [original text truncated]

With Julianna Vega and Mia Khalifa. After about 3:40, they lick one another, argh!

Putas muçulmanas fazem um trio quente com o namorado

Muçulmanos cheios de tesão não conseguem segurar seu desejo sexual para foder, assim a namorada dá um boquete no namorado durante o jantar debaixo da mesa. A madrasta pega ela, então ela se junta a ação até que [texto original truncado]

Com Julianna Vega e Mia Khalifa. Depois de cerca de 3:40, elas se lambem, argh!

Putains musulmanes font un trio chaud avec le petit ami

Musulmans cornées ne peut pas tenir leur désir sexuel pour baiser, alors la petite amie faire une fellation à l'ami pendant le dîner sous la table. La belle-mère l'attrape, elle se joint à l'action de baiser jusqu'à ce que [texte original tronqué]

Avec Julianna Vega et Mia Khalifa. Après environ 3:40, elles lèchent un l'autre, argh!

Putas musulmanas hacen un trío caliente con el novio

Musulmanes cachondos no pueden contener su deseo sexual de follar, por lo que la novia da una mamada al novio durante la cena debajo de la mesa. La madrastra la atrapa, así ella se une a la acción de cogida hasta que [texto truncado el original]

Con Julianna Vega y Mia Khalifa. Después de aproximadamente 03:40, ellas se lamen una a la otra, ¡argh!

Puttane musulmane fanno un caldo trio con il fidanzato

I musulmani cornei non possono tenere il loro desiderio sessuale di scopare, così la ragazza dà un pompino al ragazzo durante la cena sotto il tavolo. La matrigna la sorprende, così lei si unisce l'azione di fottuta fino a [testo originale troncato]

Con Julianna Vega e Mia Khalifa. Dopo circa 3:40, loro si leccano l'una l'altra, argh!

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