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Commenting on the text "The real root of gender violence"

Abigail Pereira Aranha

The original text is by Valentina Nappi and is in, I reproduced it at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía and translated into Portuguese, into English and into Spanish. My comments:

1. Men's Rights, don't even talk: news while I was writing this text

Threats of murder: This is also feminism (text in Portuguese). A Voice for Men will hold the First Conference on Men's Issues in the 27th and 28th of this month of June in Detroit, United States. The hotel where the conference was going to be was threatened with attack. A Voice for Men will have to hire security and make 2 million dollars insurance. There is already a petition on the Internet asking for the cancellation of the conference ( Because, after all, the hate group are they. It seems joke, but is not.

2. The "femicide"

Violence against women can be summed up, in the case of Brazil, in homicides trying to be 10% of an overall total of more than 50 thousand and 50 rapes per 100,000 women last year, not counting false accusations, which I will comment later. A feminazist women, I have not found again after, said that ALREADY are more rapes than murders. She means that before they were not, even with the "rape culture", for starters. And to make matters worse, women are not even the majority of rape victims (according to an article in the Daily Mail, most rapes are against men in prisons).

An idiot named Carol Patrocínio published a text entitled "Maria da Penha Law, the death of 472 women per month, videos of coping with domestic violence and its dynamics" ( - Maria da Penha Law is the Brazilian VAWA). Only the title speaking about a Brazil with 200 million inhabitants already shows the spirit of the text. But here's a gem:

Between 2001 and 2011, approximately 50,000 women were killed for the simple reason that they are women.

Ah, the portal where she wrote this is Yahoo! Mulher (Yahoo! Woman). Too much heroism a feminine portal in a femicidist country! To have an idea of what would be a real femicide, let us compare to the Rwanda Massacre? The country has not 12 million inhabitants today.

Lasting 100 days, the Rwanda genocide left approximately 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers dead.

(...) Since the government had the names and addresses of nearly all Tutsis living in Rwanda (remember, each Rwandan had an identity card that labeled them Tutsi, Hutu, or Twa) the killers could go door to door, slaughtering the Tutsis.

Men, women, and children were murdered. Since bullets were expensive, most Tutsis were killed by hand weapons, often machetes or clubs. Many were often tortured before being killed.

(...) The killing began with grenades and guns, but soon changed to machetes and clubs.


3. Western Society already repudiates violence against women

In comparison with the relationship of lack of respect, of character and of something to offer that women have with men in general, especially the men of character and gentle, the whole "violence against women" is insignificant and almost always accidental. Most homicides of women are the result of women choose a boyfriend among the worst men for having stupid criteria to give a man the minimum of respect. Or of women making game of a good or that could be good husband and be victims of their own villainy. And even in the latter case, it is easier the man have a major depressive disorder or to suicide than to kill his girlfriend. And most rapes of women is by relatives or acquaintances. And rape is not affirmation of heterosexuality (as lesbofeminists claim), but an assault or a show of force, hence it is common to be committed by an ex-boyfriend or neighbors already socially maladjusted. And if you turned neo-Nazist because your half-breed friends from childhood became bandits? But violence against women is more repudiated by society as a whole than the "ordinary" violence, repudiation including lynchings of men for crimes that not even existed because only because they were accused by a woman. At least in the West where Lesbonazism exists. But both the "femicide" and the rape of women by men or aggression by men against women are only used by feminists and women in general to sustain parasite lesbian activists and to allow reproachable women to make the life of good men even worse.

4. That part of homosexuality

Part of homosexuality I disagree. Sexual preference for me is a man like big breast blonde women, a woman like shapely men, even woman like bandits. If I have not already said it before, I say here: male homosexuality is dishonor, female homosexuality is psychosis. I don't believe in God, but I agree with conservatives in the United States: God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

5. The male solidarity

But let's recognize: men and women only can be more friends if boys squabble less among themselves for money and women. The female solidarity is almost a fairy tale, male solidarity is more common and more beautiful. But many male friends end up great friendships because of a girlfriend, a wife, or because one had sex with the mother, the sister or the daughter of the other (folks, which I ever had to work before fuck with my father's and my male brother's friends to calm both sides looked like I was a naughty boy wanting dating with a "decent" girl). If men disunited, employers exploiting employees, whites exploiting blacks, oppress women, imagine what they will do with women if they are united. Hua, hua, hua, hua, hua! Now no bad joke: if men, especially men of worth, are more united among themselves and have a sense of dignity, any villainy against a group of men or against men as individuals will be an offense to men in general, if not to men as humans. When men of worth are more united among themselves and have a sense of dignity, the worst men and mediocre women will not be able to expect that men of worth to give them what they want in exchange for very little or villainies, as today honest and helpful men in a car on a road give a ride to any unknown ugly woman in exchange for being treated as potential rapists. So, women will have to improve.

I shifted a bit from the subject. But it was to show that the violence of men against women is more difficult than the animosity between men beacuse of women (including because of real cases of violence against these women). And this also enters the next point.

6. The question is not "sexual potential", is worse

The author says:

The males do not want to give up the privilege of control females, even at the cost of conducting a harder life and possibly having to make material sacrifices. The females do not want to give up the privilege of obtaining material benefits for the simple fact of being female, even at the price of having to adapt to the stereotypes of feminine virtue. (...) It's really disgusting that females can gain advantages by virtue of their sexual "potential". And it's demential to think we can combat this problem with repression.

I wish it were so! Here, allow me, my dear, but you missed: only the worst women profit in this whole mess, and just for being women. The men of western society are ready to offer advantages for a woman not for sexual expectations, but only because she is a woman. When a woman uses the "sexual potential" to have social or professional advantage, she at least offers some crumbs to men in general. Women in general do not even want that, they want to have everything in exchange for nothing. And the worst: the worst women can achieve much in exchange for harm the social group as a whole and bring the Hell to the people around them.

To clarify the doubt, let's look at lesbofeminists. Have you seen some reasonably attractive? When they speak of dictatorship of beauty, they do not even know to say what is the macho beauty standard, because what they want is the dictatorship of the lesbian horror. They are so sexually disturbed that they do topless in a public place and when a man sees and likes, they feel treated as objects. But the worst is not that feminist activists are, at best, mildly beautiful unpleasant college girls. The worst is that they get what they ask for. This includes separate vehicles or compartments in public transport because all men are rapists. And they get it because the men give them, and give thinking they are paying a moral obligation.

If men came to their senses and they could choose, they would not inhale lead in paint 40 hours a week just to have a frigid woman just for them. The young university student who thinks in graduation less concerned to understand half of what he saw in class than to go to the motel with three different whores a weekend in luxury car the following year does not have more power, have just more luck. It takes a man to miss not only his masculinity but also his sense of worth as a human individual to measure his personal success in terms of how much pussy he fucks. Or even worse, as is very common: in function of achieve to fuck a unique pussy for years, perhaps basically the same throughout life. I have already written about it in the series "Machismo was created by women" and in the series "The Little Boys Society".

7. Viva pornography, prostitution and fornication!

This writer tries to give her small contribution in this direction living casual sex as something normal, everyday, to be practiced with the same ease and nonchalance with which you drink a coffee. But it's not enough the private dimension: is also required public disclosure, the cultural representation of these patterns of behavior. This should be, after all, one of the tasks of pornography: to spread a model of sexuality without superstructures, in which the females are equally likely than males to have fortuitous sex. It is the repetition of instances led to several decades ago, but remain relevant because in fact have not been achieved, or have not been fully achieved.

Folks, would be Valentina the great-granddaughter of my Italian great-grandmother? Hehehehe! It is curious that a boy under 16 years old can learn to discriminate people of other religion or even kill people of another social group in several countries, but in nowadays Brazil can not see a movie scene with a woman with an exposed breast. Why the police of the United States takes the trouble to send men posing as customers of prostitutes to arrest prostitutes and women posing as prostitutes to arrest customers of prostitutes, but corrupt public officials and businessmen are known to the entire population but Justice? Worse: why feminist women treat pornography and prostitution as degradation of women, but prefer to invent scary stories about porn stars kept in captivity and let prostitutes really kept in captivity be released only with the help of customers?

Because our culture and all cultures of the world, as far as we know, are gynocentric. Even when a woman is stoned for not being chaste or submissive, the conviction is against THAT woman, so THE OTHER ONES can enjoy the support by their husbands, social prestige, etc. And what makes almost all women hate prostitution and pornography is basically three things: lowness of spirit, wanting the world without offering anything and hate references.

Violence against women is almost entirely a rhetorical blackmail against honest heterosexual men. What passes this rhetorical blackmail uses to be the meeting of the mediocre woman with her own attitudes. And what remains is already repudiated by society as a whole. Out when the woman is wanton, when almost all the women themselves are at least the most silent. And women in general count on the lack of sense of humanity of men to subsist upon using the morale of the average man against himself.

Questo testo in italiano senza fotos di libertinaggio, in Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Commentando il testo "La vera radice della violenza di genere",
Questo testo in italiano con fotos di libertinaggio, in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Commentando il testo "La vera radice della violenza di genere",
Eso texto en español sin fotos de putaría, en lo Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Comentando el texto "La verdadera raíz de la violencia de género",
Eso texto en español con fotos de putaría, en lo Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Comentando el texto "La verdadera raíz de la violencia de género",
This text in English without debauchery pics, at Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Commenting on the text "The real root of gender violence",
This text in English with debauchery pics: Commenting on the text "The real root of gender violence", at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible,
Texto original em português sem fotos de putaria: Comentando o texto "A verdadeira raiz da violência de gênero", no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade,
Texto original em português com fotos de putaria: Comentando o texto "A verdadeira raiz da violência de gênero", no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam,

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