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Nadia Styles back; talks "rock bottom" time with Pink Cross

Nadia Styles Back; Talks 'Rock Bottom' Time With Pink Cross

Posted Apr 08th, 2014 03:22 PM by Peter Warren

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Those who've been around Porn Valley for at least the better part of the last decade will remember Nadia Styles, the sweet but unapologetically hardcore performer who showed up at the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas as the newest proselytizer for Shelley Lubben's Pink Cross Foundation, the organization dedicated to "healing lives from porn" through "the good news of Jesus Christ."

At the time, Nadia wrote blogs and gave interviews full of testimony about the "destructive" nature of the business and the life full of booze, pills and STIs into which it had hurtled her.

Now five years on, Nadia Styles has returned to porn performing. She has signed with Adult Talent Managers LA for representation and comes ready and willing to render a full spectrum of on-camera services. And she wants the industry to know that the Nadia Styles it last saw is very much a ghost of the past.

"I am definitely not affiliated with Pink Cross," Nadia told AVN. "I cut ties with them two or three months after I sought out their help. Their agenda did not fit accordingly to what I wanted for myself."

She elaborated, "I now understand that I affiliated myself with a person/foundation that was against porn. Honestly, that moment in time when I left the industry, it had nothing to do with the industry. I was fighting something much more personal and deep within myself. I was not fighting against porn. I was fighting against me."

Nadia stressed that during her brief time with the Pink Cross she was looking to place blame for her troubles anywhere but on herself, and that the things she said and did then were not a genuine reflection of her sentiments toward the industry.

"To all those that may have negative feelings about what I did in the past, I ask not to take my personal rock-bottom hit as an insult," she implored. "I obviously did not take responsibility for the decisions that I made in the industry and in my life. The industry could not make me do anything I didn't want to do, nor could it hurt me. I hope that people will see that my actions in the past were catharsis on my end and don't take those actions personally."

Reiterating that she left the Pink Cross shortly after joining it, Nadia lamented, "Unfortunately, I could not take down the interviews that I did for them on the internet. Also, Wikipedia would not let me change what was said on there about my involvement with them. But now with the new interviews that I will be doing, I believe my Wikipedia can now be changed. Most of all, I hope that people see that I am not mad at or trying to hurt the industry or anyone involved in it. I respect you all, and the industry."

Asked what she thinks will be different about this fresh-slate journey into porn, she said, "This time around I'm taking a new, respectful approach. I'm much more grounded and sober-minded than I was back in the day. I'm acknowledging the business aspect of being an adult film star and will not take any work for granted. I see my return as an opportunity to be better than I was the first time around."

In addition to improving as a performer, Nadia said she hopes to "incorportate my passion in art with my adult career. While I was out of the industry, I got very involved in the art world. I learned photography and started to do mixed media artwork. I hope to do a photo book that is about adult film stars—yes, I know it's been done, but I have some different ideas—and I hope to work with as many performers as possible."

Keep up with Nadia Styles on Twitter @IamNadiaStyles.

Photo of Nadia Styles courtesy of her Twitter feed.


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