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Women, former colleagues, defend photographer Terry Richardson and porn actor James Deen of sexual crimes allegations: Conservatism is dead as a noteworthy idea, Feminism seems it can only be defeated by its own stupidity

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Hi, my friends and my female enemies! Firstly, the case Terry Richardson:

It has been said that some models have accused the controversial photographer of sexually harassing their photographed women (same models) hinting that he asked for sexual favors during photo shoots.

And directly, someone who went through the Terry's phallus defends him saying:

"Terry likes to do sexy things, that's your shit. If you do not want to be part of it, be you clear from the beginning. Do not go consciously and then you feel angry and humiliated... I hate when girls say offended "yes, but he asked me to do so". You should have to have said no then, you stupid bitch! There are plenty of girls waiting in line, he is not forcing you to do anything. When you choose something you have to live with it - unless someone throws it against your will."[1]

Now, in quick pieces, the case Lisa Ann and James Deen (in fact, the Lisa Ann’s intervention in the case James Deen is itself a new case):

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I notice James Deen’s X Girlfriend has posted some tweets that accuse him of something really severe. In a matter of hours I am getting hit up by news wires to interview, quickly after that 2 other girls in the industry we making the same statements. This took off and my mind was blown. Now this is real, from a couple of tweets, with no police reports or charges pressed, this is now on the news in the news and everyone is talking about it. How can this be? No one has real facts, where we live in a country where we are innocent till proven guilty, how is James Deen being shunned by the world over some tweets. Just tweets. No paperwork, no police reports, no action taken.

(...) Sadly it works. It hurts people, ruins lives, and affects their families and their futures. (...) I spent the weekend thinking about how James must feel, what his family is going through and how alone he feels in the industry at this time.

My twitter war inspired me to completely disconnect from the industry. I was planning on still producing and directing movies as well as helping young talent getting into the industry. (...)

That all changed when I stood up on that stage this February at the XBiz Award show to present an award, I was heckled, and told I was an old cunt and no one wanted me in the industry anymore. That night erased my 24 plus years in the industry. I spent days online reading hateful tweets from talent, producers and people I knew for years, never had a beef with, they just jumped on the hate bandwagon. It was dark. Of all that I have been through, it was the darkest, most painful time of my life.

(...) The sense of pride others feel trying to ruin some ones life on social media concerns me on every level, so I decided to reach out to James Deen and see where his head is at. How he is feeling, what he is being told his legal option are etc. His reality is similar to what mine was. Out of pain we will fight, we will burn through an incredible amount of money and time with court, the problem is the reality that the tone never goes away. (...)

My point here is this - We are all innocent till proven guilty.[2]

The post about Terry Richardson is dated last March 5. The post with the text by Lisa Ann is dated last December 3. But I knew about the first case December 7, shared by a friend in Facebook, and about the last late December, shared in a group in Facebook. So, because of the little gap, I could see some similarities, beyond the uproar around sexual crimes reports.

1) There was a time when women who made sensual or sexually explicit material when beginning their carreer usually undisclosed it, as well as women who had "normal" carreers, but offered sexual gifts in exchange of build them. Now, a carreer of some woman out of scene can be uplifted by sexual crimes allegations against some man.

2) Not only were two women to defend the accused, these women were involved in "not chaste" contents.

I entered "Stoya" on Google and I found the article "How Stoya took on James Deen and broke the porn industry's silence", by Melissa Gira Grant, published in The Guardian.[3] "In the few days since Stoya’s tweets, eight other women have also gone public. Tori Lux, Ashley Fires, Amber Rayne, Kora Peters, Nicki Blue, Lily LaBeau, and a woman writing as T.M., all say Deen has assaulted them, too", and also Joanna Angel. "Arabelle Raphael, a porn performer who told me she had followed it very closely, 'It was a big relief. Finally, someone had put it out there.'" I am not so well informed about pornstars as many people imagine. Does some reader recognize some of these names? Lisa Ann, who had been in porn for 24 years (my age when I write), I have seen. The article reproduces the tweet that originated this mess, November 28, 2015: "That thing where you log in to the internet for a second and see people idolizing the guy who raped you as a feminist. That thing sucks."[4] Oh, she is a Feminist! Why I am not surprised?

Not only Liberal speech are within the newspapers, the television programs, the school books. The Conservative or traditional Christian speech is outside of them all and it seems that no one feels the blank. Since I am an Atheist licentious girl, I think that it's somewhat deserved if this lack is not perceived. Let us see.

The Feminism has made conventional marriages unthinkable to a man. Incidentally, I translated to Portuguese, the day before yesterday, the text "10 signs your girlfriend or wife is an emotional bully". A text by a woman (Tara J. Palmatier) recommended by a male friend in Facebook who asked me for translate it (I will come back to this point later). What do traditional Christians have to speak about it? After Feminists made an heterosexual marriage an almost guaranteed risk to men (well, before it too), they targeted heterosexual sex. Incidentally, porn actresses, female sex workers or any woman who does not feel ashamed to take a photo nude, they have not any debt to the Feminism. Feminism is a psycho lesbian movement, you are not acquainted with a Feminist woman that has an heterosexual sexual life better than a typical married woman, even via internet. Feminists want to criminalize, or to keep as crimes, the prostitution and the pornography. What do Christian Conservatives have to speak about it? Not satisfied, Feminist militants thought how they could hellish the life of a man who is not interested in having a girlfriend, maybe not even in sex, and they transformed in policial matters a men's touch in a woman in an crowded subway or a greeting from a man to a woman on the streets, while they keep silent about false rape claims. The right-wing and the traditional churches are more worried about not to seem "macho". While you are suing a former boss because of delayed wages, unpaid extra labour hours and diseases due to the job, do you remember what Libertarians and Conservatives say it would be good for everyone? Conservatives, Libertarians and traditional Christians show the traditional marriage catching some rare successful cases (or depicting some cases as if they were like this) to single men neighbors of troubled couples and of divorced men who pay alimony; they show the evil of pornography, replicating the lies that Feminist lesbians tell about it, to men who saw porn and don't want to caress their own sexual frustration and are not trying to have their daughters married; they chant for the extintion of labour laws in their circles where no one poor employee is present. They are not only out of everyday life of average people, they are out, also, of the solutions to the problems that leftists bring to these people.

I created some blogs in 2006 to bring a work to show that an anti-Feminist woman does not have to be a Puritan peasant, that an Atheist girl does not have to be an idiot lesbian and that a licentious girl does not have sperm in the place of a brain. So, I attracted readers and friends in Facebook who were usually men and anti-Liberals. Ah, an illustrative piece. While I wrote this text, I was blocked by Facebook. A friend saw a "Not Safe For Work" GIF, this friend is also a long time reader. I am Brazilian, he is Portuguese. This friend saw this GIF, he remembered me. Everything my friends see related to porn and prostitution, they remember me, as well as anti-Feminism and anti-Leftism, and some of them said me they would love to fuck me. I like it (all I said the previous phrase, hehehehe). Well, I shared that GIF in a page of mine and the post was reported. But likewise, it happened to a Facebook page of a rightist group that has organized marchs against our President Dilma Rousseff: a leftist militant shared porn in the page and other ones reported it. When I said that "protecting the kids" could be a subterfuge to censor political opposition, it was 2009. After it, not only I saw confirmations in news, like Human Rights pages blocked in China and anti-Islam pages blocked in a British library's wi-fi; I saw also that Conservatives and Libertarians did not learn with it, and they applauded the nationwide anti-porn filter inside United Kingdom and the censorship against Pornhub inside Russia.

It was good to write this text now because of an illustrative article this week: "Now even Merkel admits European refugee crisis is 'out of control': Thousands take to the streets of Germany shouting 'take your Muslims with you' after mob sex attacks".[5] It is a conclusion of a series of errors. First, CIA funded Muslim terrorism in Middle East to avoid Soviet Union to reach its petroleum. After 9/11, some Conservatives Christians in United States insisted in praising Islamism as a return of morality and a force against Feminism only because Muslim women only go out their houses wearing burkas. When Muslim terrorists began to kill Christians in Africa and Middle East and to share the videos of the murder, it was too late for these Conservative Christians, Leftists adopted them (the terrorists). These leftists used sensational images, as that one of a little boy drowned in a beach, to fill the Europe of terrorists disguised as families of refugees. Some Feminist women supported it, too. Mrs. Angela Merkel only said the crisis was out of control, the Muslims already had made a lot of violence and insanities before it, when some so-called refugees... raped some women. WOMEN! Go to Hell! What does it have to happen so people see something is wrong without having a woman within?

So, Liberalism has as limits only internal debates and the consequences of their own errors. We have women who prefer to have a male boss. We have revisions of alimonies that were only achieved because the new wife of the payer is having privations because of the abusive amount he has to pay to his former wife. We had two women defending former colleagues accused of sexual crimes because the rape paranoia has hit the point of madness and of denial of basic rights for men merely accused of sexual crimes. Lisa Ann is the third porn actress who said something contrary to Feminism I mention in two years.[6] I mentioned a woman who wrote an article about abusive women in heterosexual relationships. Lesbo-leftist insanities are enough to they have women who criticize them, enough even to Conservatism think it is alive because it can criticize them.


[1] "Algunas fotos raras del bagaje personal del fotógrafo Terry Richardson", March 05, 2015,

[2] "My James Deen Story", by Lisa Ann. At "Lisa Ann talks about James Deen", December 03, 2015,

[3] "How Stoya took on James Deen and broke the porn industry's silence", The Guardian, December 04, 2015,

[4] Stoya, November 28, 2015, 11:29,

[5] "Now even Merkel admits European refugee crisis is 'out of control': Thousands take to the streets of Germany shouting 'take your Muslims with you' after mob sex attacks", Daily Mail, January 12, 2016,

[6] The first was Valentina Nappi, 2014 May, when I translated "La vera radice della violenza di genere", available at, to Portuguese, to English and to Spanish. The second was Mercedes Carrera, 2015 March, when I translated "Mercedes Carrera's #ImmoralSupport - Moral Panic: Pornography and Gaming", available at, and "Mercedes Carrera's #ImmoralSupport Vol.2: God Save the Porn (and the Games)!", available at, to Portuguese, to Spanish and to Italian.

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