lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

Let us expect further madness

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Past week, I translated the article by the Daily Mail entitled "Miss Puerto Rico suspended for anti-Islam rant accusing Muslims of 'terrorizing' the USA"[1]. The girl suffered reprisals in the West because she said the truth about the Muslims. Incidentally, the article says that it all happened because she answered a post by Michael Moore of a picture of him in front of Trump Tower with a sign that said "We are all Muslims", the article showed the screenshot with the replies, but it did not comment one: "@MMFlint, hold a sign that says 'We are all believers in Christ'". I will make a brief selection of madness published in newspapers only in the year that is gone:

  • G1 Santos, 02/24/2015: "Merchant who reacted assault and killed suspect has his prison revoked"[2]
  • BBC Brasil, 10/28/2015: "Cleaner confuses work of art with after party dirt and 'cleans' museum"[3]
  • Terra, 11/13/2015: "Brazil kills more than 600 transvestites and transsexuals in six years"[4] (with that, "Brazil is the country that kills more transvestites and transsexuals in the world")
  • Tribuna do Ceará, 12/27/2015: "#Retrospectiva2015: 'Fiu fiu on the street is not flirtation, it's sexual terrorism', argues feminist leader"[5]

The LGBT-Feminism, the Islamism, the liberalism in general brought off-color jokes to the politics, the press, the arts and our everyday lives. But this time, I would like to address three other issues.

The first issue: if you still retains the lucidity, why do you feel that the world (in general) not only lost the sanity it still had, it also lost the ability itself to perceive insanity? The articles above have been published in news portals, but it seems that journalists are watching the madness as if they were watching a movie. Or rather, it is as if intelligence were craziness.

The second issue: who will say in the future that fought for "everything that's here"? Allow me to elaborate. If Brazil becomes a Muslim country with gays thrown from the top of buildings or hanged in crane, who's to say that in his / her youth, when the country was Christian, ranted against an homophobia of 200 or 300 gay murders a year, usually by other gays? What old woman will say that she militated in youth for almost criminalize the contact from men to women when the population begin to decline due to lack of children?

The third issue: if the mental integrity of the population was destroyed, how long it has existed, who destroyed it and how it was destroyed? Incidentally, how was this mental integrity?

If we see today traditionalist Christians and right-wing adherents thinking they have a golden chance to revive the United States countryside of the nineteenth century only because we have a President Dilma Rousseff in Brazil or a President Barack Hussein Obama in the United States, we see the anti-socialists themselves being themselves, almost always, the patients of the collective mental fragmentation. About conflicts Libertarianism versus Socialism and Conservatism versus Liberalism, I wrote the series "Socialism, Capitalism and Christianity together, why not?"[6] and I will try not to repeat myself here. Incidentally, the same who think that labor rights are a problem brought by the State do not bother when the same State prohibits prostitution and pornography, it determines whether a television program is proper or not for a 14 year old boy or they even ask this State to install the death penalty.

The millions of proletarians of the second half of the nineteenth century did not let themselves to be mobilized by syndicalists to exchange a paradise of free trade for some North Korea. In communist literature, as the Communist Manifesto itself, we can see the promises, but why the workers of the epoch were interested in them? If women covered from the shoulders to the ankles who were never seen naked even by their own husbands were the picture of the sanity of a society, why many learned men sympathized with the so-called Sexual Revolution not only at the epoch, today too, and still associating the contraceptive pill to Feminism and this one to Sexual Revolution?

Incidentally, talking about sex, we can see that Feminist women are able to say that boys are taught to rape and girls are taught to repress their sexuality. In the other hand, Conservatives can say that sex is a blessing from God in a marriage and agree that sex was death-deserving outside it in Moses' Law. But when a (hetero)sexual video is spread in the internet and the case is discussed on social networks, some Feminist women can say, somewhat being right, that the woman is condemned while the man is not.

Even a totalitarian State can not decree the madness. It may be that the Socialists themselves only capitalize an existing collective stupidity for their own benefit. But the growing success of the socialist movement, by itself, is a proof that Christianity did not last 18 centuries theretofore winning debates with an unbeatable philosophy. The defense of the traditional family, of the traditional marriage, of the chastity, of the veneration of the elderly or of the private enterprise free of rules can be eaten as a cookie for any leftist militant who is able to speak at an assembly. Not coincidence, the leftist movement attracted and formed legions of real intellectual. It is also no coincidence that right-wing only began to gain credibility, when not visibility, outside the Puritan bourgeoisie when the leftist movement itself done enough nonsense.

In fact, leftists today show craziness, limitations of thinking and fallacies similar (in form, not in content) to the typical Christian 20 years ago. What coincidence there is that the university student who is leftist militant and barely literate is great-grandson of some of the women who were rude, terrified of sex and with aversion to culture in the Brazil which at the time was in its majority rural and illiterate?

The future should be one of even more and worse insanity. For conservatives, most dedicated to revive nostalgia, not only will be intellectually irrelevant, they will also lose more space to the left-wing. At most, they will be coadjutants of the Junior Anti-Sex League or will manage companies, perhaps the public Treasury itself. But of the recovery of the general sanity, they will be outside, leaving as the limit of the left-wing little more than their own errors and the heroic opposition from some former militants.

Will someone say that not everyone are divided into progressives and conservatives? Come on! This is the worst part. How much madness is made directly by mediocre professionals only concerned with fulfilling the workday and be well with the bosses? How many Facebook or Linkedin users prefer to publish photos of family reunions to write something productive because they imagine that will be snooped by bosses, neighbors and enemies? Why Facebook is divided, roughly, among alienated, boring religious, disguised sluts and leftists? Now the point: if all goes wrong, such as Brazil had retraction of the economy in 2015 in the fourth mandate followed of the same group that governs in the name of growth with "social justice", how many of these people will bear the reminder that beyond the disgrace of the country, they built personally also their own? Moral weakness ends up turning into immoral force. Moral debility damages intelligence and sanity. In fact, to give an example, we may see an explosion of sexual perversions like homosexuality, zoophilia or disgusting fetishes between men and women who almost avoid one another in everyday life.







[6] Part 1 at and part 2 at

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