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It is a pleasure admiring the moral attributes of Raquel

Abigail Pereira Aranha

CHAPTER 1 - 2013 MAY 31

Raquel Pureza de Morais is civil engineer, smart, excellent professional, excellent colleague, excellent daughter, excellent friend and prostitute. She is also beautiful, sexy and cheerful. She came to work in the Crescente Oriental Construction and gave us a good day. The greeting is general, but I also get a kiss on the cheek.

My name is Clark Kent dos Santos, I'm 22 years old, I am a bricklayer. Yes, I "met" her a few times. She serves me for free, she just asked me to not to comment with colleagues, who also already know. Ah, she served two of my colleagues, but they are afraid to show "intimacy", because they are married.

This time, the construction is of a shopping mall. Were a mason, two interns, the hydraulic engineer and another female civil engineer at the construction office. Raquel has frequent contact with the owners of the enterprise (four men) and someone commented that yesterday she was in a car with the four. I listened outside:

- Yeah, we talked about things of this construction, we went to a restaurant and they took me home. People, my relationship with them is professional.

- You are an engineer and are a prostitute. Which profession do you mean?

- Xi! Really!

Excluding that another female engineer, everyone laughed. Me too. As she had seen me from the office, she told me after that the most beautiful of them (her words) has also been served at her other job.

It was almost 18 o'clock, my father was to meet me. Raquel had gone out and was coming back, she arrived shortly after my father.

- Nestor! Do you remember me? You're afraid to have me confused. Calm, not every woman is offended being called licentious.

- Raquel?

- Yes, that Raquel in the brothel in 94, 95. When I met your son and I remembered the pictures of him when he was three years old you have shown me, I thought I might be imagining so much.

Raquel took us to her own house and presented us her unique daughter. After having some time with her daughter, she took us in her car to the house of my father, over 30 km, in a nearby town. She knew my mother, by far, she was waiting for a bus at a bus stop along the way. When my mother saw us, Raquel waved to her, but she continued to scowl. But the three of us smiled.

- Once I loved this woman so much, but after I divorced her, my life went only forward. Even in divorce she was unlucky.

We arrived to the house of my father, he invited the girl to enter. She was really about to ask for a glass of water. Inside the house, she knew my brother, four years younger than me, who lives with my father. They chated a little and liked each other. Meanwhile, my father prepared a snack for us. Then he said:

- Mrs. Raquel, feel free.

- Thank you very much!

She took off her shirt, she was no bra. My brother glanced mixing "how so?" with "how tasty tits!". She said:

- Do not be scared, kitten, your father and your brother know how I like to kid. Let us go to the snack while these dicks turns into stone.

After snack, we made a "three in one woman". But on the journey, my father and Raquel told how they met.


Raquel had arrived at that nightclub four months ago. My father already knew about the place, but he had never gone to a brothel before. He passed Raquel, she realized he was shy, she came to him as a caring seller of store.

They had half an hour, but they were able to talk a bit, she is playful and she managed to lead him to relax and open up. He knew, early on, two things he knew only by hearing: condoms and oral sex. Years later, he will see porn movies and he will remember that girl in all good blowjob scenes. But one thing he never forgot, and that was very important for him to be divorce of my mother and let her sink into negativity alone, was what Raquel said in the conversation of the farewell of the first meeting.

- Being a prostitute and being a man who seeks a prostitute is not demerit for either of them. Almost all women who are in prostitution think this is rock bottom. The woman is young and addicted to alcohol, she can not support the habit, she becomes a prostitute. The woman is older than 30 years, was sustained by a man, she lost this man and failed to earn other, she becomes a prostitute. I do not need to meet a client as if I was held in captivity, or in the trash. And I am not better as a woman just because I think dignity is unenthusiastic sex and not to touch two men in life. There are women here that believe that. It annoys me. And another thing that annoys me is a man who believes that a man that seeks prostitutes is incompetent. The man lowers himself to the entire family of the first cow that gives some chance for him, he pretends he does not want that everybody knows that he wants, in order to sustain a ungrateful dumb fat wife in exchange for nuisance and less than ten fucks in the year after the fourth year of marriage. And the model of man is him. Loser is you, who did not accept being dependent of the unwillingness of a wife to have sex. Loser is you, who are hardworking, kind and fuck delightfully, but you had never seen a woman achieving orgasm with you.

Already in October, they met, my father said he was impressed and grateful for that words. He told her that he really had a ungrateful dumb fat wife and he never saw a woman having an orgasm. He said that it was the most important thing he has ever heard in his life. And he showed that picture of me for her.

CHAPTER 3 - 2013 JUNE 02

It's Sunday. Raquel had been in the morning with her parents and siblings more than 150 km far from her home. Her father does not kiss her on the cheek or let her kiss him since he surprised the girl, then aged 16, taking a "facial" at the end of a intercourse with two boys. Three years later, she told her parents and siblings, "people, I did not comment to you, I have two months I became a prostitute, this time is for money anyway". But the love remains the same. The house was a gift from Raquel to her father, from design to execution (her mother would love much that house, but she died hating her daughter for being a prostitute). Raquel also took some books to the nephew who is studying Civil Engineering. The Raquel's husband and daughter were also there.

Some friends and I did a birthday party for her in my house. We called her for the party and she offered to pay for the food, juices and sodas (she abhors alcohol), but her husband paid for. They arrived, she, her husband, her daughter (who is 14 years old) and two colleagues from her second job. She presented us her colleagues and friends, I knew one of them. And she said to her daughter:

- Abigail, there is nothing here related to work. Whatever happens here is for lust anyway.

She said to her husband:

- Thomas, I want to see if you dare to fuck my friends in front of me.

It was a joke with a double meaning. We all laughed.

We were chating, eating, drinking (soda, juice,...), Raquel said she was going out, but would be back soon. Soon after, her husband and I went back and we put a package to present in a table. We ask friends to sing congratulations, we said that she was coming. While we sang, we opened the package. Was she, naked. After she threw a piece of the pie in the belly of one of the boys and she licked, the bacchanalia began. Her husband had sex with her friends. We were always alternating two or three guys with every woman. The Raquel's daughter was watching that. I sat next to her and she said:

- She is my mother, an excellent mother, I love her, but she is crazy!

Raquel invited her daughter to "join the party", she even took off her clothes, allowed a cunnilingus by me and other boy, she liked, but she was not away from it. She was still a virgin.

Raquel asked me to take a picture with her mobile. She was lying on the couch in my room, still naked, but she was with the company's uniform shirt folded covering her body. She did an mounting with that picture below another, of her naked, taken and published on the social network WhatsApp on Friday. In the middle of the two, she put the caption: "The photo above pledged the image of the company where I work. But which company after all?". She soon published then in her WhatsApp profile, but we only saw it at night.

When she was saying goodbye to us, she thanked the party and told everyone: she was fired by phone on the way to our party. The company directors found that she was a prostitute after they saw that picture of her shared only among friends.

CHAPTER 4 - 2013 JUNE 03

Raquel arrived at construction to say goodbye to her friends, at the beginning of the labour.

- My friends, I was fired. It is the fourth time this happens to me due to my ideas about chastity! I'm finished! This macho and traditional society wants to lead me into prostitution!

We laughed little. Some of us already knew what happened.

- But, seriously, I also have an individual company and I work doing designs. While I was here, I got little work outside, now I have to look any further. Clark, on Friday, your father was with his truck spoiled and I promised to buy another truck for him. I found an used one in good condition, with a good price that I can still afford. I will buy, mainly because it is to work. I know what is stay with a service hampered because of lack of material.

And she said goodbye to us, already in front of office:

- I'm leaving, but everyone will be happy. My enemies will not see me anymore and my friends and the children of enemies will continue to see me, clothed and naked. Hua, hua, hua, hua, hua!

She told me after that she said the same thing when he left the Department of Human Resources, still that morning, and some women wanted to hit her. And it reminded her of another case.


Raquel was in another point, that first had been closed for a Puritan councilman to please the devout electorate. Then, she and my father lost contact. She bought a camera at 94 and thereafter she has taken some photos nude or semi-nude with posters. She was in the penultimate semester of the course of Civil Engineering. She asked for a colleague take a picture, poster text was: "Graduating as civil engineer, coefficient of performance 78.4. I am studious and honest, I am going to graduate without any teacher fucking me".

- Jezebel, can you take a picture of me for my family?

- Go you take in your ass! I am in this life because I went to the rock bottom, you doing university is in the "life" and you moreover make fun? Be so shameless in Hell! If my mother were alive and saw me in a picture like that, she only would not beat me to death because she would fall petrified before.

- I know how it is, my mother too!

Raquel, soon after, served two clients and one of them took the photo, with the poster covering the face of the other, both naked in bed.

She was doing an internship. A photo made in 94 was discovered. The chief engineer, a well presentable gray sir, called her to his room and put on the table with violence the picture with her naked in the bed of the bedroom with a poster in which was written "I have too much moral principles to think about chastity. Honesty, love, courtesy, diligence etc".

- Do I need to comment on that here? Do you think it right? This is against business ethics, it is anti-professional, it is immoral, it is rough, it is disgusting, it is stupid, it is ridiculous. You dirty the image of our company that way. I am obligated to fire you.

CHAPTER 6 - 2014 MARCH 08

Raquel was carrying her life with designs she did at home, and serving wealthies and poors in this and in other job, until the owners of a Surveying company offered him a partnership. They discovered her on Facebook, they saw that she was a prostitute, but only after they found that she is a civil engineer.

Raquel has been four months in the company. She has started taking me and some friends. If she had not called us, we could be unemployed. The Crescente Oriental Construction replaced Raquel for a younger bitch with a fifth of her competence, but that was concubine of one of the partners and he was trying to fit the girl in the company. Because of shenanigans, incompetence and poverty of spirit, the company was decadent, losing its good employees of all positions because they were laid off or they lost their patience.

It was Saturday and it was a fraternization at the site of the two owners of the company (they are unmarried male brothers). Only about 30 employees were there. Some did not go just because Raquel would be there. Who was born to Hell see firewood in the Garden of Eden. But of all the company's employees, she was the only woman. She took the word:

- Folks, I wish to welcome our colleague who entered this week: Thomas de Aquino de Morais, the engineer who is specialist in road projects, my husband. We are so made for each other that I had not to change my maiden name. I want to thank you for being together after four times that I was unemployed. More than the money, than keeping our lifestyle, you helped me a lot to give me strength, in raising our daughter.

She stopped speaking, embraced Thomas, and he took the word:

- Raquel, I have much to thank you for being in my life. You helped me to come to Europe Engineering and Surveying before I tell you how I was beginning to feel sick in the State Department of Transportation. You made me better than you think in the 17 years of marriage. Including when I was unemployed four times and who endured everything financially was you. The first time, my parents thought that you would leave me. They are waiting for the divorce to date. You also introduced me to these colleagues and friends, you added me people I can talk, I can be friend, with whose it is good to be together.

Oh, and my father was there. He wanted to personally thank Raquel for her gift: he saved money with the maintenance of the new truck and he moreover got more clients, so he already joined the purchase price of the vehicle and he wanted to repay Raquel. But she said:

- Leave it as is, kitten. This money will be better with you than with me.

We went to the pool, Raquel said:

- I forgot my bikini! But I'll get into the pool anyway.

And he got into. Naked. Soon after, Raquel left the pool and invited the maid, a lady of some 50 years, who was close.

- Let's go to the pool, girl. If you need a bikini, I have one there.

The bikini was over her clothing, which was folded into a chair. But the maid was fat of small breasts, Raquel was thin with rounded medium breasts and rounded butts. The maid said nothing, but left with face "burn her, Jesus". We laughed discreetly.

Abigail, the Raquel's daughter, was with us in the pool (wearing a bikini, be clarified). The orgy was not so big, but my father divided Raquel with her husband and I took the Abigail's virginity. The hosts allowed us to use a room. She found it great, she achieved orgasm as she had taken a shock. We went back, I holding the waist of the girl and she leaning on my left shoulder and her mother joked:

- You lost your virginity and still have not 15 years, right? If I was watching, this would not have happened. And then, young lady, want you to enjoy and play with one more boy?

- No, milady, I am just an one-versus-one woman.

CHAPTER 7 - 2015 JUNE 02

It was Tuesday. We made a small birthday party for Raquel in the company, in our lunch break.

When she was almost arriving in the brothel, she found to our surprise, a band on the street: "Violence is degrading. Disrespect is degrading. Exploration is degrading. Prejudice against prostitution is ugly. Raquel Pureza de Morais, congratulations on your day. Congratulations on your 40 years".

June 2nd is the International Day of Prostitute. On June 2, 1975, a group of more than 100 prostitutes occupied the Saint-Nizier church in Lyon, France, to draw attention to the situation of pressure and disregard from the police and the government against them, which led to a increased violence from pimps, clients and police against prostitutes. It was the day she was born.

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