domenica 9 maggio 2010

The wonderful mother, a feminazist farce

Today (May 9, 2010) women will win the second day of the year that will be exalted only because they are women: Mother's Day.

Being a mother is not maturity certificate. It is almost always the opposite. Often, the lady got pregnant with 15 or 17 of the first boyfriend she got because he one day refused to use condoms, or she became pregnant later than it thinking that the realization of a woman is being a mother.

The mother's love is a farce. Her father was the provider clown. If her mate is a good man, he is a fool to be a male provider and to make child. Most likely her son's father is a cad because women generally despise good men (if they marry a good man when they are 25 or 30 years old, that does not prove otherwise). Why she will start to love someone now?

A son, to a woman, is investment. Seldom a woman is smart, but she is almost always a rascal. The son is who will take her in backs after she's old. The woman may be illiterate, but she wants their children to study. Because she knows the value of History and Mathematics? Fiddlesticks, she wants her child to graduate for him to get a good salary and she piggyback on his success. While in the end, often the lady takes her children from the school (or even doesn't put them) to them to sell candies at traffic lights or begging. For it, even lesbians have children. For it, almost every woman has children, wants to have children or suffers because he has no children. Because a child, to a woman, is investment.

Woman loses sexual interest in her mate after having a child. I've seen a scientific explanation for it that I do not remember what it is. But the real explanation is simple: the sucker who did the child is already in trouble and she can have sex with him when she wants (about 2 or 3 times a month).

And we know that some mothers live with alimony. As the alimony, she is able to have no job and stay all day walking, talking with bitches and digging the others' lives. And the nights of weekends having fun flirting jerks. Milene Domingues, for example, earns or earned 10,000 euros in alimony of a child of soccer player Ronaldinho. She is gaining more with a child than people who graduated. And I never saw a mother who earns alimony raising her child correctly (I will not say it does not exist, but the ones I know I have seen no one). The poor son is raised abandoned, is treated badly, hears horrors about his father and sometimes even hunger he passes. It's like Clodovil said, women work lied and rest on foot (do you know he was even threatened death because he spoke it?).

And where are the repressed lesbians who call themselves feminists to protest against this macho date? Yes, because what is more macho and old than to say that the best thing of a woman's life is to reproduce? Where is the staff who in the International Women's Day loves to show women as discriminated against, as seen as object, as the spanked by her husband to say what I said just now? Oh, I know. They are receiving tribute, gift and, who has, even visit by her son who is in jail.

Oh, I almost forgot. If woman has maternal instinct, why feminist movements advocate abortion?

In conclusion, maternal instinct is a fairy tale to inflate little woman's ego. The wonderful, divine, perfect mother is a myth. And Father's Day? Did you know that in Scotland the government has already banned Father's Day cards to not to embarrass the children of single mothers and of homosexuals?

Abigail Pereira Aranha

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