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The internet and the gatekeepers of heaven

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Porn actresses hate "50 Shades of Grey" - and explain why

Nadia Styles, Mercedes Carrera and Nina Elle listed five reasons to hate the piece

By: 9:21 pm at 02/20/2015

Nadia Styles, Mercedes Carrera e Nina Elle odeiam '50 Tons de Cinza' (Crédito: Reprodução)

Nadia Styles, Mercedes Carrera and Nina Elle hate '50 Shades of Grey' (Credit: Reproduction)

You can even try to run away, but the truth is that it returned to the fore, "50 Shades of Grey" is once again the trending subject. All because of the launch of the eponymous film, which tells the story of a sado-masochistic relationship between Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan).

The spicy plot theme caught the attention also of Nadia Styles, Mercedes Carrera and Nina Elle. The three have property when the matter is to sex on the screen: they are porn stars - and recorded a video to convince you to not to watch the movie.

The piece in question was created by comedy group Funny or Die. In the video, the actresses list five reasons why all porn star hates "50 Shades of Grey".

Check out the video (in English):

From books to social networks

Folks, I will expose what I thought on the way until I reached this article and I watched the video which it is about and it will seem weird, but I hope it can be uplifting. It is about the mass media, universities and the broadcasting of information. Almost all columnists and journalists and almost all the university teachers and researchers are like gatekeepers of the real-world knowledge: they are at the entrance to control who goes in and what goes out. Starting, being an atheist, I remembered a scripture and I will make an analogy: "But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in {yourselves}, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in." (Mt 23:13) "At the time of Ezra (see biblical book of the same name in chapter 7) the scribes were copyists priests, extremely careful, of the Torah (Moses' Law). But in the days of Jesus, the scribes were individuals with much study and knowledge, which devoted much of their lives to the study and education of Law (not necessarily they were priests). They interpreted and taught the Laws of Moses (called written Torah), associated with some legal and cultural principles (oral Torah or 'Tradition of the elders' - Matthew chapter 15 and Mark chapter 7)."[1] "The Pharisees were the most important of the Jewish schools, of religious character, which worked, after, 150 years before the birth of Christ, more or less, the spirit of prophecy had ceased to exist. They are given that name because they, in their lives, separated themselves from all the other Jews, aspiring to more than a simple holiness and exact fulfillment of religious duties: but their separation consisted mainly of certain distinctions regarding food and ritual acts. Most of the time this was just religious externality without religion depth (Matthew 23:25 to 28), although, in general, they were not lacking in sincerity. It has not taken long time for this sect obtain reputation and power among the people - and already had spread as the proverb say that if only two people entered the heaven, one of them had to be Pharisee."[2] But it was for these groups that Jesus threw a hint, on another occasion, about what they planned to do with him: "but those husbandmen said among themselves, This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and the inheritance shall be ours." (Mk 12:7).

But this is not something new in countries with leftist government in formal power. This has to do with the history of mass communication itself. I will consider the nineteenth century in developed countries. First, it was a minority who could read and write. Second, the production of printed material was expensive. Third, until the seventeenth century, in the developed Europe, "atheist" was an insult and only in the eighteenth century, in the developed Europe, is registered someone calling themselves atheists, and yet meaning non-believer in the Judeo-Christian God. With all this, almost no intelligent person could publish something printed without worrying about politicians, wealthy people, devouts or illiterates. This assuming that this person could write, to begin with.

But even being mediocre, no one writer, journalist or university professor heard from an editor that there were better people than could be in his place, reaching to the point of a theory of the Divine Right of Kings, a fifth category sanctimonious flattery, being considered political philosophy in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Oh, and the book "De Defensio Fidei Catholicae adversus Anglicanae sectae errores" by Francisco Suárez, 1613, which refuted this theory, was convicted and burned in France and England.

I have not how to prove it, but many valuable or at least decent writings were lost forever because they were destroyed, were ignored until they were consumed by time or could not even be published. The slogan "read books" has been valid, is now an obsolete cliché of pseudo-intellectual braggart bourgeoises who, to begin with, confuse the shape of a cultural work with the content itself, and perhaps should be informed that blogs are not (always) thing of young people without what to say and what to do (the Presidency of Brazil has a blog). At least in Brazil today, printed books can be only recommendable, increasingly more cautiously, for technical and scientific information. Reading books, we can gain valuable knowledge, but we will find less a story of knowledge than a story of stupidity survival. Just so you understand: once upon a time, a doctor found that mortality rate due to hospital infection fell drastically when the doctor... washed his hands before medical procedures; he proposed that hospital doctors where he worked washed their hands and he was fired.

As the socialist movement arrived in some countries, not always arriving to formal power, the mass media and the faculty of universities joined the socialist pseudo-philosophy to patronage and sponsorship. A lot of things of good quality was still produced, but gradually came out good to get in the mediocre, came out the mediocre to get in the ridiculous, came out the ridiculous to get in the anecdotal. But the worst is that have been in the press or on television or have something to an academic curriculum have become values in themselves, instead of a reward for some quality that would justify it. I will show for you, reader, a case that happened in Brazil last week (I already had in mind to write this text for more than three months, it was good I delayed it), which can clarify it better than I could try to explain generically. One girl was stoned allegedly by evangelicals because she is of an Afro-Brazilian religion. A journalist, Ricardo Boechat, said the neo-Pentecostal evangelical churches encourage religious intolerance. A pastor of an evangelical church, Silas Malafaia, challenged the journalist to a live debate to prove what he was saying. Look what the journalist responds on the radio program he presents (emphasis mine, errors in the original):

Pastor Silas Malafaia, a figure that needs no further presentation, has just put on his Twitter a challenge to debate with me live, for me to stop talking nonsense on the radio program, "alone is easy, stop being loudmouth, do not incite hatred". "Warn the journalist Boechat he is talking nonsense, saying that pastors incite their faithfuls to practice intolerance. A true idiot." Hey, Malafaia, go you seek a dick, go. Do not bother me. You are an idiot, a nincompoop, a scoundrel, someone who seizes money of faithfuls, an explorer of another's faith, and now you want to sue me for what I just said. What do you do? You like a lot is the platform. I will not give you the platform because thou is a sucker, thou is a nincompoop. What I said and I repeat, and I will not engage in debate with you because I will not give you credit, is as follows: it is in the inner of neo-Pentecostal churches that are happening acts of incitement to religious intolerance. More than in other environments. At no time, in no time, it's just take my words that are all recorded, I said anything that generalize this comment, anything. Because, unlike you, I am not an idiot. So you're homophobic, you're a despicable figure, hideous, and that takes money from people from the faith. You're rich. I'm not rich because I took money from people preaching salvation after death. My salary, my wealth, my patrimony came from my sweat, did not come from other people's sweat. You are a charlatan, man, who uses the name of God, of Christ, to take money from faithful. You are money-seizer, you and many others. I'm afraid you not, you sucker. Go you seek a dick, repeating in very clear Portuguese.


This is the magnificence of someone in the press or in a faculty of an university. Calling someone to a public debate is being an idiot, not being an idiot is being called and run away. Refusing to find a person to a live debate is not being afraid of this person. This farce of superiority is becoming more normal in the press and in university, both among teachers and among students, visible to the public or in a private message on Facebook.

Another: the normal in a conversation in Brazil, rather than a person showing good arguments and surprising saying the training that has to someone who asks, is the person showing, after the lack of arguments, the curriculum that has as if it was a response. Here's the journalist's curriculum:

Recognized as one of the most knowledgeable journalists in the country, Ricardo Boechat commands the schedule BandNews FM from 7:30 am to 9 am Monday through Friday, alongside Eduardo Barão and Tatiana Vasconcellos. Winner of three awards Esso, he began his career in the early 70s and went through [newspapers] O Globo, Estado de Sao Paulo and Jornal do Brasil. Currently, he also features [in television] the Jornal da Band.


Someone will say that one thing does not exclude the other, that an unfortunate talk like that does not exclude the curriculum he has. THAT is the problem! Our editorial offices of newspapers and magazines are full of bitches, old lesbians and effeminates traveling the country and abroad to take advantage of five star hotels and sightseeing and come back with a text that they know the news director will accept. Our universities also love students and teachers in pompous events to present useless works that very few people will know they exist. All these people, or nearly all, go to the source of knowledge or news to ensure that they do not get out of there. This, as I tried to show, is not something new, but worsened since few decades to now.

Oh, and I'll show a peculiarity of Brazil, but if you are not from Brazil I ask your attention. Why hardly is commented in the press or in schools and universities that no Brazilian university is among the 100 largest in the world or, until recently, nor among the 200, if the country is among the ten largest economies in the world? Why hardly is commented that Brazil has historically one of the worst results of PISA, in some years it had THE WORST? Worse: why graduates and experts in Pedagogy are those most silent about it but are the most caring about "social projects"? It was not even got the point to shame to realize that the course of Pedagogy, the course of Journalism or degree courses were used as Trojan Horse of a militancy, that after sinking the country devalued the graduation itself of these courses. It is not only because of the custom with socialist ideology from the first grade. Just because their teachers were generally the most mediocre public school students as well as leftist militants. It is not only because of so much educators and journalists as the Brazilian students of Pedagogy, the Brazilian students of Journalism and the Brazilian teachers have to protect their status. It can not "leak" that the best universities in Brazil are almost irrelevant on the world stage and that the graduate can even not be fully literate. There was a time when even a mediocre and intractable teacher had a domain of what taught that was notorious. Today, even that was lost, it is more and more possible to humiliate experts in their own area with a short comment in classroom or two comments on Facebook (until he blocks the author). Returning to the case of Ricardo Boechat, that is what a journalist with that curriculum made on a radio show. And the ordinary citizen, or the ordinary university student, can you imagine?

The bad luck of them is that the free internet as we know (which, incidentally, began as a military genius idea) emerged and became popular in developed countries and some developing countries before a formal socialist government.

The general mediocrity makes the internet also mediocre in general, but good head people also comes with good (or excellent) content. In a country of idiocracy, are the good who lose or can never have space in the mainstream media. Until the 90s, they appeared in newspapers and magazines, with good will, in a section of readers' letters or in an article of opinion section. The internet, especially the blogosphere, the vlogosphere and the social networks, is a great channel for those who have to share something good (or bad, but important) and make it available, in theory, to anyone who can understand the language.

I myself have some blogs and I'm on social networks, I publish some ideas in the form of texts that without the Internet would be known only to a few relatives and friends. I started from some observations of everyday life, I was 15 years old, but I knew that if I followed the advice to read more before writing what I have observed, I would be recognizing the right of those who knew better, knew I was saying the truth and could be saying to silence me, not the authority of the same person to say something. I preferred to share what I had to say even if some impression was wrong to lose years before confirming, as it happened, that everything was really that or worse. By this work on the Internet, I reached people who would not know of my existence otherwise. And some of these people I also met by the same internet, some of them from Portugal, United States, Italy and Trinidad and Tobago, and it was very gratifying to know both what these people are and what they think and say. You, yourself, if you do not know me in the physical world and you liked some text of mine, it is a pleasure for me (I am a fornicator but pleasure is never in excess, hehehehe).

So, the "conventionals" had bad luck. And they look like they have not realized that they are no longer in the 90s. Large media outlets still insist on producing celebrities that without them would have their existence deservedly ignored. Even though I am a normal girl without much curriculum, I say without fear that the big difference between me and most of the journalists in Brazil and other countries is that they are in the newspaper X or in the channel Y and I am not, and ONLY BECAUSE OF IT I am relatively unknown and they are not.

That's come in the two cases I mentioned. I'll start by case Silas Malafaia versus Ricardo Boechat. The minister has, on television, a small space paid. On the internet, he has a YouTube channel, and from there he did a David's challenge to Goliath: "I will swallow you". And this pastor, this Christian man with decency and courage to tell the truth, can swallow, in fact. In the case of the girls in the video of the humorous channel, E. L. James, who wrote that book series, is a nincompoop that gotta be produced by the literary market and by the cinema. Worldwide, her books have sold over 100 million copies, but the film earned almost 570 million dollars. Assuming a price of ticket of US$ 8, average in the United States, this proves that women who saw the film were, at lowest, 30 million less than those who read the books. And still is promised the continuation of that crap. But the video on "5 Reasons Pornstars Hate 50 Shades of Grey", which is awesome and rocks, had about 3.2 million views until when I wrote this text, four months after it was posted, and without all that pedestal than the other had. If E. L. James knew about this video with porn actresses, and she gotta already be criticized by conservatives and by feminist women, and if she has some rest of mental decency, she is more repented to compel us of know her existence than she was ever happy because of her success.[3]

Still addressing the two cases. Pornography and female nudity is the thing which is most sought on the internet and generate a considerable part, although decreasing, of ecommerce. Thus, even grudgingly, traditional publications can not ignore that the porn industry exists, unless, perhaps, it is aimed at an audience that also wants to ignore it. And the serious Christianity finds an unwillingness in the television and in the print journalism that can overwhelm even the financial ability to get a space. But because of the Internet, Christians who know and take seriously the doctrines can meet and uplift one another.

Oh, and one more note. I saw that article by VIP magazine in a post from a friend of mine on Facebook, Filezinho Recife, which he shared on February 24th from the page of Playboy Brazil. He remembered me to mark me. And he is from the state of Pernambuco, I am from Minas Gerais, and we found one another in a secret group of "adult material". We became friends, it was more than two and a half years ago, because I shared in the group the translation of a Hustler article listing 10 smart pornstars (Ron Jeremy and 9 actresses). From then until today, I share with him what I write, and licentiousness too, he remembers me when he shares things related to sexuality, pornography and anti-feminism. This is at least the fourth thing he shared with me that based any post of mine. One of the other is an article from one girls of the video which he had read and was keen to recommend me: "Mercedes Carrera's #ImmoralSupport - Moral Panic: Pornography and Gaming". I translated it to Portuguese, to Spanish and to Italian.

Who previously only watched television to see the newspaper today reads news, maybe the same texts, on the Internet. In some articles of major newspapers on the internet, the comments area is more journalistic than the text which is commented. Researches that until 20 years ago would be long and would require physical movement at least for municipal public library during business hours can be made (or found) on the Internet, perhaps in gaps in working hours (incidentally, I consulted Wikipedia to write this text, hehehehe). Good books that are silenced, unknown or poorly mentioned even in publications that are specialized in culture can be found in their entirety in digital version. People of exceptional competence and even entire groups who had denied space in large vehicles by leftist pressure, as Men's Rights Activists or the right-wing in Brazil, managed to join in the Internet, to publish your ideas, to share information and to define themselves by their own writings until they earned sporadic spaces in traditional vehicles, unwillingly, often trying to disqualify them. There was a time when even when "experts" and journalists admitted grudgingly something they tried to hide, in some cases for decades, because it came to public knowledge, they could still do this not as one who recognizes the truth, but as one who rule the facts. Today, both banalities as real news are published in the newspaper because they are known to the public, and not vice versa. If it was not the somewhat free internet in some countries, the whole world would be even more leftist, anorgasmic, misinformed and ridiculous. Much remains to be done, but who was at the gate of heaven no longer determines like before who enters and what comes out.

P. S. (June 25): in a casuality, I concluded the translations to English, to Spanish and to Italian at the Nadia Styles' birthday ( I hope she likes this gift, hehehehe!


[1] "Escribas, fariseus e saduceus" (Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees), Wésley de Sousa Câmara, Bíblia a Fundo,

[2] Bíblia Online, Bible Dictionary, entry "fariseus" (Pharisees),

[3] Still, I must take note of some troubling things I noticed while writing. The video "5 Reasons Pornstars Hate 50 Shades of Grey" has a "Content warning. This video may be inappropriate for some users. Please sign in to confirm your age". That did not happened with any video from the official channel of the Fifty Shades of Grey on Youtube (, some of whose are spots for television, including the Super Bowl. According to the movie page,, the indicative classification is 13 years old. The series is not porn for women? I have explained in my blogs since at least 2010: the censorship of nudity and pornography is a Trojan Horse for the socialist censorship; and the "Christian" censorship, the feminist censorship and the state censorship do not exclude one another, as proven an article that I brought here in 2013 (article, incidentally, that a Facebook friend shared asking me to comment it).

Questo testo in italiano senza foto di dissolutezza in Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Internet ei portinaii del cielo,
Questo testo in italiano con foto di dissolutezza in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Internet ei portinaii del cielo,
Eso texto en español sin fotos de putaría en Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: El Internet y los porteros del cielo,
Eso texto en español con fotos de putaría en Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: El Internet y los porteros del cielo,
This text in English without licentiousness photos at Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: The internet and the gatekeepers of heaven,
This text in English with licentiousness photos at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: The internet and the gatekeepers of heaven,
Texto original em português sem fotos de putaria no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade: A internet e os porteiros dos céus,
Texto original em português com fotos de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: A internet e os porteiros dos céus,
Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia
Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia
Section of sex, lust, licentiousness, naked woman, pornography
Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía

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