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Machismo was created by women - part 9: the feminists say that society treats women who do not repress themselves like sluts, and the worst (including to Feminism) is that they are right

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Prostitute has client's love but has no mother's love (excerpts from a report)

I felt the need to rent an apartment (...) A client of mine, who became my friend, accompanied me to show "seriousness" to the proposal. The conversation was pleasant and everything was fine, but getting out of there apartment owner called me saying that he no more would rent. I related what happened to it being highlighted on TV and wick blonde should not have left any doubt: probably he thought I would use the apartment to receive clients.

After that I was smart and decided to wear a hat and a shirt to not to be recognized. It worked. This time I was alone and the only thing that the owner was not waived was the guarantor. "I'm in trouble!". No friend could help me with this and I had to resort to my father. At that time, things were so bad at home. My mother was not talking with me and completely ignored of my presence. I did everything to not to meet her when I was to countryside. On Sunday lunches, always in family, I waited her to have lunch and just then I went there. At first, I took it good, but over time it became unbearable. The culmination was a day, when talking to my brother in the living room and she arrived, without we wait. She froze at the door and told me "You are not ashamed to appear here? Good... shame is something that you can not imagine what is, not?". I could not speak. The cry stuck in the throat just gave me time to leave home and sob out there, towards my car, leaving in despair to São Paulo. Several times, on the way back and forth, I heard Coldplay and cried all that was there, the heartbreaking pain of being ignored by mama.

My father was also very disappointed and hardly talked with me, but I had to ask him to be my guarantor. He accepted, as long as it was the last thing I asked. When we met for him to sign the papers, the way we greet dry - no kiss, no hug and no smile, just my father, who gave me every night goodnight kiss and covered me before sleep - showed that if I had won my freedom, I had lost a very precious good... my family.

Also at that time, I became very ill. The desire for serving multiple clients per day, lack of proper sleep and nutrition brought a terrible anemia and I was without health insurance because my mother had canceled. It was almost the end of the dream. I felt helpless and unable to open up to anyone. I was afraid of failing, fear of not having where to go back to. Fear of loneliness.

After all, kept me strong, positive thinking and soon all began to go on. I made many friends in São Paulo, some customers, other romances, colleagues and many of them helped me as they could. One of the most delicate actions was the one of Luis55 who was my client and became my best friend, the guy who I tell everything, really everything. One day when I was sick, he came to visit me and arrived full of little market bags, worried about the supply of the refrigerator. It took to my heart and to this day when we remember that, we were thrilled. I lost count of how many times he took me to lunch, dinner or catch a movies. All to distract me and to me be okay. He always believed in me and told me to not to give up. Being in the capital and battle always has a lot to do with what he taught me.

After a long silence, my father sent me a message, asking me to call to tell how things were going.

(...) Our meeting was a long and tight hug, the sad and homesick father and daughter - now just a helpless little girl seeking his father's approval. I know how hard it was for him, military, coming from a traditional and conservative family, accept that that was me, his daughter, blood of his blood and that in spite of the "wrong" attitudes, our love was above all.

We got to meet frequently and even went out in public, something that was difficult at the beginning. I was sad, but understood. The only point of depressed of our meeting was when we were talking about my mother. He always told me to have calm with her and to give time for wounds to cicatrize. I waited as long as I could, I tried to call, I sent messages, chocolate at Easter. My mother kept quiet.

At the end of the year, on my birthday, I decided to try one more time. I joined all the courage I had in me. It seemed like I was going to vomit. I knocked on the door and called her to eat a piece of cake.

- I have nothing to celebrate... I have nothing to talk about...

Again, the cry came over me and I was there, standing behind the door, not knowing what to do. My sobs were a plea. She opened the door. I'll never forget the conversation we had that day. We cried so much and we put it all out. The hug of reconciliation was the best hug I've ever received from her and perhaps my greatest happiness in life.

(Lola Benvenutti, "Solidão, esse santo remédio" - Loneliness, this holy medicine - , Emphasis mine)

"Attack of feminist (misandric) women" against Felipe Neto because he defended... the sexual freedom of women

(04:20 a 05:36) The woman does always have to be judged, is she who always have to be labeled as this, as that, is the whore, is the slut, is the self-interested, is the bitch, and the man does not, the man is who makes a lot of sex, the fucker, the debauched, the guy who's getting all the pussies, that's cool, women can not. So I have always been against this speech, I am against this speech, I would not say I have always been not, I matured this speech in my head over time. (...) So today I advocate, we are advocates of speech "my body, my choice", period. It is the basis of the argument, not the base, but is one of the main feminist arguments, right, battling for equality between men and women, for the end of judgment upon the woman, for the end of collection of patriarchy, the oppressive macho society upon women, that is a reality, yeah, it's a reality. The feminist movement is a commendable move, which deserves our support, deserves the support of every human being who considers himself human, who considers himself a being who fights for equality, for justice, for an end to prejudice. The feminist movement fully deserve our support. And that's what I did. I just commented this.

(05:36 a 06:18) Then I have discussed this, SOME WOMEN began to talk on my Twitter: "ah, women who want to catch the guy just because he's gringo [stranger] are all sluts." And I was bothered by that, because I think if there is something fundamental to the feminist struggle to work is that women themselves realize that they are not whores for doing what they want. Sexual freedom is essential for human beings. We should all be free to have sex, to kiss, to do what we want without being judged for it. Ie, without being labeled as slut, promiscuous, whore, a woman who does not deserve it or does not deserve it just because she likes sex.

(06:18 a 06:31) Well! I put on my Twitter the phrase: "I believe the first step towards sexual liberation of women is that women themselves cease to see themselves as sluts". I can not imagine that there's anything wrong with that sentence, do you agree?

(06:31 a 07:33) I'm fighting for speech "my body, my choice", I am fighting exactly to preach the feminist argument of equality, acceptance, liberation, and what happened? Some RADICAL feminists, some women who CALL THEMSELVES FEMINISTS began to curse me. Why? Because I used the phrase "women should" three dots. "You do not have to tell us what we have to do, you oppressive, macho, white man, oppressor, are you the cause of what is wrong." And I very scared with what was going on because... what I have just said? Equality, sexual freedom, women can do what she want without being judged, I was DEFENDING feminist precepts, and was attacked by them simply because I said that women should not see themselves as sluts. I do not have to say what women should do, according to them.

(07:33 a 07:50) So I said: "folks, I am [doing] the defense of speech of you". What did they respond? Were not one, two or three, were many women, they joined in my Twitter to say: "we do not need your help in our fight, you have nothing to do with it, do not interfere".

(07:50 a 10:14) What I want to say to THAT, THAT kind of feminist woman, who I do not consider feminist? Fuck if I consider or do not consider, I do not have the power to judge or say what is right or is wrong, I am a bullshit. But I think that's TERRIBLE for the feminist cause, because are THESE people, and not only women, there are one or another man who entered it, who also said "shut your mouth, you do not have to meddle in feminist cause, because you are the oppressor white man, you are the cause of the problem, "YOU ARE GENERATING RAGE against you, because the speech of yours is based on hate. Let us hate the guy, let us hate the man, let us hate those who oppressed us, without wondering what he has to say, without wondering if he's actually supporting or undermining the feminist cause, let us simply hate and preach hate. And that is what is happening. I do not consider this type of woman productive for the feminist cause, I consider destructive. Why? Because she preaches hatred, and end up preaching hatred against Feminism, ends up making a lot of people have that scrotum, jerk discourse that feminist needs dick, that feminist is badly fucking, that feminist is a lesbian, that feminist only knows hating man. What do you expect if your reaction to someone who is defending the feminist cause is "do not interfere, we do not want your help"? This is hatred, is hatred for the hatred, hatred is aimless. So yes, I will continue advocating that every woman should have the freedom to use her body at her will, that she has full sexual freedom and should not be judged for it, and you will not tell me to shut up, just because I am a white man I can not say anything about it. Get it? So this is my message to who says she is a feminist but the only thing she does is open her mouth to talk shit and damage the movement that she defends itself. Do not hate, right? Fight for equality, fight for justice, fight for the end to oppression, for the end of patriarchy, for a more just and equal society. Not for... let's fight for hatred, let's fight for the men to shut up, let's fight to men stay in their corner, etc., etc.. I've seen it many times. "Shut your mouth". "You are man". "You should not open your mouth". "You should study and learn to lower your head when a woman speaks". I read it. I received it. And if it is not unreasonable hatred, and completely without result, I do not know what it is.


The Time of True Women being called macho because they dictate standards of behavior for women

The video above was posted on Jun/24/2014. On the 27th, an anonymous (I think it was anonymous woman) made ​​this comment in the text "Qual a diferença entre feminista e femista?" (What is the difference between feminist and femist?), published on August 24, 2007:

This is an attempt to dictate standards of behavior for women, style "do so and not otherwise." Sorry, girl, but you're macho.


Putting the pieces together and concluding

I had in mind for about a week writing something like this text, but these three pieces arrived and were well enlightening.

The first shows the reaction of the family or the city when a girl releases sexually. And it was worse, only five years ago prostitution ceased to be a crime in Brazil. In the United States still is, punishable by jail. I was never a prostitute, but I am in this life of fornication since 14 years old and I know how it is. Many people in my family do not talk with me, some aunts and cousins ​​have already said they hate me. I was more fortunate, my father and my brothers accept me (my mother was already in naughtiness little before me). But I have said some time that who is bothered by your pleasure either do not treat you as a person or hates you. So, a husband or a wife who is jealous has no love. And a father or a mother who grieves because their daughter has decent sexual life may have been good provider, but does not love these daughter as a human individual. In the case of Lola Benvenutti, if was the old lady who had been sick, so she needed would stop prank and would call. So I value my parents and my brothers for people who are, but I preach against the family, exactly because I know that my family is not general rule.

The second shows what the feminist movement thinks of men and women's sexual liberation. They did not have so much kick in Felipe Neto only for him to be a male. The big problem, for them, was really what he said. I'll get to that point. Oh, before I forget, when a woman is mistreated in a group in Real (Brazilian anti-feminist movement) just for being a woman, the guy is reprimanded even right there, while there are feminist groups with written rules prohibiting men participants to express themselves.

The third shows what happens when a woman denounces femism and tries to distinguish between femism and feminism, a distinction that, we were seeing with time, does not exist.

But the feminist speech that patriarchy represses female sexuality is a big... true. And why only this truth counts against Feminism? Because society is... men and women. If the woman who met two cocks in life is a dishonored woman for society, is how she is seen by majority of men and women.

Let us observe that who speak against women be condemned for showing that likes sex with men is almost always male, including inside the feminist movement itself. When a feminist woman speaks of sexual repression, almost always speaks of lesbianism, abortion or having to hear that she does not want because she has sex with bad boys. This same feminist woman probably said elsewhere that beautiful body women are treated as sex objects, as inflatable dolls by macho society (which seems to have only man). And she can say that society treats sex as shameful for a woman in a post and say that society encourages rape in another. If men must be taught to not to rape, why women do not need to be taught to release their pussies?

And why more "moralist" people (in quotes because lack of sex is not moral) are the people who hide a sexual past, or present? If we assume that is because of the social environment, and if we do not consider that these people fear others who also hide something, we move to another embarrassment: why these people did something yesterday that they hide today? In the case of women, it was the use of sex or sensuality to get something in the past, perhaps a money they had no other way to earn. We have cases of porn actresses, erotic models and prostitutes who were not as liberal as they seemed and when they could get out of the profession they wanted both to hide the past and forget it existed. In the case of men, they can be held hostage to women who have made careers using sexual favors for them. And the "hairy" sexual past or present of some men may not be so hidden. In this case, is status: having prostitutes where prostitution is a crime, having lovers where adultery has death penalty or just be the only one who can touch the hottest woman of the company or government agency. Note that I said "status", not "power", because these women will not charge cheap. But even in this case, both men and women have a facade of cowardice and mediocrity to hide the envy of orgasm of others and, somehow, the joy of others, beyond they are preserving status (men for having sex, women for not having who to offer it to men) obstructing the sexuality in their surroundings.

Feminism is the idea that the very suggestion of standards of behavior, ethics and respect to neighbor for women is unacceptable, unless it is a mediocre woman dictating rules to another woman better or more enjoyable than her. Therefore, not only the woman who does not accept a man saying that "the first step towards sexual liberation of women is that women themselves cease to see themselves as sluts" (returning to the case of Felipe Neto) is a feminist, the woman who calls another woman slut only because she has more contact with men than her also is.

And as feminist women are the scum of the feminine universe, they will not defend heterosexual freedom and will always be in favor of each initiative to separate men and women. Who is antifeminist longest ever seen the horrors they have said about men and heterosexual sex. And feminist women still earn the support of the worst Christian women, because they have much in common intellectually and morally. One example is women evangelical leaders uniting Gail Dines, a lesbian nut who wants to turn the pornography crime (prostitution too, but the United States is now), to censor the internet in Canada (I commented it in "The Puritan-Feminism episode 9: some conservative and evangelical women uniting with feminists to censor pornography (and what else?)"). This also shows how mediocre people can be insane to the point of having the horror of pleasure (including sexual) as moral golden rule.

And men will be sexually educated by these women in Feminism, even if the mother or the female teacher of the first degree is not a feminist militant. When they become adults, they may have a conflict with themselves, not have conflict because they turned manginas (men who justify everything that women do just because they are women) or assume that sex is better than stealing but not have many men who talk about it openly.

Therefore, the society in general really represses the HETEROSEXUALITY of the woman who likes men. And this society is composed almost entirely of mediocre women, nasty lesbians and men that are frustrated in their lifes in general. Who really bother with the marginalization of a woman that shows herself heterosexual and censorship to men when they demonstrate heterosexuality is a small group of men of good character who can respect a woman as a person AND as a sexed individual and an even smaller group of women who think that should not be ashamed to work with their bodies or just enjoy and make heterosexual sex.

P. S.: who transcribed the piece of Felipe Neto's video was my great friend and fellow in double penetrations Paulo César. He offered while I was preparing a hot dog for us and two friends, who also helped me in the kitchen (it was the day before yesterday, Sunday). Thank you, kitty! You and my real life and virtual friends show that if women offered more to men of worth, they would receive twice, three times.

Eso texto en español sin fotos de putaría, en lo Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: El machismo fue creado por las mujeres - parte 9: los feministas dicen que la sociedad trata a las mujeres que no reprimen a sí mismas como perras, y lo peor (incluyendo para el Feminismo) es que ellos tienen razón,
Eso texto en español con fotos de putaría, en lo Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: El machismo fue creado por las mujeres - parte 9: los feministas dicen que la sociedad trata a las mujeres que no reprimen a sí mismas como perras, y lo peor (incluyendo para el Feminismo) es que ellos tienen razón,
This text in English without debauchery photos, at Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Machismo was created by women - part 9: the feminists say that society treats women who do not repress themselves like sluts, and the worst (including to Feminism) is that they are right,
This text in English with debauchery photos, at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Machismo was created by women - part 9: the feminists say that society treats women who do not repress themselves like sluts, and the worst (including to Feminism) is that they are right,
Texto original em português sem fotos de putaria, no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade: O machismo foi criado pelas mulheres - parte 9: os feministas dizem que a sociedade trata as mulheres que não se reprimem como vadias, e o pior (inclusive para o Feminismo) é que eles estão certos,
Texto original em português com fotos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: O machismo foi criado pelas mulheres - parte 9: os feministas dizem que a sociedade trata as mulheres que não se reprimem como vadias, e o pior (inclusive para o Feminismo) é que eles estão certos,

Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia

Sex, lust, debauchery, naked woman, pornography section

Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía

Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia

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