mercoledì 12 aprile 2017

The pigs in the room

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Muslims will not dominate the West. Radical feminists will not rule even Iceland. It's not going to be a crime to be heterosexual. Even the traditional family is far from risk of extintion as long as we are alive. Those who are afraid of this may worry about the possibility of we living something worse than we already have, but the danger is another.

Arab-Muslim culture is semi-literate, ridiculous, megalomaniacal, neurotic, and robber, evidence of which is that its sacred book is an badly organized imitation of the Judeo-Christian Hexateuch with vague reference to the Gospels. The social projects of Feminism which envisage a reduced population of men would owe their viability, if it existed, to the technical-scientific work of men throughout the world for millennia, which already shows how men would be disposable. The world might even have some quality of life without all the inventions of European white men in particular and European societies, but it would not be very yummy. So, Islam, the defense of Islam in the Occident, LGBT-Feminism and Africanism can not lead us to a viable model of society, and, because of it, they will reach some point of society which is not even desirable, perhaps even to the militants themselves.

The real problem is two issues at once. The first is who's behind all these crap. The second is how far these agents can get (which may be less than how far they want to get). Anyone who has heard what the lesbian-feminists speak or read what they write knows that they do not have the intellectual or psychiatric structure to read a simple comment in social network that contradicts them; and knows that almost all of them do not have connection to the real world, I do not say enough to perceive how much what they say is stupidity, but to perceive that 4 out of 5 or 9 out of 10 women do not want to be identified as feminists. Thus, without the big money, the publicity, the police-legal protection and even the public office they get, almost all feminist militancy would be a dispersed group of psychotic lesbians who can not stand in a job; the better part would be respected and even listened carefully about one or the other complaint, but it would also be a dispersed group. Moderate Feminism might even succeed as long as it did not annoy. But Islam has nothing to offer the Occident, it is the Occident that has what to offer to Islamic countries, and when Muslims are received here, in addition, they commit crimes or support their brothers who commit. If all that justifies the tolerance for the wave of Muslim crimes within the decent world and against Christians in Muslim countries was petroleum, European powers could have colonized the Middle East in the early twentieth century as they colonized America or Africa in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, or as England colonized India in the early twentieth century; and if the colonizers had decimated the Arabs, we would miss Arab culture as much as we do the Aztec or Guarani culture.

Ah, and a plan of world elite for the destruction of the family is a talk of substitute preacher in a church in a district of a small town in the countryside. Who says that a woman in a bikini in a movie that a teenager sees on television in the afternoon is a threat to the family confirms all that the most sensible part of the left-wing says against Conservatism. Another thing: there is not sexualization of society or child eroticization, there are people intellectually and psychologically abused in childhood by peasant cows who have never had an orgasm in their lives. No one will destroy a society seeking for sex, but a lot of nonsense has already been done so ones could disrupt the pleasure of others. And viva licentiousness!

To give a quick example to who is from Brazil: how Dilma Rousseff was able to resist in the Presidency of the Republic being the most pathetic and unbalanced person who ever held the position, even using psychiatric remedies at the time of the impeachment process, having more than 60% of rejection and with two years of popular protests for impeachment, some of them the largest street protests in the history of Brazil and all of them larger than the demonstrations in favor of her? Remember the joke of the turtle on the lamppost, which was already used for her and Lula, in which you look at the turtle and you do not believe it's there and you know it did not get there by itself?

But who has the power to allow is who has the power to forbid, or at least to oppose. That is why our countries have not yet been invaded by Islam or Feminism: we have rulers and influential people who are men sympathetic to Feminism, whites sympathetic to Europhobia, and Westerners sympathetic to Islamism. And whoever has promoted this whole mess will not have a granddaughter beaten for not using a chador in the United States, nor will be a white man headed by an extremist black lesbian. "They" will allow ISIS, Radical Feminism, Black Lives Matter or college activists to go as far as they were planned to go, or as far as is convenient, or as far as they started to annoy. But this is not only because those who allow the stupidity of this gang have the power to stop allowing (or it would not be permission, it would be surrender), it is also because this gang can not create another sustainable model of society, as much for lack of resources as for intellectual deficiencies. The leftist movement may even destroy our society, but to give birth to another society which those who commands the whole structure want, not what the Slut Walk or the bomber-pigs do on the streets of the West. To be afraid of a feminist dystopia or an Islamic invasion in the West is to think that the herd of pigs begins to rule in the farm when it enters the room of the house of the owners.

Questo testo in italiano senza cartoni fumetti di dissolutezza in Men of Worth Newspaper: "I maiali in camera",
Questo testo in italiano con cartoni fumetti di dissolutezza in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "I maiali in camera",
Ce texte en français sans dessins humoristiques de libertinage au Men of Worth Newspaper: "Les cochons dans la salle",
Ce texte en français avec dessins humoristiques de libertinage au Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "Les cochons dans la salle",
Eso texto en español sin viñetas de putaría en Men of Worth Newspaper: "Los cerdos en la habitación",
Eso texto en español con viñetas de putaría en Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "Los cerdos en la habitación",
This text in English without licentiousness cartoons at Men of Worth Newspaper: "The pigs in the room",
This text in English with licentiousness cartoons at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "The pigs in the room",
Texto original em português sem cartuns de putaria no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade: "Os porcos na sala",
Texto original em português com cartuns de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: "Os porcos na sala",
Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia
Section of sex, lust, licentiousness, naked woman, pornography
Section de sexe, luxure, débauche, femmes nues, pornographie
Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia
Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía
- Ha, ha, ha! In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Come here and show us how great your Allah is.

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