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VALENTINA NAPPI - On the (improper) use of the body in the media

vnappiIt is indisputable that the media and advertising do improper use of the female body and of the male body. An approach rather widespread, faced with this problem, is that critical of the hiper-sexualization that would mark our society. Speaking in these terms, usually, are women that convey an image of themselves - tied not to the physical appearance or mode of dress, but rather to the choice of words, to the mode of interaction, to the idiosyncrasies dialectics - which suggests that admit publicly that she sometimes touched a penis would be for them simply inconceivable. I, on the other hand, touch penises (it is amply documented) and with the mechanisms related to sexual arousal I have a lot to do. I think that familiarity with these mechanisms should establish a practical knowledge that, like all knowledge, practical and not practical, benefits itself with the public transmission, the exchange and the fast evolution that is a result of this public nature.

Now, one thing I easily realize is that "sexuality" that is seen on billboards, in the right columns of the newspapers online etc. has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with grammar - even psychological - of the effective arousal related to sexual sphere. If I played a model in a billboard, I would not only do badly the porn actress, but above all - and I emphasize: above all - I would do otherwise than a porn actress. Are not just two different directions: are two opposite directions, which require two opposite approaches and two types of tekne with opposite purposes. A clue to this character completely antithetical is the fact that, while the improper use of the body by the media and in advertising prospers, and prospers also on the internet and on social networks, pornography, instead, is in crisis and in danger of disappearing, and it is criticized and seen as absolute evil by mainstream advertising channels on the web and social networks.

Someone will ask why the presence at least of a tiny bikini can produce such an absolute difference in treatment and marketability in terms of advertising or commercial. A photo of me in a bikini is worth, on the web, commercially more than a picture of me naked, because the first can be used on a site with advertising of mainstream and the second can not. When I say that I take off the bikini me because I have ethics, rather than it can sell having me on top, I usually arouse the laughter of those who do not understand certain mechanisms. But how do you explain this apparent paradox? It's the question that should put to themselves all those who put in the same pot pornography, the alleged hiper-sexualization of our society and the misuse of the female and male body by the media and by the advertising.

Valentina Nappi

(September 1, 2014)

Original: Micromega,

Translation: Abigail Pereira Aranha

Testo originale in italiano: Sull’uso (improprio) del corpo nei media,, riprodotto a e
Traducción al español: Sobre el uso (indebido) del cuerpo en los medios, y
Translation to English: On the (improper) use of the body in the media, and
Tradução para o português: Sobre o uso (impróprio) do corpo na mídia, e

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