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VALENTINA NAPPI - Today, Fascism is named Anti-capitalism

vnappi If you are an avant-garde music composer and you write piano pieces you play with your ass, you have to worry about politics. At the time of Nazism they would have accused you of doing degenerate art. Today you are "only" the object of sarcasm of right-wing journalists and, in some governments, likely to see your funds cut off. A speech somewhat similar, though a bit different, is valid if you are a teacher who promotes "strange ideas" that seem to undermine certain traditional categories (for example, if you try to teach that the homosexual couple is neither more nor less "natural" than the heterosexual one). And if you're a porn star instead? If you are a porn star who embodies the logic dichotomous holy / slut, perhaps you would also fit to the Nazis (but maybe not, because your conduct would still relapse in "anti-social behaviors"). If, instead, you are a porn star who promotes the idea that "all women should be sluts" and that "all the girls should be ultra-easy girls", then in Nazi Germany, but also in Fascist Italy, you would have certainly made a bad end. And you would have serious problems today too, in Europe, in case of certain nationalist, xenophobic and anti-modern movements to take power. So politics have to worry you, inevitably. And that's why I decided to dedicate this post to the problem of Fascism, of course giving for granted that those who are on my side must be antifascist in the most radical way possible. Contrary to what many stupid people think, it's not about being "anti-fascist in the absence of fascism", but to be radically anti-fascists in the presence of the concrete risk of Fascist tendencies.

It is quite obvious the link between Fascism and the small and middle bourgeoisie. Moreover, it is not difficult to understand that in the absence of small and middle bourgeoisie can not be there, and could not be, any Fascist tendency (but at most a communist revolution). It is absolutely evident findings, entirely trivial findings. The historical Fascism was an expression of the mobilization of the impoverished small and middle bourgeoisie against the two classes then hegemonic, the big industrial and financial bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Hence the dual character, revolutionary and reactionary, of the movement and of the regime: reactionary against egalitarian demands of the proletariat, but revolutionary compared to an existing (even international) order based on protecting the interests of big capital. No coincidence that Mussolini, in the declaration of war of 1940, called the enemies "plutocratic democracies". It's obvious the analogy with different movements contemporaries to us, analogy reinforced by the fact that even in post-war Italy most of the small and middle bourgeoisie did not feel represented by a liberal-democratic political class that showed every day more incapacity and moral decay.

Fascism is therefore a struggle "beyond the right-wing and the left-wing" (which means: not egalitarian) against big capital and against the policy of "puppets" liberals who are expression of big capital. The Fascist rhetoric of the struggle between "work" (that of the trader, the small business owner) and large financial capital, rhetoric that translates into slogans of the small business owners who "get up every morning" and "are working more than their employees" and "they carry on their shoulders the country", obscures the true class struggle which is above all the one between the small trader with the Porsche Cayenne and the underpaid black clerk, between the small entrepreneur and blackmailed worker who does not enjoy the protections of Article 18 because employees are less than fifteen... [Article 18 in the Workers' Statute, which determines readmission in employment and a fine for the employer in the case of dismissal because of discrimination, maternity or paternity issues or illegal motivation, but the paragraphs that determine the penalties only apply to companies with more than 15 employees or agricultural enterprises with more than 5. The Workers' Statute can be seen at - note of the translator] Of course, the great global financial capital is not the absolute good, but it represents a problem that is not progressive to confront in the present historical phase, since even those who are Communists must understand that in the West there will never be a change towards the socialization of the manufacturing means (also financial) until survive diffuse interests of type small and middle bourgeoisie (and the eventual prevail, here and now, of such these interests over those of big capital, see possibility of a deflagration of the Eurozone, would only disadvantages to the working class, see the purchasing power of wages). In the present historical phase, the cries against the large global financial capital are cries in defense of the small and middle bourgeoisie. They are reactionary cries. The process of centralization of capital is indeed a necessary condition for a genuine historical progress, and the alternative is to remain mired in bourgeois dialectic between "critical" liberalism and fascism. Even the Communist, especially the Communist, must hope that the post-bourgeois evolution of contemporary Capitalism go ahead. It is a process that will require fine balancing acts so that be averted the seizure of power by fascist movements (one of the main dangers resides in the alliance between the bourgeoisie and the unemployed, and the great capital has to be persuaded of the need to bring the unemployed to their own side).

It is not difficult to understand that the Fascist mentality and values correspond to the mentality and values of a petty and middle bourgeoisie in difficulty: the traditionalist view of sexuality is linked to a conception of the female daughter as a factor of reproduction of the familiar small business (same goes for homophobic mentality and conception of the role of the male son), the intolerance for legal formalism is linked to a paternalistic and "communitary" mode to manage the problems with employees, the anti-scientificism is linked to the fear of being overwhelmed by the great capital, the anti-rationalism is linked to the fear of the superiority of large-scale organization of production, the fear of the vanguards is linked to the perception of a changing world in a way unfavorable to their own class, et cetera.

Fascism speaks the language of the anti-technocracy, explicit or disguised as anti-plutocracy, and presents itself as a non-egalitarian form of anti-plutocracy when exists the real possibility of a egalitarian breakthrough, and as anti-capitalism when a egalitarian breakthrough is not plausible (for example because some further historical developments are needed, for example the end of the small and middle bourgeoisie). Today, Fascism is called Anti-Capitalism.

Valentina Nappi

(October 20, 2014)


Comments by Men of Worth Newspaper / Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía

Here, the authoress makes mistake depicting Fascism as a bourgeois stuff when, at best, Fascism and Nazism were supported by small and middle bourgeoisie in opposition to a even worse alternative, Stalin's Socialism. But Fascism was Socialism, because it was Statism. Regarding the Fascist morals as somehow Puritan, she is right, but, to give one example, Nina Hartley made a brief exposition of the similarities between anti-sex Feminism and Conservative Christian morality in her article "Feminists for porn", in 2005. I reproduced it in my post "While anti-Feminism does not think against Gynocentrism, Feminism will have all thoughts", and I repeat to the Valentina's text the comments I made there. Ops! I said that Socialist movement was opposing to traditional society, now am I hinting that Nazi-Fascism, though it was a Socialist initiative, was together with Conservative Christians? Somehow, I explained it 2015 November in "Socialism, Capitalism and Christianity together, why not?", part 1 and part 2. Let us highlight that the epoch of Fascism and Nazism, 1930s and 1940s, was a time when, in the minds of most of nowadays Christian conservatives, Feminism did not exist.

I could not help to find curious that a initiative by lower and middle middle-class achieved to be victorious, even if for about two decades, against the majority of capital in one side and the majority of population, workers, in the other side. Not mentioning the persistence in millions of minds scattered the West of a political system defeated more than 60 years before.

But I understand why Valentina made such mistakes: she has been labeled, like me, as "macho" by Feminists and as "slut" by Conservatives, but she does not notice, apparently, that Socialism is political control of entire social life as an end by itself, not a fight for social justice which has "collective property" of production means as an aspect. Thus, as a bisexual porn actress who defends sexual freedom, she opposes to bourgeoisie and "bourgeois morals" when she sees the bourgeois Puritanism, but she not only assigns traditional morals to bourgeoisie and Capitalism, she assigns, too, the opposite to part of the leftism. Maybe I am lucky to live in Brazil when I can see a weakened Christian right-wing that can not fight against prostitution and pornography, sometimes together with the worst part of Feminist-Socialist movement, hence I can observe this all better. Incidentally, Socialist China has not only very bad wages and labour conditions, it has also censorship to internet in general and against pornography specifically, reaching the point of money reward for reports about mobile phone numbers to sexual contents and people jailed for watching porn in their own homes.

It's illustrative that here in Brazil, while I was translating this text, last day 3, a couple of members of MBL (in Portuguese, Free Brazil Movement) were assaulted by an advisor of a PT (Workers' Party) member. This party is the one of the President Dilma Rousseff and MBL is a popular movement that organizes protests for her impeachment because of corruption, administrative crimes and abuse of power. In that moment, they were in a camping in Curitiba, in front of a building of Federal Justice, in support of the work of some public officials who are investigating schemes of corruption by PT. That advisor went there with a "wheel wrench" and, while he was hitting the couple in their heads, he shouted "there will be no coup" and... "Fascists". We have here, and I could bring a multitude of cases, some curious things. First, nowadays Brazilian Fascists suffer attacks from Socialists, negroes and LGBT instead performing attacks against them. Second, Brazilian Fascism, instead of being a government style, is outside from government for 13 years and it has been opposed by the government. Really, today, Fascism calls itself Anti-Capitalism.

Down to Socialism! Viva Anarchy, Atheism and prostitution!

Update 05/06 20:45: When I went to Valentina Nappi's Facebook profile, I saw the notice that she had been blocked yesterday, while I was writting my comments. It reminds me what I see every month, some friends of mine are suspended or loose their profiles for sharing sensual images or porn, it happens to some Conservative friends of mine for posting something anti-leftist, it happened to myself for both things. Facebook has its headquarters in United States, where homosexuals can marry and female teachers are jailed because they had sex with students. OK, the State won't constrain you, man, to be gay, but in the same city (if not there, at least in Brazil) you can be accused of sexual crime if you touch a woman in a busy public transport vehicle or can be fined if you dislike when you see a same-sex couple kissing one another in the streets. The worst of "traditionalism", the worst of Capitalism and the worst of Socialism can be together.

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Questo testo in italiano senza filmati di dissolutezza in Men of Worth Newspaper: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Oggi il fascismo si chiama anticapitalismo",
Questo testo in italiano con filmati di dissolutezza in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Oggi il fascismo si chiama anticapitalismo",
Ce texte en français sans films de libertinage au Men of Worth Newspaper: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Aujourd'hui, le Fascisme est nommé Anti-capitalisme",
Ce texte en français avec films de libertinage au Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Aujourd'hui, le Fascisme est nommé Anti-capitalisme",
Eso texto en español sin películas de putaría en Men of Worth Newspaper: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Hoy en día el Fascismo se llama Anticapitalismo",
Eso texto en español con películas de putaría en Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Hoy en día el Fascismo se llama Anticapitalismo",
This text in English without licentiousness movies at Men of Worth Newspaper: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Today, Fascism is named Anti-capitalism",
This text in English with licentiousness movies at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Today, Fascism is named Anti-capitalism",
Texto original em português sem filmes de putaria no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Hoje, o Fascismo é chamado Anticapitalismo",
Texto original em português com filmes de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: "VALENTINA NAPPI - Hoje, o Fascismo é chamado Anticapitalismo",
Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia
Section of sex, lust, licentiousness, naked woman, pornography
Section de sexe, luxure, débauche, femmes nues, pornographie
Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia
Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía

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Violenza sulle donne (Valentina Nappi)

"Va detta una cosa importantissima sulla violenza sulle donne: su 100 morti sul lavoro 97 sono maschi e solo 3 sono femmine. Da femmina sono incazzata per questo, se pensate che questo non abbia a che fare sulla violenza sulle donne vi sbagliate. È un problema di ruoli. Finche ci saranno i ruoli e le differenze ci sarà violenza di genere. La violanza di genere nasce dall'idea che la donna sia preziosa. Alle bambine si insegna che sono preziose e da li discende la logica delle fighe di legno. A tutte queste femministe fighe di legno che si riempiono la bocca di violenza sulle donne e sciocchezze del genere, dico: DATELA"

(Grazie a Violacentrica per la trascrizione -

Violência contra a mulher (Valentina Nappi)

"Que seja dita uma coisa muito importante sobre a violência contra a mulher: para cada 100 mortes no local de trabalho, 97 são de homens e apenas 3 são de mulheres. Como mulher eu estou indignada com isso, se você acha que isso não tem nada a ver com a violência contra mulheres, você está errado. É um problema de papéis. Enquanto houver os papéis e as diferenças, haverá violência baseada no gênero. A violência de gênero vem da idéia de que a mulher é preciosa. As meninas são ensinadas que elas são preciosas e daí decorre a lógica das bucetas de madeira. Para todas essas feministas bucetas de madeira que enchem a boca com a violência contra as mulheres e estupidez de gênero, eu digo: mostrem-na"

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Violence against women (Valentina Nappi)

"Let it be said a very important thing on violence against women: for each 100 workplace fatalities, 97 are males and only 3 are females. As a woman I am angry at this, if you think this has nothing to do with violence against women, you are wrong. It is a problem of roles. As long as there be the roles and the differences, there will be gender-based violence. The gender violence comes from the idea that the woman is precious. The girls are taught that they are precious and from there stems the logic of the pussies of wood. To all these pussies of wood feminists that fill their mouth with violence against women and gender stupidity, I say: you, show it"

(Thanks to Violacentrica for the transcription -

La violence contre les femmes (Valentina Nappi)

"Soit dit une chose très importante sur la violence contre les femmes: pour chaque 100 décès en milieu de travail, 97 sont des hommes et seulement 3 sont des femmes. En tant que femme, je suis en colère contre cela, si vous pensez que cela n'a rien à voir avec la violence contre les femmes, vous avez tort. Il y a un problème de rôles. Tant qu'il y aura les rôles et les différences, il y aura la violence fondée sur le sexe. La violence de genre vient de l'idée que la femme est précieuse. Les filles sont enseignées qu'ils sont précieux et à partir de là découle la logique des chattes de bois. Pour toutes ces chattes de bois des féministes qui remplissent la bouche avec la violence contre les femmes et la stupidité de genre, je dis: vous, montrez"

(Merci à Violacentrica pour la transcription -

La violencia contra las mujeres (Valentina Nappi)

"Que se diga una cosa muy importante sobre la violencia contra las mujeres: para cada 100 accidentes laborales, 97 son hombres y sólo 3 son mujeres. Como mujer estoy enojada con esto, si usted piensa que esto no tiene nada que ver con la violencia contra las mujeres, te equivocas. Es un problema de papeles. Siempre y cuando haya los papeles y las diferencias, habrá violencia de género. La violencia de género nace de la idea de que la mujer es preciosa. Las niñas se les enseña que son preciosas y de ahí se deriva la lógica de los coños de madera. Para todos estas feministas coños de madera que llenan la boca con la violencia contra las mujeres y la estupidez de género, les digo: demuestrenla"

(Gracias a Violacentrica para la transcripción -

Violenza sulle donne from ValentinaNappi on Vimeo.

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Producer company: Boca Filmes. 1989, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Synopsis: "Office boy starts his sex life with the boss's daughter and the secretaries." (

Pornochanchada "Bacchanales de Adolescent"

Société producteur: Boca Filmes. 1989, São Paulo, Brésil. Synopsis: "Garçon de bureau commence sa vie sexuelle avec la fille du patron et les secrétaires." (

Pornochanchada "Bacanal de Adolescente"

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