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Lies that do not work and the truth about pornography: why does not tarry full burial of Christianity

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Intelligence is being able to grasp from the outside world or the inner world. Why intelligence can not be separated of good character and mental integrity? The person of bad character usually lives of hiding what is, and the weak person can not live showing what is. And unless they use a set of skills and knowledges, which are mistaken for intelligence, to interact with the outside world, the scoundrel can see is being seen as scoundrel and the weak can see is being seen as weak. But if both are lucky, they will not live with the real world, only with the reflection of their own farce. So, they need to reconcile, within themselves, what they are and what they need to show to the outside. So, these people lose their good intelligence and their good mental health, and degenerate themselves in the ability to assimilate facts and make inferences.

This degeneration we are seeing in the socialist militancy. The socialist militants take place in political positions, management positions in companies, teaching positions in universities, spaces in the mass media less to use what they earn for the cause than to expel the non-socialism of everyday life. And socialism is universalization of the mediocrity. At some point, just because of the success, leftists have begun to do harm to the society or to their immediate environment enough to start to sink together. At this point, even the privileged leftist already begins to show that lives a lie that damaged his / her intelligence and mental integrity. Worse: this person sinks even more in lies and stupidity. A university female professor chattering "culture" when she hears or reads a discordant phrase is just a braggart idiot who had access to a lot of knowledge. She has anti-intelligence. Intelligent may have been that discordant one who could profit with much more efficiency a much smaller volume of data, and managed to make inferences and withdraw applications, and shook the farce of this erudite. We are seeing more and more of that. So, the liar can get to the point, exactly close to a tragic end, of saying the wrong lies to the wrong people and the worst time. But here I'll not highlight the leftist movement, I'll approach the Christian church and the "truth" about pornography.

Only because they think that a "vintage" Christianity will defeat socialism, many conservatives already show that they did not understand anything about the leftist movement. And if even that is a minority movement in Christian churches themselves, the serious Christianity has its days numbered. Cross the history of any Christian denomination from the mid-nineteenth century to here with the history of the socialist movement. You were regulating women's behavior and fighting with factions, the socialists were acting WITHIN your churches, fucking!

And all those things I said about intelligence, mental integrity and lies also apply to traditional churches, especially the "truth" about pornography. To tell the truth about pornography, are indispensable conditions having a neurotic gimnophobia, a stubborn provincialism and a compulsive mythomania that seems absolute ignorance. I'll give a few quick examples.

I saw the texts of two classes of the course "O mal da pornografia e da masturbação" (The evil of pornography and masturbation) by priest Paulo Ricardo and were enough for me. Already in the first class[1], he says that "the high-speed Internet phenomenon - who has spread pornography with much more strength - is also relatively new. In fact, with this tool in hand, a young man is able to watch, in one hour, more sex scenes than our ancestors could have access throughout their life". He also says that "in the United States, for example, the average age at which someone comes in contact with the pornographic world is 11 years". The text "Qual o problema em gostar um pouco de pornografia?" (What's wrong with liking pornography a little?), by Rev. Augustus Nicodemus[2], mentioned that "a research by Josh McDowell in 22,000 American churches revealed that 10% of adolescents had learned what they knew about sex in pornographic magazines. (...) And another 10% confessed they watched a explicit sex film in the last 6 months". Here's where I wanted to get in that tour I gave on mental integrity and lie: for getting used so much to the own lie, who lives in it loses the perception of the peril itself of lying to the wrong person. Let's take the last data: when a preacher try to speak "the truth about pornography," one of each ten boys can confirm what he says or, what is more likely, can know that he's a braggart.

The text by Rev. Augustus Nicodemus[2] says: "According to an official report in 1986, the porn industry in the United States is the third largest source of income for organized crime". But only Christian pages with reference to this text bring this data. The preacher also says that "are not few reports by committees of researchers that report the close relationship between pornography and the rising wave of rape, sexual harassment and child exploitation in the 'civilized' countries." Where's one single? Further, the "rising wave of rape" arrived in 2013 to about 50,000 cases in a Brazil with about 105 million women. So, even if there was a proportionality between men who consume pornography and those who rape women, it would be too low for a relationship of cause and effect. The author also says that "82% of incarcerated for sexual crimes against children and adolescents admitted they were regular consumers of pornography". The author expects public without elementary notions of Logic. First, "all p is q" does not mean "all q is p". Second, the class which is distributed (distribution in Logic is having the possibility to say something about an entire class) is that of the arrested for sexual crimes against underages, not the one of consumers of pornography. If ZERO COMMA 82 percent of the men who are regular porn consumers committed rape, even I would be afraid to leave my house.

The priest says in the first class that "those common and pleasurable activities that are part of everyday life - as finding a friend, praying, eating, being with family, contemplating a work of art etc. - start to get dull"; and in the second class[3] that "addicts husbands are followed by sad and insecure wives. Their wives see, quite clearly, that they can not have the beauty of pornographic actresses". Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Hua, hua, hua, hua, hua! Speaking of addict, himself said in the first class[1]: "1. The addict tried to stop and failed; 2. The addict is already beginning to have trouble with it (at work, at school or in college, for example); 3. The addict spends a lot of time with this kind of material". He is absolutely right. But no one becomes addicted to pornography as he and lesbian feminists explain. Men enjoy seeing naked women because they are heterosexual. Only serious ignorants in Biology and Chemistry believe that "pornography and masturbation affect the functioning of the human brain (...) as well as cocaine or heroin".[1]

In the second class[3], the priest says: "Are also known several stories of pornographic actresses who, having got out of this world - in which they were really treated like animals - bring up to date, however, the painful memories of his past". "Several" of whom? Of those women who EARN stroking the ego of sexophobic cows and the old men who humbled themselves to touch them and no other woman in their lives? Ah, where is one single name of a porn actress, of a producer of pornographic material, of a portal of photos and videos of debauchery in the "truth about pornography?" Some former actresses or actresses still performing who won't confirm a single sentence of the "truth about pornography," pulling in my memory: Asia Carrera, Nina Hartley, Rebeca Rios, Valentina Nappi. And if one of those boys in the churches who have ever seen explicit sex movies (remember how many percent?) proposes himself to make a list like this?

To know that pornography alters the brain; that all prostitutes and porn actresses are hostages of organized crime; that seeing a pornographic movie of 90 minutes leads a man to want to rape a woman; that seeing the same movie, with an adult woman, will lead this same man to want sex with another man or a girl with half the height; is required one of three conditions: 1) be a man who crossed dating surveilled by his father-in-law to marry a frigid woman who is the only woman whose breasts he has ever seen in his life; 2) be this frigid woman with phobia of man or 3) be a feminist man or woman who does not know the difference between a heterosexual man and a rapist. And all that to say "the truth about pornography" to an audience of false moralists old people, heretics with socialist trend and boys who know more about the issue that the speaker.

The worst of the Christian community looks like the worst of socialist-feminist militancy in the fight against prostitution and pornography (against decent heterosexual sex). Even Christians who claim to be anti-feminists and anti-socialists, as quoted Father Paulo Ricardo, use the same arguments that opponents. In fact, a "family control" on the computer, what it is beyond a socialist Trojan Horse, that Christian parents put at their own home for their children to be so sexually ignorant and frustrated as themselves? Why the same control against nudity would not censor Christian content or pages of rights of men and boys, as is already happening? But if traditional Christians are using the free internet to try to denounce the censorship that already turns against themselves and bury Socialism under its own stupidity, and maybe they achieve it, the same internet can help lovers of pornography to bury with the old Puritans the church as they knew.

Leonard Ravenhill said in "Why Revival Tarries", translated in the Brazilian version as "Why Full Revival Tarries?", in 1959[4]: "The Church of today should be more committed to an evangelism that bears children. (...) And although it can boast that never in its history had numerically such a frequency, it also have to admit it never had such a low number of 'new births'". Former Father Anibal Pereira Reis said on "O Ecumenismo e Os Batistas" (Ecumenism and Baptists), in 1971[5]: "Who accepts ecumenist and ecumenizing nods loses interest in evangelism. At best, this one limits oneself to applaud a little more than vegetative growth of his church...". And in those years, the percentage of non-Catholic Brazilians were smaller than the one with no religion today. The distress of these gentlemen in their days will be margarine advertising soon, as long it depends on the anti-pornography. And viva licentiousness!


[1] "1. Um novo tipo de droga" (A new type of drug),

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[2] It's in several addresses, I found it in

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[3] "2. A pornografia mata o amor" (Pornography kills love),

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[4] Leonard Ravenhill, "Por Que Tarda o Pleno Avivamento?" (Why Full Revival Tarries? - translation of "Why Revival Tarries"), Editora Betânia, 1959, p. 100,

[5] Aníbal Pereira Reis, "O Ecumenismo e Os Batistas" (Ecumenism and Baptists), Edições Caminho de Damasco, 1971, p. 37,,263150544.pdf


Prazo de validade, by Olavo de Carvalho, March 12, 2015. Available in and

Expiration date

That story of the endlessly repeated lie that becomes true is itself a endlessly repeated lie, which can be used with some success if you do not believe in it but leads to the more disastrous results who believes. In most cases, it is nothing more than an ostrich self-persuasion, good to induce an idiot to walk with a confidence of a sleepwalker in a minefield. Dr. Joseph Goebbels himself, who is credited the invention of this phrase, ended very badly.

Buzzwords and clichés are general statements of very relative validity, which you appeal as self-proofing premises to support other statements that generally do not have validity even relative. They are the preferred of election of mental automatism, created for you think you are thinking when, in true, you are just talking. They are the Petit Larousse of the psittacism.

The Prince by Machiavelli, the Communist Manifesto and the works of Antonio Gramsci are classic deposits where the needy always find the formulas they need to make, again and again, the feat of understanding absolutely anything.

The prestige of Machiavellianism is something that never ceases to amaze me. How is possible that so many seemingly intelligent people continue to follow with devotion of altar success lessons from a chronically failed goofball?

And how can anyone continue to believe in the Marxist theory of class struggle after Lenin demonstrated, in word and deed, that if they really wanted a proletarian revolution, they had to do it without proletarians?

Since Jim Fixx, the inventor of cardio, died of a heart attack in full jogging, at 52 years old, I began to suspect that all foolproof formulas are a danger to humanity. The truth is a matter of direct intellection, the more individual and nontransferable act there is. As soon as crystallizes in a uniformly repeatable formula, the formula becomes the best excuse to not to have any intellection.

The most visible sign of depletion of a stream of ideas is when its spokesmen insist on clinging to their enshrined buzzwords exactly in times of despair and confusion that these buzzwords show are more displaced from the concrete situation, more unable to describe the what is going on.

When ninety-three percent of Brazilians clearly express their contempt for the government of President Dilma, do not lack in the upper echelons of leftism who say that this is the "elite" turned against "the people". I never imagined that, even in the most exalted conceivable economic level of development, could a nation have seven percent of people and ninety-three percent of elite.

In full general effervescence against robbery by PT (Workers' Party), Frei Betto, André Singer and two others ventriloquist dolls gather in Apeoesp to discuss "the conservative threat to social rights" when it is clear that in all anti-Dilma popular protests no one said a single word against any "social right", except the social right to put the hands in public coffers.

When millions of Brazilians were banging pots in protest against the last speech of the president, one PT leader, with the pose of one who reveals a precious inside information, said "there is evidence" that the opposition parties had "financed the pots-banging". Until now I wonder how, by what means, by which esoteric banking devices would be possible to finance a pots-banging.

And, of course, could not lack who, tracking the most subtle and ineffable tracks, saw in the pots-banging the sinister hand of the Washington government. William F. Engdahl, the American version of Emir Sader, our already old acquaintance (see and, swears even the "Movimento Passe Livre" (Free Pass Movement) was invented by Mr. Joe Biden to "destabilize the government of Dilma Rousseff", when in Brazil even the children know that it was created by the government of Dilma Rousseff to destabilize the public administration of state of São Paulo.

In short, whatever happens, the left's brain, in an advanced state of decomposition, already do not know more than repeat the same buzzwords of sixty, seventy years ago, ardently desiring that the repeated lie is not only accredited, but it acquires, by magic force of repetition, transfiguring virtue of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It is true that the intellectual debacle does not necessarily bring the political defeat. Instead. The history of PT itself shows that it is possible for a party to reach the summit of political success precisely at a epoch when, intellectually, its speech was already dead and buried. But when the political glory begins to decline, there is no more deplorable and pathetic signal of impotence than the effort to cling, retroactively, to a speech already a thousand times demoralized. Repeated lies can, sometimes, be taken as truths. But as all utensils, have a limited expiration date.

Published in Diário do Comércio, by ACSP - Comercial Association of São Paulo.

Questo testo in italiano senza filmati di dissolutezza in Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Le bugie che non funzionano e la verità sulla pornografia: perché non si attardano il pieno sepoltamento del Cristianesimo,
Questo testo in italiano con filmati di dissolutezza in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Le bugie che non funzionano e la verità sulla pornografia: perché non si attardano il pieno sepoltamento del Cristianesimo,
Eso texto en español sin peliculas de putaría en Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Mentiras que no funcionan y la verdad sobre la pornografía: por que no demora el completo enterramiento del Cristianismo,
Eso texto en español con peliculas de putaría en Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Mentiras que no funcionan y la verdad sobre la pornografía: por que no demora el completo enterramiento del Cristianismo,
This text in English without licentiousness movies at Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Lies that do not work and the truth about pornography: why does not tarry full burial of Christianity,
This text in English with licentiousness movies at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Lies that do not work and the truth about pornography: why does not tarry full burial of Christianity,
Texto original em português sem filmes de putaria no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade: Mentiras que não funcionam e a verdade sobre a pornografia: por que não tarda o pleno sepultamento do Cristianismo,
Texto original em português com filmes de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: Mentiras que não funcionam e a verdade sobre a pornografia: por que não tarda o pleno sepultamento do Cristianismo,
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