domenica 7 dicembre 2014

From Abigail’s profile: Feminism and sympathy

Feminism gave a woman the right to make the relationship of men of worth with her even worse than in the patriarchal society, even more dangerous, even more insane and with even less to offer in exchange for even more requirements. I'm not saying that ALL women are toxic scoundrels who make allegations of false sexual crimes, extort ex-partners via alimony, etc. It is worse: when a woman does not do things like that, is not because of the right of men of worth to being respected, to receive from her the treatment that she herself would like to receive from others, but because of the right that Feminism gives to her of treating them as she wants and how interests her. This is worse than the pure and declared contempt, is to consider men of worth as subclass, treat respect to them as a concession on a temporary basis and still pose as superior because of it. A third-party stupid hoax, and the hitherto object of "sympathy" can receive from her a sermon and a cold treatment in place of the already little that he received without knowing why. But this sympathy ALWAYS ends in something related to man's heterosexuality. Not only lesbofeminists are like that. All "non-feminists" women are like that too. Even the majority of anti-feminist women are like that. Every woman who does not defend the female heterosexual liberality, does not consider this liberality compatible with the dignity of women and does not show gratitude for what she gets from men of worth should be treated as a lesbian and a feminist for practical purposes.

Abigail Pereira Aranha

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