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14 years old girl is apprehended with 23 rocks of crack: thank you, darling

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Teen is apprehended with 23 rocks of crack in Carmo do Cajuru

By: Direct from Redaction

Reporter on duty

A 14 year old teenager girl was apprehended with drugs at the residence where she lives with her partner in Bonfim neighborhood in the city of Carmo do Cajuru. The material was found while serving a warrant for search and seizure in the house of Valdomiro de Assis Ferreira, 27. Nine rocks of crack were found with the boy's partner, of 14 years old.

In one of the rooms of the house were apprehended more 14 rocks of crack, R$ 107 in cash and a portion of boric acid. Valdomiro fled upon seeing the presence of police near the couple's home. The teenager girl was apprehended and taken to the police station of Civil Police.

Illustrative image

Illustrative image

MPA System of Communication, August 21, 2015,

Comments by Men of Worth Newspaper / Periodico de los Hombres de Valía

A friend of mine who followed the case said to me: the officer went to the girl's parents so they take her from the police station, because she could not stay there, and they did not want it.

Stories of tricksters caught with drugs and suspicious money is sensationalism for alienated underemployed women, we see them every day in the newspaper. Who caught my attention in this case, and I ask your attention, is the underage girl (I remember that, as you friends know, I'm straight). A girl of 14 years, has barely begun menstruating and has already broken relationship with her parents to have a stable relationship with a bum. The boy was 27 years old, several friends and acquaintances of mine, diligent men and men of good character, had their first girlfriend more or less at that age, many of them were still virgins. So I thought I'd thank this young lady, who we will not know her name, for some things.

Thank you for reminding me that I exited laughing at the internet café from where I got kicked out because I accessed pornography, aged 16, to illustrate my text "The criminalization of sex" (

Thank you for reminding me once when I was 15 and I was studying with three friends at the home of one of them, then my father came and I went to receive him on the porch of the home happily and showing the work we were doing. And it took me a while to realize that my father's look of astonishment and the discreet laughter of my friends were because I was naked, we made a "recreational" and my friends had already dressed.

Thank you for reminding me another time when I was 15 and I went to visit two brothers my friends (I was an atheist, but their family was evangelical, hehehehe) and we watched a porn DVD that I brought, and they had 15 and 17 years old. And shortly after I left the house, I remembered that I forgot the DVD, the mother of the boys had just arrived at the house and found the whoring next to the television and I arrived to say that the material was mine.

Thank you for reminding me that of the more than 40 guys who fucked me before I turned 18, no one was a bum or a cretin.

Thank you for reminding me that at 14 I had a life of debauchery, I studied and I gave joy to my family (who yet did not know the part of the licentiousness, but came to know later).

Thank you, girl from Carmo do Cajuru, for not let me conceited, because you show that my work to give fun, to build up and to share pornography with men of worth can be much in comparison to what the women offer, but in comparison to what the men of character deserve is a pittance.

Thank you, girl from Carmo do Cajuru, for being the star of a case like this in a town with 20,000 inhabitants, the same population or greater than those of many cities in Brazil where women who claim to be honest are embarrassed to TALK to a man of worth in the street.

Thank you, girl from Carmo do Cajuru, for showing that the female universe usually does good things unwillingly for the good men and madness willingly to the bad men.

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