giovedì 16 novembre 2006

The family is the foundation of the society

Abigail Pereira Aranha
It is not that all families are bad. If your parents, your children, your spouse are pleasant people, you have to be friend, to have respect, to do good things together. But that is luck. Have you heard that the family is the foundation of the society? It's true, the family is the basis of this mediocre world in which we live.
1. In the family, we learn a religion. If you believe that there is a god, or that there may be one, it's just because you have been taught since childhood.
2. In the family, we learn that we should bow our head to any idiot just because this one is father, older brother, police officer, politician, priest, etc. Merit, arguments and character are in second.
3. In the family, you learn the moral duplicity, incoherence, hypocrisy. Even if you see a speech with great moral value.
4. In the family, the father spanks the mother and both spank the children to discount their problems, as ordinary boss, hardship, dissatisfaction in sex.
5. In the family, you have someone to control your life.
6. In the family, it's harder to think and be with those who think differently. In the Inquisition, for example, the Catholics had the "duty" to denounce the heretics of their own household.
7. In the family, who works becomes even more attached to the work because has someone who depends on it. And it beyond when the woman wants her husband to buy something that she does not need, the children spend 40 minutes in the shower,...
8. Marriage is a way for a woman who has no shame in her face to ride on the back of a man and the man's only way to have sex in peace. Then, the woman uses sex just to get things of a man and the man works harder to gather money to attract women.
9. The family makes sex more difficult for everyone.
10. Who does not form a family, the society looks different.
It is not the case of divorce or living alone (there are times it is). But the thing is not to let your family hinder you to live or attempt to love who does not deserve to be loved.
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