giovedì 22 dicembre 2011

Christmas and New Year 2011/2012

Are coming Christmas and New Year, end of a year in which the great majority of mankind think something will get better (or is resigned to a trash life). But in the last year these people have not improved nothing, clapped to corrupt and incompetent governments (or have done nothing to change), watched rubbish on TV, addressed the lack of opportunity as a character, the character as stupidity, the kindness as weakness, the religiosity and the horror of sex as a virtue, the stupidity as a right, the appearance of success as a life project, the intelligence as crime, the activism as vagrancy. And this year will be the same (or nearly the same thing). If you doubt (or if you have the courage or are very indignated), share this picture to see.

Abigail Pereira Aranha

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Jasmine Rouge Still In The X-Mas Spirit
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Everyday Is Xmas XXX
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