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Nobody is more reactionary than one benefited by affirmative policies

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Folks, have you seen a woman seeming lesbofeminist in a job interview? Have you found a feminist woman, an afro militant or a LGBT militant in the coffee at the job? Have you looked for a black in Students Central Directory (before quotas, preferably)? Where are the leftists when they are not doing some march catching the return of those who work back home or writing articles that will not always be read by the public?

For example, let's look at these passages on women in the labor market:

Some characteristics such as sensitivity, affection, versatility, keen perception, among others, that until recently were considered weaknesses today began to add up and are considered essential in the production process of organizations. Features that we men have hidden or drowned to not to appear weak. In contrast, women always cultivated that as a gift, always seeking to develop them and mature them in every situation. (Roberto Shinyashiki, "Diferencial da mulher no mercado de trabalho" - Differential of women in the labor market -,

Women, in many ways, are more disciplined and perfectionists than men, which ends up causing greater dedication and objectivity in performing their tasks. Thus, their presence within organizations only does contribute to organizational success as a whole. (Rosângela Malaquias D'Amorim, "Inserção da mulher no mercado de trabalho: impactos na qualidade de vida e na estrutura organizacional" - Insertion of women in the labor market: impact on quality of life and organizational structure - , page 126,

Women are masters at creating empathy and it needs to be with everyone from bosses, subordinates, customers, colleagues, employees, etc. And not only with the female friend who thinks the same way. It's feel along with each other, even if he does not feel the same as you. Create successful relationships is the key to successful teamwork. (Sílvia Rocha, "10 qualidades nas mulheres de sucesso!" - 10 qualities in successfull women -,

As said Gilbert Keith Chesterton, feminism "is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands". A loving woman at home with her husband who works and supports his family is a sluggish submissive. A loving woman on the street is a servant of machismo. In the company, she's cornerstone. A disciplined and perfectionist woman at home is a alienated housewife who do not know how she is being exploited by her husband. In the company, she is someone important for success. The woman who is master in empathizing with everyone on the street is a foolish that's servile to machismo, that if she is not "being successfull" with the cute boys. In the company, she is a successful woman. The woman being honest and looking like she is in the street is being sexually repressed by society. The woman having to do more than a man to grow up at work, feminists women only complain the difficulty of the promotion. With blacks and homosexuals is not much different.

Have you seen the Facebook profile of one of those women who conquered space in a male domain? There are two types. Type 1 is the stupid lesbian who hates criticism and spontaneously rude, perhaps with some posting against machismo, racism or homophobia from time to time. Type 2 is the professional behaved lady, never speaks of the work or the area in which she has postgraduation, almost always talking platitudes and evangelical phrases, otherwise shares ridiculous poses in wonderful places where has been or weekends with her futile female friends, pictures of her in one of those events that decide the future of the world but no one knows that are happening, photos of sons and maybe some of those tiring texts.

Who are the students who have the courage to challenge the authority of the teacher who is wrong? Who are the employees who say the boss in his face that he is wrong? In general are not the women. They care more about pleasing the teachers to maintain her scores high, and they are who more try to please the bosses. In general also are not the blacks. With much subversion, they will use an african hairstyle. In general also are not the homossexuals. These are in futile chat with sluts whenever they can, do not care about politics and not with their own work and are disgusting in terms of character. Yes, the most subversive and lovers of truth and justice people are almost all white heterosexual males. Today, let us say in passing, authentic woman is a stupid puritan and subversive woman is an hysterical lesbian.

Incidentally, with so many successful women under 30 years, with trips abroad, with fluency in two or three foreign languages, why it had to be just this poor woman here to write texts as mine against reigning mediocrity? The mistress Abigail had only 15 yo when she started, and even today women and blacks who have not appeared before come to call me racist, macho, misogynistic, homophobic, prejudiced against monogamous women, etc.

To close: do you Brazilian remember Amilton Santos?

A 53 years old man from Bahia, father of a family, without much schooling, simple conversation and affable in treatment, has faced a range of employers, challenged the court decision and followed what he believed to be the most important among humans - solidarity. Amilton Santos, in command of a tractor, was against all odds and became a hero and an example for the Brazilians.

Forced to demolish two houses that housed fifteen people in the neighborhood of Palestina [Salvador, Bahia, Brazil], he got off the tractor, wept, was threatened and pressured to comply with a court order. Cornered, he tried again, but could not get over his own belief and their own feelings.

(...) At the site, were already the two bailiffs appointed by the Forum of Salvador to fulfill the commandment of demolition of houses of Telma Sueli dos Santos Sena and Ana Célia Gomes Conceição and to ensure the repossession of the land. To ensure quiet operation, six cars of the 31st. Military Police Company and about 20 soldiers armed with handguns, shotguns and rifles, commanded by Major Castro, watched the procedures to ensure the implementation of the order issued by Judge Cláudio Fernandes de Oliveira, then proprietor of the 12th. Civil Acts Judgeship. ("Por onde anda? O herói tratorista que se recusou a demolir casas e emocionou o Brasil" - Where is he? Hero tractor driver who refused to demolish homes and emotioned Brazil -, iBahia,

If it were to have a woman, or a black, or a homosexual like mr. Amilton in each company in Brazil, or in every government office in Brazil, would be a revolution, right? Defending marijuana there are marches in the street. Defending abortion there are marches in the street. Defending women being rough and only fuck the worst men there are protests. Against feminine beauty in advertising there were an invasion in a lingerie store. But if it was for blacks, women and homosexuals do real revolution, "the powerful" would not let affirmative policies coming, right?

Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Concrete Paradise): Nadie es más reaccionario que un beneficiado por las políticas de discriminación positiva,
Eso texto en español (con fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Paraíso Tangible): Nadie es más reaccionario que un beneficiado por las políticas de discriminación positiva,
This text in English (without sex pics and movies, at Concrete Paradise): Nobody is more reactionary than one benefited by affirmative policies,
This text in English (with sex pics and movies, at Paraíso Tangible): Nobody is more reactionary than one benefited by affirmative policies,
Texto original em português (sem fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade): Ninguém é mais reacionário que um beneficiado pelas políticas afirmativas, no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade em e no Paraíso Concreto em
Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria: Ninguém é mais reacionário que um beneficiado pelas políticas afirmativas, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam em e no Viver a Vida e Planejamento Estratégico em

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