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Who is PROFITTING with the idiotatorship and socialism? - part 3: people of greatness, the tomorrow is fools', but the day after tomorrow is ours

Abigail Pereira Aranha

The idiotatorship and socialism will fall under its own weight

"Alcohol does not solve your problems, but milk also doesn't solve anything!" -

It may be that really exist the Illuminati and a conspiracy to create a Socialist World Unified Government, which certainly will include a personality cult of the Big Brother / Antichrist. Wouldn't there be a worship to the Demon because the Party does not want to share the worship with anyone. It may be that really exist a New Age Movement to eliminate capitalism and Christianity in the world, creating a atheist, sexually liberal, humanist and mutual cooperation world, but not a totalitarian Government (adding anarchy, it's looking like the ideas of someone who you know). If the Illuminati are not as bad as well and are only fighting against religion, particularly Christianity, and the reigning stupidity, this explains why they are so hidden and why the material about Conspiracy Theory and the New World Order is all by Catholics or non-Catholic Christian fundamentalists. It may be that the Illuminati are not actually conspirators, are only a half dozen of very powerful idiots living a power game and are throwing the world into the hole without realizing what they are doing. But surely we can say one thing: the dictatorship of idiocy will break itself by project or by implication.

I am saying this is not only for you friend did not get discouraged with the direction that the country and humanity are following. Even because if this dictatorship of stupidity to ruin, that does not mean that we will get there to see. And also does not mean that we will not be under the ruins. I will talk about it later.

The matriarchies never worked. And let's suppose the Matriarchy SCUM to materialize (and let's ignore that, if that happens, everything that made it possible was the inheritance of work of boys). It won't sustain itself for three reasons. The first is that in all slave regimes, slaves were majority population. For example, blacks in slavery in Brazil were already 80%. A lesbonazist has already proposed that the men were 10% of the population. The second is that never existed slavery or domination in which the dominated people were more advanced than the dominators, and won't exist even if it is the first slavery in that the slaves are minority. It is notorious that almost all the advances were the result of research, reflection and greatness of principles of some white men in the First World, with lower participation of people in underdeveloped countries, Arabs, Chinese, or Indians and ridiculous participation of women in developed countries. Ah, but women were prohibited by the men to leave home, study, vote. They are already majority at universities, let us give wings to the girls to see the misery that will get? The third is that in the worst slaveries the slaves were given more respect and recognition that ex-husband alimony-payer receives from his ex-wife and the State, and had even more expectations (even if they were lies).

The idiotatorship is not only exploration, is above all the dictatorship of mediocrity, of foolishness and of dishonor to the merits, and so it will end up. Until today, the last things that the Empires received from its dominated was science, technology and philosophy. When the idiotatorship finally win, will be a multitude of fools without talent receiving the production of white men from developed countries, production not only throughout History as the one what still comes.

And in the event of a critical situation in which the idiocracy need brainy, competent, honest and dedicated workers?

"Mathematics to me is 1 + 1. The rest is macumba, trap of Satan, work of Stubborn and Evil plan." -

For society to recognize some value in white men more than load weight, unhealthy works and deal with dangerous situations, it will have to deny everything that we have heard since 1990 or so. And these men will remember that.

The white men of quality then may not have known the before "revolution", but will be tired of seeing incompetent, immoral and unbalanced people in "important" posts where are needed serious people, posts where they, white men of character, skillful white men, know that they could be, but that women and non-whites conquered for what they are (women and non-whites). White men of character will have seen that anyone can get into a University with a mediocre intellect only for being a woman or non-white, that this one may be company manager even being dishonest or even be a deputy even though is a foolish woman without principles. White men of character will see that more reprehensible than make laws without having knowledge, balance or character for that is make an unauthorized download of a movie on the internet, delaying the alimony of a lesbian crook, try to spend the day selling trifles in a folding table in a sidewalk in the center of the city, being in a "excited" video out of work that came into the hands of the Chief, be gentle with a woman, looking for a woman in such a way, look for a prostitute, see pornography or be atheist.

A black man had more reasons to be a dedicated servant in Brazil slavery than a white man to be a good employee in the near future.

Personal development

Your personal development is not what you are in your social group, but what are you going to be when the crap is deep.

The Real Movement (a Brazilian group for men's rights and personal development) talks a lot about personal development, but often the model that the boys present is just an emotional wounded male imitating a badly improved scoundrel with the force that does not have. The boy to study, have a good salary, get a heritage, having good health, have a beautiful body is good (the last part is also good for straight girls to look and put their hands, hehehehe), but for the man of quality the world today is almost an invitation to suicide. Even though the boy manages to win the competition with dozens of babes who asked help for utilities friends in College works to have a decent job, and even though the company is good and he can be treated with recognition, his professional success and even the quiet of his personal life may be only a porcelain vase. Can last up to the first complaint of sexual harassment, the next dismissal to reach quotas, the first non-participation in something wrong or even a wave that comes or passes in the professional market. Other: many babes and many slum dwellers can achieve with some helps what the honored man tries to win with their own, and they may appear as winners as he, then a good job doesn't prove much.

Another error that I've seen in the personal development model of some Real Warriors is unaware that the good man doesn't fail in career or with women for lack of merit, but in spite of it, or even because of it. Remember, this series speaks precisely of politico-social machine of exaltation of moral or intellectual garbage. What those who seek us, or find us before knowing that were looking for us, need might not be someone who tell them to lose weight, study or work better, because they already hear it out there, from who try to use what they can to lower their self-esteem exactly from what they already have of good, among other things the mind to be someone better. Men with greatness of mind needs a sensible self-concept, a fair perception of the value of his merits, a mental detoxification against the psychological destruction of people like them and if they need improving, to have why improve beyond to please burghers employers of ill will, give support to a family of stupid self-interested and seduce careerists sluts and Puritan unmarried lesbian.

Studying for procurement or do a university course is good, but it also might be good to know how to use a firearm or survival in the jungle. The way things go, soon will be the rightists who will have to do guerrilla with camp in the middle of the Woods. Okay, if it seemed exaggerated, camping techniques, medicinal plants, nutrition can be important knowledge.

Think you can be part of the last generation reasonably literate population in your country. Read serious books while they exist. If we have more luck than just survive head-on, we'll get to crunch time of the system and we will be those on the edge of the hole, the only ones who can send a string to the stupids exit, but who will send, rather, buckets of mud on the sons of the mum.

We have to achieve the power

"My Graduation Speech: 'I want to thank Google, Wikipedia, and whoever the hell invented copy and paste. Thank you.'" -

If we are lovely, kind, helpful, loyal, ethical people, we need not turn bloody bad character people, but cannot be suckers. And also we have to keep in mind that higher moral values only matters to people who really value these values, so a country governed by these values will only be possible if these people are in power. Other than that, the moral principles will only be in evidence for what it is convenient for whom ever is in power, what means to eliminate opponents or handle people with some character.

But I'm not talking just of political power. I am talking first of power over one's own life, power over one's own mind and be able to seek one's own good and that of loved ones. Including political power doesn't come before this individual power. Because of it the Soviet Union, the right-wing dictatorships and theocracies began or were maintained with crowds on the street. They were crowds of poors, without individual power, wanting political power thinking that it would give individual power, but handled by those who already had some power wanting to get more power for themselves.

But individual power is not only money, although having few money upsets so many things. Power is to be able to not tolerate a bastard boss because can have an income in the same month the resignation. Power is to be able to move from a horrible neighborhood of poors of money and mind even being a poor. Power is to have the control and the like of using one's own money. Power is to be able to go out for a walk on a beautiful weekend alone or with a loved one. Power is to accept the truth about anything and think or speak without using ideas in contradition. Power is to have a time in which someone (of the opposite sex) may appear saying "let's fuck" and can accept the invitation. Power is having this time in which this invitation appears and is possible to accept, but be able to refuse that person specifically.

Your power, friend, is a function of how many people you bear without willingness, of how many things you do without pleasure, of what you can speak of truths, of what you have to hide of lies, of what subjects or ideas can you think about it, of how much you can smile, of how you can feel good by raising others. Your power, friend reader, is not function of how many people you command, but of how many people you would like to say to... and can't. Even some people have money, influence and authority but have less power than a minimum wage employee who has where to go if the environment becomes intolerable.

The time of good men and true women dominating the world (hua, hua, hua, hua, hua)

"Doesn't study, gets note 10 in everything and the teachers hate him / her. Studies, takes low notes and conforms to know that is dumb. Knows nothing, cribes brazenly and acheieves to be approved, the teacher is angry and he speaks: Problem? Knows nothing and has no one to crib and then ends up fucking. Never studied and when resolves to study, studies everything that is not in the exam and fucks in the same way." -

When the dream is over, the kingdom of idiots will have no moral to ask anything to the people of greatness, will not have power to boot anything of them and would not have how to repay if they wanted to help. At this point, we will have becomed strongs, seeking knowledge and strengthening our war tactics against the intellectual, moral and legal indecency. The least that we will have is thick leather for lack of a State with whom to count. If we are lucky, some of us will be on the other side, destroying the system inside (the idea of the unwork of the SCUM Manifesto is more intelligent than the conservatism and nationalism in our side). The weak will be dead or paying allegiance to the other side to survive as they can. Will be the war of which were graduated in college by copying or paying for their works, of the sluts which rose in their career "having fun" with the staff, of quotists who would never leave the dark without quotas, of the morons who rule but should not, of everyone who never depended on or might depend on own merits, of chickens in the post, against us. And we will not offer know-how, character, discipline, logical reasoning and even a second chance just to rebuild the nation whose stick still hurts at our backs who wants to return to the good times (its, of course). We will be bored of caring about ethics, standards and technical; of being and doing the better and better of us in exchange for a salary that we think three days before which account we will fail to pay, for a house on a no-paved street where lacks water, of seeing clowns being successfull ahead us or at our backs, of being rudely served in shops and public services, the boys of value like gold the chance to fuck any woman wanting to take revenge on a boyfriend or only very down to despise them. We will be bored of thank for a life that would ought to be better only because it could be worse. So, we will think in our salvation, because the mediocres are already condemned to the fires of Hell. We will assume control of businesses, Governments, universities, farms with anything edible planted (do you know someone who knows at least plant a vegetable garden?).

We have had times of countries oppressed by stupidity and which died on the rubble of their own insanity. The Black Death that killed a third of Europe's population in the Middle Ages was a result of the destruction of books that the Catholic Church has made since the beginning of the 4th century. The theocracy of the same Catholic Church was expelled the kicks of Contemporary Age that started in the French Revolution, also the time of the Industrial Revolution, a time when humanity has risen more than in the entire previous History, because in the five previous centuries it was involved in an Inquisition to intimidate the discordants and do armed robbery against people with some decency while dividing the goods with the illiterate anorgasmic horrible women who denounced them. The civilizations in America before Columbus were superstitious slave tribes with some progress, and were not exterminated for being fools pacifists (these nations have already made their flame wars). The glorious matriarchies are not over with the arrival of European settlers because women are peace lovers fairies (Have you heard of a virgin bandit? Worker boys, we find several). The civilizations of Africa before the Catholic monarchs were never different from ordinary superstitious tribes who kill and rape one another there until today, so after they are delivered by the Arabs to serve Europeans in the farms of Brazil, even today an African wants to graduate in a University in Brazil as far as the Brazilians would like to do postgraduate studies in Europe. Islam turned Mesopotamia, Babylon, North Africa and India in ridiculous countries with legions of illiterate egocentric that are still taken seriously because they have oil and money from West infidel dog gasoline car to handle the newspapers here, and they will give less work that our Indians as soon as appears the first President of the United States interested to collect their oil as were taken our brazilwood or silver of the Spanish colonies in America. But our victory will depend on knowing the difference between fighting for a better world and trying to save the mediocres of their own blunders.

Marriage and the family in the old style with a traditional woman will be treated as a waste of good character, democracy will sound like a joke of black humor, preach chastity will be an insult to the dignity and the love will be an achievement rather than a commandment. But this is problem of who never came to respect.

The future of those who do not fit the Socialist idiotatorship, probably a caricatural version of the mixing of society of Amazons with Maoist China, depends on knowing differentiate being good and being sucker, be bad and be fair, be mat and be humble. It will depend on the struggle that we make for our own dignity and for the sake of the people who honor our efforts and our character. Depends on using the hierarchies and the influence positions to increase our actions and shelter each other of own power, as a powerful family of people of character. And also depends on the strength that we ourselves develop, parallel to the work, the success with women or the stupidity around. God doesn't exist yet, it will be our hand on the nose of this bunch of cretins.

The series "Who is PROFITTING with the idiotatorship and socialism?"

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