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The Little Boys Society - Part 2: men do not please women for sex (wish if it was so)


What explains kind, ethical, intelligent, hardworking men being treated as human beings of inferior class for almost all women they know? Even worse, why do they allow it, or even seek it?

A man may think, for example, that without women, money would lose its meaning, which is what Aristotle Onassis once said. A man can pretend to be gay just to have more female friends and, hopefully, have sex with at least one of them. A man can pay to go to places poorly maintained and badly frequented only by the possibility of leaving there with any ugly bitch who was his 10th attempt in the "fun". And the anti-feminists here in Brazil have experienced and reported that men columnists in the press or widely read bloggers can make personal attacks against men who denounce the evils of feminism or the knaveries by women in general (like them) just to please the girls that read them. Previously, men who were interested in a woman allowed on themselves the eavesdropping from her entire family just to marry her, which in principle would mean not only having sex only with her just like almost not having a close relationship with another woman. But the worst is not it.

Almost all men are able to avoid or to harm themselves or others just to try to please a woman for nothing in return.

Is there a man worst than pussy slave? Yes

We'll have to give this sad news for those who think the pussy slave is the worst level of man. The slave pussy, even if he makes insanities because of a woman, spend money on books or courses on seduction, do a college course just to get out of a nightclub in a luxury car with some gasoline-mary by his side or even pretend to be gay just to conquer a woman, at least he has a goal. A poor goal, but a goal that is a reference. Even though this sub-man can marry any mediocre woman (in body, sexual performance and attitude) and find himself rewarded by God for this, he can still realize that in 5 or 10 years of his life he did unfortunate things for a particular woman, for several women or just to have a woman and got nothing worth everything, or even lost so much in it. Just remember that the scoundrel, as someone already pointed out, is also a slave to pussy, but he's like the drug addict who has drug at will. But there are three kinds of men below it in dignity: the gay-friend, the mangina and the doormat. None of them have sexual purpose. It's not that sex is the best that a man can earn from the woman, or the man who does not want sex from a woman may not want anything more. I will better explain what the problem.

The gay-friend is like the guy who tries to befriend a woman for have sex with or date her, but worse. For him comment in a conversation with a close friend that his female friend is hot or he is almost taking her to bed, he still has to improve. Maybe he finds his sweet friend beautiful or sexy, but rather preserve the friendship to try something. He contains in any word or gesture that his sweet friend can understand something displeasing her, especially those that seem to have sexual reference. He meets his sweet friend in her most stupid crazes and her wildest desires of flattery. He gives too much more than he receives, but is content with little things, like a superficial compliment or a feeling of being useful.

Mangina, for those not familiar with the term, is the junction with man and vagina, is the man who exalts and overvalues ​​women just for being women. The mangina can be of two types: the feminist and the macho. The feminist mangina is like a lesbonazist woman in a man's body. Publish on Facebook or e-mail campaigns against violence against women (that violence where what matters is the sex of who says herself victim) or calling for marches against machismo in the media and advertising, but does not know there is the International Day of Man, or why it is important. He has not his own identity or the libido of being in a feminist march thinking of picking up a women. He even has the sexual desire that some gay-friends have for their friends. As any feminist, he does not know the difference between admiring a woman sexually and fantasize a sexual assault.

The macho mangina is archaic macho. Conservatives men until the middle of the twentieth century has driven away many poor nice guys who wanted to marry their daughters or sisters, or just have a friendship (or even fuck too, so what?). If these women liked guys like that, why they were not with them on the sly? The men forced the boyfriend of the daughter or sister to marry her because she was pregnant or just no longer a virgin. How many girls said "nevermind", "I ate green papaya" or "he eats papaya seed" (yeah, folks, in the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire also existed contraceptives and abortifacients)? The old machismo was always pleasant or helpful to women, or at least did more good than harm to them almost everytime. A man would rather condemn prostitution at day and looking for it at night to let anyone think that he was not contrary to it. But men was not dominating the world? To whom they were pretending, damn? Things that could be understood as sexual or rude were suppressed by men to not to offend women, remember?

The doormat is the man who endures an unpleasant life without great expectations, relating to women or life. He is the underpaid worker in a hateful workplace surrounded by unbearable people, usually married with a paunchy unfriendly and arrogant woman. If he has a life project, it is to preserve that job that bores him, live with minimal hassles possible with the ugly wife and raise children so that they have enough success to sustain him when he is old, all while pretending to have better quality of life and power than he really has. He can be more lucky and have a much better economic and professional level, but if he has any expectation better that the underpaid employee quoted above, is to be able to maintain the structure that allows him to pretend to be better and more worthy of envy than the other. A mangina still have happiness with the well-being of a particular woman or women in general, even if he loses more than he gains. A doormat has a good feel reminding it when he receives a superficial praise from his old lesbian and deformed boss at work or when he realizes or remembers that some badly succeded, sometimes thousands or millions of them, think that he is more successful than them. Even a gay-friend or a mangina can cause him envy.

These three types of man can bust or be destroyed by one or more women or the feminine universe in general without realizing that something should not be that way.

The man builds himself, but the boy is the foundation

And where the gay-friend, the mangina or the doormat come from? He can consolidate in the streets, by idiotization by mass media, in the feminist-homosexualist social movements, but he begins at home. It is no coincidence that the doormat was always the most common type of man. In part 3 I'll talk more about it.

Almost any family, or even a single mother, can teach a boy to work, to endure suffering, to get food or to do something to get somewhere in life. But almost never a man can in the family develop some self-esteem or learn to relate to women in a productive way. Let us observe that when a man says he became what he is as a person because of what he received from the family is almost always lying, forgetting important friends outside the family, or he is just a bourgeois having a moral glory-to-God-and-the-soften-dick. When a man learns from parents about chastity and self-control, is to "keep himself" until marriage, to limiting sex life within marriage or to not to be destroyed by sex outside or before marriage. But not so he can enjoy best of sexuality and life in general. And a man can make good life, including sexually, without this nitpicking of one woman for life, I am witness, hehehehe.

Let us remember that the first woman in a man's life is the mother. When the boy reaches adolescence and begins to take an interest in girls, he has a history with women that is primarily with his mother, his sisters, some women of the family and a few childhood friends. He will change the view on women at puberty, yes, but this change will be on top of the old image. The teenager will mix with the man with the son, and he will spend adolescence between boys who are almost certain to be as misguided as he is. So, it is expected that a man who had a horrible mother, for example, have an attitude of fear or anger with women in general. Will be the loose or scoundrel husband, or even sexual maniac.

Women than men value most are the least attractive women

You probably know an ugly and disagreeable woman, or at most with little of good manners, that all men or avoid as much as possible but try not to displease or treat with respect. Well, people, woman is still a physically weaker human being and attractive to human male. So, if you, man, are afraid of a woman, afraid to show you consider her attractive or think she is repulsive but try to live with her, you are not seeing this woman as a woman.

Got it now? Boy, you look at a woman, admire her ass, admire her breasts, admiring her delicate features, admiring her softer voice, you want to hug, you want to kiss, you want to... Oh, macho view that society has of women. People, woman is not just for this, of course, but feminine woman also has it all, right? So, if you know someone named woman who you do not look, square body, you hate when she will talk to you, you hate when you have to talk to her, and half of guys you know are more feminine than her, what she has of a woman? And why you can stand it (besides perhaps because of being required)?

You, man, do you remember when they talk about respecting your girlfriend as if she was your sister or an older woman as if she was your mother? In the first place, what has to do respect with soften cock? And have you tried it and seen how it takes away the excitement? It is because sister or mother is not woman, is a separate entity. The mother is the person who gave the first sex education class for the boy: that warm sex life of mom and dad is a thing that can not be commented. Sister is often best treated by the mother than the sons. And throughout childhood, where not only the ideas as even the boy's brain are being formed, he will generally have as reference mediocre and unsympathetic females. Women who are right even erroneous, even with bad character win, even crazy have reason, even if they cause expendable pains did the best. Anything better than that is pure luck. After puberty, a man can even do crazy to the first woman with feminine traits he find, and he will think then how can do "that", but even sexual excitement will not take him to destroy himself as an individual. And to destroy himself as an individual, being a zombie who does things he does not like to get or keep a job he likes even less living inside and outside of work with unpleasant people, is what men most do. By fear, low self-esteem or custom, this man will endure what he knows he should not from women who not please him only to avoid hassles.

And it is an pride for him to reject the remote chance of sex with any woman who does not look like a bad fake man and overcome with lust. It is the victory over the last aspect in what he could see a woman as a woman and as a human being like him. And this, of course, after the wedding that not long ago he did not even choose his own wife.

If a woman cause you fear, sense of obligation or sense of forced living with, you may be looking at her and seeing your mother or your sister.

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Questo testo in italiano senza foti e filmati di sesso, in Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: La Società degli Ragazzini - parte 2: gli uomini non piacciono le donne per il sesso (magari se era così),
Questo testo in italiano con foti e filmati di sesso, in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: La Società degli Ragazzini - parte 2: gli uomini non piacciono le donne per il sesso (magari se era così),
Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Concrete Paradise): La Sociedad de los Chiquitos - Parte 2: Los hombres no agradan a las mujeres para el sexo (ojalá si era así),
Eso texto en español (con fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Paraíso Tangible): La Sociedad de los Chiquitos - Parte 2: Los hombres no agradan a las mujeres para el sexo (ojalá si era así),
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Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria: A Sociedade dos Garotos - parte 2: Os homens não agradam as mulheres por sexo (antes fosse), no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam em e no Viver a Vida e Planejamento Estratégico em
La serie La Società degli Ragazzini senza fotos e filmati di dissolutezza
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A série A Sociedade dos Garotos com fotos e vídeos de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam

Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia

Sex, lust, bitchness, naked woman, pornography seccion

Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía

Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia

velhota-na-academia-301112: veja mais / vea más / see more / vedi più

granny-misty-law-301112: veja mais / vea más / see more / vedi più

Susanne The Cleaner Takes A Big Messy Facial

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Você já teve fantasia de transar com a faxineira mais ou menos apresentável que você conhece?

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