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"Rape Culture" exists, its name is heterosexuality

Abigail Pereira Aranha

"When a woman reaches orgasm with a man she is only cooperating with the patriarchal system, erotizing her own oppression..." (Sheila Jeffrys, feminist lesbian teacher and political activist)

"Sex is the cross in which women are crucificied ... sex can only be properly defined as universal rape." (Hodee Edwards, "Rape defines sex")

"In a patriarchal society, every heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to consent." (Catherine MacKinnon in "Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women's Studies", p. 129)

"Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women's body" (Andrea Dworkin, American feminist famous for her opposition to porn)

"Our culture portrays sex as rape in order to men and women become more interested in it". (Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth, p. 138)

This all are lesbofeminist phrases. Ah, but they were extremists, feminism is not this. And talk it in your blog, on your social networking profile you don't speak, you come speak that only here, right, hypocritical lesbian? But it's OK, do you want to see some clues that for feminists and women in general heterosexual sex is rape?

  1. The post "A (não tão) tênue linha que separa o femismo do feminismo" [The (not so) thin line that separates the femism from feminism] from blog Corporativismo Feminino ( was the only text written by a woman (besides me) who publicly repudiated phrases like these.
  2. A man can do jokes among friends about prostate exam, when a friend brings a package of doughnuts he can talk about to eat the donut (in Brasil, the Portuguese words to "eat" and "donut" in popular can be "fuck" and "ass"), all this is fine, but if he say to a female friend any thing she can understand as sexual, he can lose the friend.
  3. Feminists never (or rarely) include heterosexuality in "sexual diversity".
  4. Feminists mobilize to legalize abortion, but only talk about sexual liberation to defend girl that passes from hand to hand of miscreants and marginals.
  5. Feminists use the women trafficking as a pretext to crack down on prostitution, as if all prostitutes were brought in by human trafficking.
  6. Prostitutes are more helped by men who defend their dignity than by feminism.
  7. Have you noticed how often you see the phrase "the perfect man is gay"?
  8. A man almost only appears in a feminist text or in a blog written by women as oppressors, rapist or abuser. When he is praised, is husband / boyfriend, LGBT-feminist or gay friend.
  9. For a lesbonazist, or just a moralist woman, a woman valuing herself is not "expose the body" and not fuck without being compromised. It is curious to those who fight against the machismo looking like so much with the enemy.
  10. It is easier for a man to pass his hand in the ass of a woman he found sexy than vice versa. A woman who found a man sexy maybe will comment it with a female friend.
  11. For most women, a woman can be beautiful and intelligent, beautiful and successful, beautiful and with a university course, can be sexy being black, middle-aged, fat or bitch, but if she get in a photo wearing bikini or lingerie for male admiration she became an object. In other words, sexy woman is remote control of dicks, do what she wants with them but always by far.
  12. Several lesbofeminists said that the porn actresses are kept in captivity and have to use drugs or alcohol to do those scenes, which just shows what they think of men. And how do they know?
  13. Several lesbofeminists said that pornography stimulates rape, despite all the real researches proving otherwise.
  14. Several lesbofeminists said that pornography stimulates pedophilia, even though no group or porn page indicate or even accept such material.
  15. For many women, a woman turn a prostitute or make pornographic material is reach the rock bottom. Even a wedding with a rude and alcoholic macho man is better than this.
  16. For a lesbonazist, or just a moralist woman, a man cannot see the breasts or the butt of a woman without considering her an object or a piece of meat.
  17. Feminists invade buildings with her breasts on display to protest against machismo and make demonstrations advocating same-sex marriage, but do not speak of sex or that they found a guy pretty because of the Patriarchate that represses women.
  18. Some lesbian moralist or some queer will read this text and comment that I am discriminating against lesbians and monogamous women, and devaluing women advocating that she should be a nymphomaniac.

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