giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

From Abigail's profile: "I am more than my body"

When women who say "I am more than my body", "I value myself" or "I did not found my pussy in the trash" gain all positions of power and prestige, also will get the beginning of their end. It's not that women are just for sex. But the more these women advance in their lives, the more they show mediocrity, bad character, antipathy and contempt for others, especially for men. When they finally reach as far as they could want, they will not take away to the man an object of pleasure, nor will give value to themselves. They will take away from themselves the latest reasons why men still had beared them and sought some peace with them, because they will show that always thought that sex is a humiliation, an erection is an insult and kindness to a man is a foolish, but to getting there they needed the male libido or trauma that the men had for their own mothers.

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