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Garbage collector kills another because he passed his hand over his wife's leg

Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Concrete Paradise): Recolector de basura mata a otro porque él pasó la mano por la pierna de su esposa,
Eso texto en español (con fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Paraíso Tangible): Recolector de basura mata a otro porque él pasó la mano por la pierna de su esposa,
This text in English (without sex pics and movies, at Concrete Paradise): Garbage collector kills another because he passed his hand over his wife's leg,
This text in English (with sex pics and movies, at Paraíso Tangible): Garbage collector kills another because he passed his hand over his wife's leg,
Texto original em português (sem fotos e vídeos de putaria): Catador de lixo mata outro porque ele passou a mão na perna da esposa,
Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam): Catador de lixo mata outro porque ele passou a mão na perna da esposa,

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Man kills friend beacuse of jealousy of his wife

Victim was hanged because he had passed his hand on the leg of fellow of his co-worker in Jaboticatubas

Published in Super Notícia at 25/feb/2012


A garbage collector was killed brutally by two coworkers in the early hours of yesterday, in São José de Almeida, district of Jaboticatubas, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. The crime's motive was a disagreement between the victim and one of the suspects, because of a woman. Joabe Pereira da Silva, 24, was beaten and hanged by his colleagues in a garbage recycling plant, where the three worked.

According to Sergeant Adilson Eustáquio, the victim and the suspect Carlos Gonçalves dos Santos, 45, disagreed often because, some time ago, Pereira would have passed his hand in the colleague wife's legs. According to the military, since it happened, the suspect would have said repeatedly that he would kill his rival once he had opportunity.

The collectors used to spend the night near the recycling plant, and early yesterday morning, had gathered to drink. At the site, would be the victim, the suspect and Marcos César Cassimiro, 39. When the subject of Gonçalves's wife arose, the two began to fight. With the help of Cassimiro, Gonçalves would have killed his colleague asphyxiated with a plastic rope.

The police reached the first suspect because he had despaired after the crime. "He went to the house of the charge of the plant to ask for money and reported that he had killed his colleague. She said she had nothing to give him and called police immediately", said the sargent.

The PM received a complaint that the collector was trying to get a ride in the vicinity of the city's bus. He was arrested on the spot and denounced the fellow who would have helped. Cassimiro was arrested at home. The two were sued for murder and taken to Jaboticatubas' prison.

The wife of the suspect, who had been pivotal to the disagreement, was not found by the Military Police.

Machismo was created by women - part 5: why men "defend" their women

We know men who surveil their girlfriends, their wives, their sisters, their mothers. They forbid their women to stay out late, working out of home, study in the college, going into chat, to have social networking profile. Flatter the mobile, read emails, chase away male friends and some female friends of hers, call several times a day wondering where she is and what she is doing. They can still say "I have to protect what is mine". In the past, some kings had many women and put eunuchs to guard them. The guardian was eunuch just to not enjoy the variety. Does it makes sense to say that these men hold their women because they feel that they are their properties? Does. But there is another explanation that can make even more sense.

Oh, we'll further answer two more questions that lot of people think they have the answers. Why do men escaped to die for adultery? And why rapists even in jail have to be segregated from other prisoners?

Imagine a capitalist pig, or a slave master very ordinary. A person like this can have a partner, a companion for any interest of the two? Can. Let's suppose, Onofre and Aristides are abominable slave owners, tax evaders, dishonests, that mistreat extremely their slaves, and they have a business in common. Onofre can lend some slaves to Aristides? He can, right? Onofre can lend some machines to Aristides, or even both can get some machines together? They can, right? Onofre and Aristides can use the same property? They can, right?

And what if Onofre catches his wife, his daughter, his sister or even his lover in bed with Aristides? Or it was neither in bed, but sitting on the sofa in the Aristides' house?

Now, let's take two capitalist good people, because not every capitalist is son of the Devil. Peter and Reginald are friendly, generous including with their employees, honest, and more than capitalists they are also friends with a great deal in common. Peter can lend some employees to Reginald? He can, right? Peter can lend some machines to Reginald, or even both can get some machines together? They can, right? Peter and Reginald can use the same property? They can, right?

And if Peter catches his wife, his daughter, or his sister in bed with Reginald?

Peter will be at least upset with Reginald. But Onofre will want to kill Aristides.

Wait a minute! If women are properties of men and they share many properties, why just these they do not share?

And the opposite, that men are properties of women, it makes more sense? We think so. Do women, for example, divide men? Let's see:

  1. Research shows that women find men more interesting when they know that they are married.
  2. In the past, a woman was cheated by her husband, she knew, but kept the marriage. The older people remember. It is today that the woman ends a dating or a marriage when she discovers that her man has many contact with another woman.
  3. A woman who goes out with a man who is scroundel and flirts another women thinks he is alone with her? Hardly.

And when you heard a woman complain that her boyfriend or husband is jealous? Sometimes. But when you heard a woman complain she can't have sex with a gorgeous man, see naughtiness sites, looking for a nice man because of the jealous boyfriend or husband? Never. A man seeing a woman more presentable on the streets and lamenting to another man because he's married you've ever seen.

Have you heard of a woman who breaks with her family, breaks with her place of origin, faces the world, risks even her life to marry a man of another race, another religion, even a rascal like others, is not it? Why is it just to leave a husband who hits, who rape, who humiliates to be happier alone or with a nice man that there is culture, economic dependency, having to have a man, etc.?

Do you understood where we want to get? If it's all that bad for a woman to use the husband's surname when she get married, do not go out on the street alone, wear long clothes, back home early, do not work out her home, do not talk to men, etc., why is it just with the worst frets that this woman does not speak about freedom, and often still feels loved, protected? When in a soap-opera a woman is in a horrible marriage and has affair with another man that is better, it's still the television which has pact with the Devil campaigning to destroy the family. Woman only cheats or have sex without commitment to get ahead or take revenge of her parents or husband. Or when meets a bastard and gets wet.

And why the adultery, which is nothing more than a man enjoying another's wife, was punished with death, and even in Brazil was also a crime until less than 10 years ago? Even without problems in prison or death, even friendship of decades between two men ends up just because one went around with the wife or the mistress of another. If instead of being the wife was the car which one has and the other wore without the other know won't make this turmoil.

And if men saw women as objects, why rape has always been crime, formerly punished with death? It seems a silly question? It is not, we'll explain why.

In the Old Testament, a person could enter the planted ground of another to eat (Deuteronomy 23: 24, 25), something that if you do in Brazil of the 21th century, depending on who is the owner, you'll be clubbed. Still in the Old Testament, when it was harvest and a ear fell on ground, it had to stay there for the poor to come and gather (Deuteronomy 24: 19 to 21). Still in the Old Testament, the thief was not punished with death, he had to return the stolen with additions, and if he tried to steal in the night and was dead, the one who killed him was convicted. Look:

1 If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep.

2 If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that he die, [there shall] no blood [be shed] for him.

3 If the sun be risen upon him, [there shall be] blood [shed] for him; [for] he should make full restitution; if he have nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft.

4 If the theft be certainly found in his hand alive, whether it be ox, or ass, or sheep; he shall restore double.

7 If a man shall deliver unto his neighbour money or stuff to keep, and it be stolen out of the man's house; if the thief be found, let him pay double.

8 If the thief be not found, then the master of the house shall be brought unto the judges, [to see] whether he have put his hand unto his neighbour's goods.

Exodus 22: 1 to 4, 7, 8

Why if it was with women the tolerance was so lower?

How many times have you seen a jealous man wanting to "defend" his woman and you said or saw a man say that she is not his property? And those times, how many times the woman supported who said it? Or how many times the woman herself was the first to say she is not his property?

How many times a man wants to start a conversation with a woman alone, or even look at her more time, and the woman herself says she is committed to scare away the man?

Returning to the two questions that we promised to answer in the back and then we will conclude:

Why do men escaped to die for adultery?

Complicity of men? Okay. Even today a man can end a friendship with other because he was madly in love with some bitch. And today there are men who catch with their wifes with another man and are the first to want to at least club him. Social control of patriarchy on women's sexuality? Who is really interested in a society in which sex can only happen within marriage, or even the touch of a man and a woman badly happens only within family Cute, we will give the answer and if you thought within the feminist propaganda, we do not look like we are calling you stupid. A bunch of married men with ugly, illiterate, boring and sexually repressed women discovers that a woman slept outside marriage, or with a married man, and they will join to kill this lady? You yourself, are living in an ordinary place and is in a unbearable marriage and you know that a woman is commiting adultery, you'll want the death of the woman or her phone number? So, to answer the question: men have always been providers, then kill a man for adultery was a shot in the foot. The stoning for adultery exists (unfortunately, even today) for women to control each other. By the way, have you seen an ugly woman that is lover?

Men are trained by the women like pitbulls to help their women to stay away from men. Then, at great cost a man might see a bare woman's leg, see a pussy, find a prostitute, or even talk to a woman who is not of his family or wife. Men do not protect their women, are the women who stay away from men with the help of macho men who were educated by them in order to dominate and control men.

And why rapists even in jail have to be segregated from other prisoners?

Got it now? The boys, educated in the machismo created by women, such as pitbulls trained, find that a man fuck a woman against her will is worse than killing and dismembering. Conclusion: lesbonazism has always existed, which is ending is not the patriarchy, is that world too bad for the women to be able to reject men.

The serie "Machismo was created by women" in English (on Paraíso Concreto)

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