sabato 29 gennaio 2011

The advertising of the beer Devassa and calendar with female pubis: is the society macho or it's just lesbo-nazi-moralist hysteria?

Eso texto en español en lo Paraíso Tangible: El anuncio de la cerveza Devassa y el calendario con pubis femenino: la sociedad es machista o es simplemente histeria lesbiano-nazi-moralista?,
Texto original em português no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade : O anúncio da cerveja Devassa e o calendário com púbis femininos: a sociedade é machista ou é só histeria lesbo-nazi-moralista?,

Had you known about the "Genital Triangle", the photographer Oliviero Toscani's calendar that features pictures of female pubic hair, right? Well, in Italy has had a bunch of lesbo-feminazi-moralistics protesting, with the usual vitimist conversation that society is macho and treats women as objects. Previously, Barbara Araujo Machado wrote the text "A Devassa e a mulher negra: 'Só corpo, sem mente'" to come down the club in the commercial of the beer Devassa. The phrase "is by the body that is known the true black" would be machismo and racism. Black and feminist love being victims.

But women first have to look in the mirror. And I'm not talking about them to see if they are beautiful.

Silvio Koerich wrote “Propaganda de Cerveja X Hipocrisia feminina”, which is a good text that we recommend. Only he commits a serious error: it only talks about the bitches who pretend to be decent. Most that come with this talk of woman-object is not the kind he describes, the type looks-how-I'm-sexy, they are lesbians closeted, moralists matures and married women mediocre inside and out. Many of them the women of respect that he and others from Central Masculinista admire so much, and which for me is a hypocrite and worsened version of the prostitute.

Then, adding the thwack well given in the bitches that Silvio has, I'll give mine. Dear lesbo-feminazi-moralists who are reading, we will ask you some questions:

  1. How many times a woman praises another as "beautiful and intelligent", "has a gorgeous body and is successful" or "beautiful and well settled"?

  2. Do you really think the biggest award you can give to the more wonderful man you could find, after months or years of dating, is to break your hymen on the wedding night, and if it depended on the Christianity and the laws have nothing but your pussy to fuck the rest of your life?

  3. It is the woman's body that is vulgarized or is who complains that thinks that the woman's body is very superior to be looked at and touched?

  4. What the women's magazine that does not bring anything on the cover about weight loss, fashion, makeup, cellulite, plastic and stuff?

  5. What is the website made for women who do not have a section on beauty, diet or banalities?

  6. You say you didn't found your pussy in the trash to miscreants who do not respect women or only when someone talks about good sex, with mutual respect and without interest, but without a steady relationship?

  7. How many women do you know who enjoy the freedom of the sexual revolution to hang out with decaying old and rubbish for money?

  8. How many women do you know who live on pension, ie, used the body exploited by the macho society to live in the back of a man who does not touch her for years but some day had a child with her?

  9. Which group is smaller: the women who hate magazines said feminine that comes down to diet, makeup, soap opera, celebrity gossip, etc., or men who think the woman is and should be more than the body?

  10. Which group is smaller: the men who are afraid of intelligent women or men seeking women who have something worthwhile to say?

  11. Are you a woman who has more than ass and breast or a narcissist lesbian who hates cock?

Abigail Pereira Aranha

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