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Max Wolfen: "19/11, Today is the International Men's Day"

Eso texto en español (en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas en Wordpress): Max Wolfen: "19/11, Hoy es el Día Internacional del Hombre",

If you are not prepared for life, I recommend you not to continue reading this text.
"19/11, Today is the International Men's Day"
by Max Wolfen,
"Ich bin kein Mensch, ich bin Dynamit" (Ecce Homo)
(msn: maxwolfen [at]
"Men have created everything you see in the world. Men invented electricity, healing for disseases. Each brick you see is there because a man put it there" - D. Masterson.
Today is the International Men's Day. Dude ... I, Max Wolfen, say: you have to celebrate! Call to all your friends and remind them that today is our day, friend.
Your male ancestors created the Civilization. And they not invented only electricity (Volta, Coulomb, Franklin) and vaccination (Edward Jenner): they also invented the automobile (Karl Benz) and airplanes (Santos Dummond, Wright Brothers), the transatlantic liners (Vikings) and bullet train (Siemens and Halske). And also this computer (Douglas Englebart) you are using now and the internet (Licklider), appliances (Ibn Sina), musical instruments (A. Amati, George Beauchamp etc.) and the music itself (Bach, S. Ambrosio, Josquin Des Pres, Pachelbel). Men invented the architecture (Vitruvius, Imhotep, Alberti) and engineering (Iktinos, Meng T'ien, John Smeaton), and all the buildings you see around town have the same ancestors: the mass studies carried out by men to allow the building of cities and nations.
Moreover, our male brothers also invented the abstract thinking and all the wonders that we have inherited from it: philosophy (Thales, Parmenides, Heraclitus), psychology (Freud), physics (Newton), sociology (Saint-Simon, Weber, Marx), literature (Homer, Hesiod), the creation of national states (Hobbes, Montesquieu) and laws (Ulpian, Gayo, Papiniano, Modestino, Beccaria, Rousseau), institutions, history (Hecate of Miletus, Herodotus of Halicarnassus, Thucydides) and all this made possible by two great inventions: writing (Sumerian) and press (Guttenberg).
"The greatness of man consists in his decision to be stronger than the human condition" (Albert Camus).
It can be said they invented the war and the atomic bomb (Ernest Rutherford, Leo Szilard), but they also invented the Declaration of Human Rights (Jean-Joseph Mounier), UN (Franklin Roosevelt) and non-violence (Gandhi, Thoreau). They invented firearms (Walter de Milimete), but also created modern medicine (Alexander Fleming), fertilizers (Justus von Liebig) and art. They divided the human race into several nations and ethnicities, but gave them the feeling of unity by the concept of humanity and the cultural features that make them unique.
But the men not only were engaged to refine the techniques of work and survival. They also improved our entertainment, inventing the cinema (Eadweard Muybridge, David Griffith), beer (Mesopotamian), jazz (Louis Gottschalk, Ernest Hogan, Buddy Bolden), rock (Alan Freed, Jackie Brenston, Bill Haley, Big Joe Turner), television (Paul Gottlieb Nipkow), radio (David E. Hughes), telephone (Thomas Edison), condoms (Gabriel Falopio) and toothpicks.
So, friend, look around and feel proud, because all you have now within your reach was, someday, designed by some of your male ancestors which dealt with the progress of humanity and to make our existence more pleasant and worth living.

Original in Portuguese: "Max Wolfen: '19/11, Hoje é o Dia Internacional do Homem'",
Translation by Abigail Pereira Aranha

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