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Gretchen and Rita Cadillac: may anyone explain me what is the problem in a woman making a porn video?

Eso texto en español (con fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas en Blogger): Gretchen y Rita Cadillac: ¿puede alguien explicarme cuál es el problema de una mujer hacer un video porno?
Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas en Wordpress): Gretchen y Rita Cadillac: ¿puede alguien explicarme cuál es el problema de una mujer hacer un video porno?
This text in English (without sex pics and movies, at Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas en Wordpress): Gretchen and Rita Cadillac: may anyone explain me what is the problem in a woman making a porn video?
Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam): Gretchen e Rita Cadillac: alguém me explica qual é o problema de uma mulher fazer vídeo pornô?
Texto original em português (sem fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade): Gretchen e Rita Cadillac: alguém me explica qual é o problema de uma mulher fazer vídeo pornô?
You have heard of porn videos of Gretchen and Rita Cadillac. But you saw them talking, after, about how they did not like?
As I have been advocating for years, the problem is not when the woman is liberal, sexually free, she shows more than her legs, she knows more than one dick. It is when she is not liberal, whether she is sexually repressed, whether she is a bitch who pretends to be holy, whether she is a moralist who pretends to be provocative.
Parts of the Gretchen interview as part of the Máquina da Verdade (True Machine) in the program Tudo é Possível (All is Possible). The video is at
Ana Hickman: - Mauro, how does this lie detector work?
Mauro Nadvone: - Well, this is an Israeli technology, today present in larger organizations and security agencies around the world, including here in Brazil in the civilian police of Rio Grande do Sul and the Federal District. In fact, we will not monitor what the person talks, but what she is thinking while talking. That's why for us it is important that she is concentrated on all the answers she is giving.
Ana Hickman: - You think, going right back on the first question I done to you, that the work you did in the movies, posing naked, do you think that it matches to religion, to faith?
Gretchen: - No, no way, it does not match and when I was going to do, I left the church, I did not want it in any way...
Ana Hickman: - But wait a moment, you decided to enter, and then you decided to leave to be able to do the job, then you returned?
Gretchen: - No, let me explain to you...
Ana Hickman: - Does not exist a contradiction in this story?
Gretchen: - Let me explain. When I converted, I was living a fully evangelical life. Then I lost my baby, I had this problem of losing the baby, it was when I was most used by the church, because I was sensitive, I was fragile. And then began the story that I was not having success in the world anymore and everything, and I went back. When I decided to make the films, it's because I was already too long diverted from the church, but still I went to church, so I stopped attending altogether. I said I will not anymore, because now I'm going to have a normal life, I will let it go, I want to go back to work, I need money, I need to support my children, I can not depend on any man to play my life, so I'll have to do this for their future. I could not rely on "Ah, the father will bring something, the father will pay for college", I had to depend on myself, and that was the only way I had to do it, and did not want to compromise neither my pastors, nor the church, nor evangelical, that's why I left.
Ana Hickman: - You said, Gretchen, to the press, "If today I am what I am, it was thanks to the work, dedication and honesty with which I have always worked". In the same interview, you say you do not like to comment on the adult films you did. Do you regret about having made these films?
Gretchen: - I regret, too much.
Ana Hickman: - Why?
Gretchen: - Because it is not a thing of my principles, if I did not have to do, if I had financial conditions, I would not do it no way.
Ana Hickman: - But it is not your principle, Gretchen, why did you do it?
Gretchen: - Because I needed to have the money to ensure the sustenance of my children. I depend on to support my children for many years yet. I still have that Gabriel who is 13, Julia with 7 and now Valentina with 5 months.
Ana Hickman: - But you use to betray your principles in this way?
Gretchen: - In order to work, if I need so, yes, to support my children, yes.
Ana Hickman: - Thus, you use to betray your principles?
Gretchen: - It depends how. As was quite clear in the another question, I would not sell my body, I would not sleep with anyone because of it.
Ana Hickman: - But doing this kind of movie would not be more or less the same thing or the same thing?
Gretchen: - No, because at the time I did it with someone I was dating, and I did not accept to do with anyone else.
Ana Hickman: - You made it with your boyfriend?
Gretchen: - Exactly.
Ana Hickman: - So you would do whatever for money?
Gretchen: - No, not whatever, whatever would be whatever, I would subject to anything.
Ana Hickman: - What you would not do?
Gretchen: - To sell myself, I have no conditions, I have no head for it.
Ana Hickman: - Now, Gretchen, but if you make an adult film, are you not selling yourself, also for desire of people who will watch this movie?
Gretchen: - No, I'm doing it because I needed to support my children, and that was all I thought at the time I was doing, I was doing it for the future of them. They need me.
Ana Hickman: - And this movie is still being used by the producer?
Gretchen: - I do not know, because, to tell you the truth, I did not see it.
Ana Hickman: - You have not seen the film when it's finished?
Gretchen: - No, I did not watch.
Ana Hickman: - Not even a stretch?
Gretchen: - Nothing.
Ana Hickman: - Was not you curious?
Gretchen: - No, the opposite.
Ana Hickman: - And someone in your family has ever seen?
Gretchen: - Also not, and the people who are my friends also do not watch.
Ana Hickman: - Odair.
Odair Del Pozzo - This boyfriend is Silverado, right, DJ Silverado.
Gretchen: - Yes.
Odair Del Pozzo - That was not an arranged dating, marriage?
Gretchen: - No.
Let's get ready to laugh.
Odair Del Pozzo - Because what is said is that he has always been gay, and everything was set to make a film.
Gretchen: - No, it's not true.
Odair Del Pozzo - A person you have chosen.
Gretchen: - No, it's a lie, it is not true.
Odair Del Pozzo - He was not gay?
Gretchen: - No.
Pause to laugh. Continuing.
Ana Hickman: - If you had the same need of that time... Or rather, I will rephrase the question to be quite clear. If you received the proposal of two million reals, you would make a movie again?
Gretchen: - Neither twenty million, neither twenty million, because after I did I know what it is.
Ana Hickman: - Neither twenty million?
Gretchen: - No.
Ana Hickman: - Why? Because of the experience?
Gretchen: - Because the experience was not good. I would not like any way to repeat it, not for any money.
Ana Hickman: - Odair, do you have questions?
Odair Del Pozzo - Did you ever feel any pleasure while doing?
Gretchen: - Never, no way.
Odair Del Pozzo - What did you think about, besides the children...?
Gretchen: - Only in them.
Odair Del Pozzo - Do you think you performed well at least? You did it as you do in your home?
Gretchen: - I did not see it. I did not see it and I had no desire to see. To tell you the truth...
Odair Del Pozzo - But you (the lie detector beeps), like we are doing here, do you think that at that time you did all right?
Gretchen: - No, it was all technical, it's all very technical (the lie detector stopped beeping).
Odair Del Pozzo - He was really your boyfriend?
Gretchen: - He was, of course.
Odair Del Pozzo - He was?
Gretchen: - He was.
Odair Del Pozzo - He liked the fruit?
Gretchen: - I think so, you know, there is not this thing of not to like.
Ana Hickman: - Wait a minute, folks, wait, I need to stop a little bit your question, Odair.
Odair Del Pozzo - Sorry.
Ana Hickman: - Because exactly related to the question of Odair, just popped up "lie" on the device. Mauro, what happened?
Mauro Nadvone: - Only at the point where she said she never had any curiosity to see the film.
Gretchen: - Ah, and I have not. Do you want to hear the true word of what I have? I just did not want to talk.
Ana Hickman: - Please.
Gretchen: - I'm disgusted.
Ana Hickman: - Why, Gretchen, was not your boyfriend?
Gretchen: - Please, I would like not to comment on it.
(Crying face)
Ana Hickman: - OK. You can continue, Odair. Any more questions?
Odair Del Pozzo - Was it, I do not want no more embarrass her.
Folks, such a story does not make us cry?
In the case of Rita Cadillac, I found this:
"Expected to arrive the video rental stores in November, Puro Desejo also has the farewell message of the muse of 80s: 'With these scenes, ends my contract with Brasileirinhas, thanks for the respect and affection of all of you. The experience was worth. I would do it all again!'"
There is the "Videochat: Rita Cadillac" on Youtube, which is cool, too: The girl seems liberal, right? But look at a passage from one interview of her at the newspaper Super Notícia, from Belo Horizonte:
"I made it out due to necessity, I needed money. But it was worth to me to see that it was not what I wanted for me."
And look at what she says in an interview to the program Super Pop:
"I made it out due to necessity, for money, yes. It was Mother's Day, I had lunch with my son, and I was going to the recordings. For me, it was painful, I think exactly much more because of it than anything else. Now... I drunk too much, because otherwise I would not dare. I was going to do something against my will, against my person, against myself. I cried a lot, very much, I almost went into depression, I can tell so I went in depression."
("Rita Cadillac comenta assuntos polêmicos sobre sua vida !E SOBRE O FILME ADULTO" - Rita Cadillac comments about controversial issues on your life! AND ON HER ADULT FILM -,
Did something bad happened in the recordings of these films that we can not imagine? Or would it be the old allergy to dicks of 99.9% of women?
One thing is if there is something rotten behind the scenes of porn videos and pictures that we do not know and we do not even imagine. Another thing is the great city version, pseudo-modern and pseudo-liberal of the girl from a Catholic town on the countryside of the end of the world who feels shame when she likes a guy and she does not want to say hi to the hideous, illiterate, frustrated and frigid old women not to say she is bitch. How much patriarchy is bad, right? A woman takes a dick without like and after it herself is ashamed of what he did, no man showing his face to condemn her.
What woman would fuck with an ugly and impotent old man for a limitless credit card but she would not do a porn movie no way? We can count them on our fingers, right?
It's right that porn star, stripper, prostitute is not one of those things we think in our adolescence we want to be when we grow up. But how much things many people do in their life counteracted? Why would that be worse?
Folks, what is the problem of a woman making a porn movie? What is bad about being filmed taking dicks? And what is the problem in a woman making a porn movie and she liking to do it? It's only what a gang of repressed married women will say (or do)? It is only the risk of not getting a job in a company where the manager who is married is fucking with the swindler intern? It is more or less the case of being a prostitute. There are many unpleasant customers, but the nice men, the majority are there. She can be fucking with a bad customer thinking about the food of her children (or of herself), but with the nice customer too?
Or am I a whore, a shameless, a depraved, a perverted who have lost track of what are principles? (Please do not respond, hehehehe).
Abigail Pereira Aranha
Abigail still has 19 years old and maybe she will enter in the activity, and some have said that she will be successful. Anyway, she already does more sex in a weekend than most of women in a month.
Original in Portuguese: "Gretchen e Rita Cadillac: alguém me explica qual é o problema de uma mulher fazer vídeo pornô?", at
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