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Why do I think "The Flipside Of Feminism" is a reprehensible book, given I am a woman and anti-feminist (or: the flipside is still the same LP)

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Note 1: the day before yesterday, I published excerpts from a discussion on the page Mulheres Contra o Feminismo (Women Against Feminism), which is using the picture of this book's cover as a profile photo. Mere coincidence. I already had this text in mind months before. The case only confirms what I was going to say.

Note 2: July 15 is the Men's Day in Brazil. This text is also for the boys.

Part 1: the book

We already have a translation into Portuguese of the book "The Flipside Of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know - And Men Can't Say", by Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker. The title of the translation is, in Portuguese, "The Other Side of Feminism", it is already a bad start (I will also explain it better). Phyllis Schlafly already writes against feminism for a long time, she has, for example, the article "What's Wrong with 'Equal Rights' for Women?", dated 1972 (which can be seen at The book also tells us that Phyllis had a certain success in life and it proves that women are not prevented from being successful if she works at it. The authoresses are right, but in half. If a talented woman, and with normal people face, sought success and recognition with honest work in the 60s, the trend in the West was that she could achieve it, as Phyllis managed. But at the same time, several uncompensated or intellectually mediocre lesbians achieved a comparable recognition exactly by living through militancy in Feminism disguised as productive works as an university teacher. Today, Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker can have less celebrity as writers than a legion of intellectually mediocre women who are newspaper columnists, some of which advocate LGBT-Feminism occasionally when not expounding on amenities, celebrity gossip, beauty, etc. It seemed that I scattered myself, right? First, there was room for Phyllis Schlafly make a living by her own merits and for other less talented women from then today to make a living with an insane and parasite militancy she saw the birth. In the 2010s, this militancy is spread across the media and the cultural life of her country (and Brazil and other countries) and it took people like her from there. It seems confused yet? I will repeat an excerpt from one of my own writings:

Women owe Feminism to their rights in the developed West, and not vice versa. I said it in March 2013, and I keep saying. But all women from mediocrity down are represented by Feminism, because Feminism is, at least of what the Feminists themselves say, a union of women. (...)

When I said that a woman is represented by Feminism, I did not say that a typical woman is symbolized by unsympathetic psychopath lesbian who is the typical militant. Feminism is worse than the lack of moral, aesthetic, intellectual and behavioral standards to the women: it's to make themselves the standard for themselves and the entire society.

("Women Against Feminism and Feminism against them - Part 2: why it is NOT good for anti-feminists", September 06, 2014,

Dear reader, can I request for you to accept that my definition of Feminism? Why? There is not a package of principles and goals that can define Feminism throughout its history. There was a time in which Feminist women were against abortion, against women's suffrage and against lesbianism, for example. Any set of ideas that we can think of, as "Feminists advocate abortion, lesbianism, only women in political office" is not consensus even among the current militant feminists. So, understanding Feminism as the exaltation of the feminine universe, especially the worst part of it, as the canon of the whole society can be the unique understanding that makes sense and that enables anti-feminists any effective action.

Now, I go back to the book. Well, I will quote an excerpt from an article about its release, "5 Ways Feminism Has Ruined America", published March 4, 2011 in Washington Whispers blog:

From the book and our recent interview, Whispers has pulled this list:

Five Ways That Feminism Has Ruined America

1. It hurt marriage. Women want to wait so that they can keep their identities longer and men are finding easy sex, taking away a big reason for marriage.

Pause for a "hairy" curse word. If that was true, Feminism would be a blessing. Going on.

2. Undermines child rearing. More kids are in childcare where discipline is lax resulting in a "epidemic" of bad kids, childhood obesity, and bullies.

3. Two-income trap. With both husband and wife working it's hard to live without life's luxuries.

4. Undermines college sports. Title IX has ended many male-only sports at some colleges.

5. Emasculates men. It's better to be a wuss than speak up or mouth off and face charges of harassment or chauvinism.


Ah, and "flip side", according to Merriam-Webster, is:

1: the side of a record that has a song which is not as popular and well known as the one on the other side

2: the bad or unpleasant part or result of something


So, in the title "The Flipside Of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know - And Men Can't Say", I would translate "The Flipside Of Feminism" as "The bad side of Feminism". "The other side" was already a walking on thin ice.

The book "The Flipside Of Feminism" in particular (I saw a preview of the translation into Portuguese and another one of the original) was written with the main line to show how Feminism hurt TO WOMAN. I think now you will understand why I gave that weird concept of Feminism: this book is feminist. Considering the life of the poor honest man and the assaults to the dignity of men, which I had already perceived in the real world and the virtual world, to show the evils of Feminism in terms of what happened TO WOMEN who benefited from it made me want to vomit. The difference between the anti-Feminism of Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker and the Feminism they condemn is so secondary in theory and imperceptible in practice as differences between any moderate faction and any radical within militant feminism itself. The book also insists in the urban legend that Feminism promotes easy sex, something that only sexually frustrated provincials believe. What makes the difference between an anti-feminist like the authoresses of the book and a feminist, further than admiring or not the life of the 50s' housewife who was horrified with the sexual pleasure of others? And what does it have to do with this book that in 2014, three years after the release of this, the psychologist Helen Smith released "Men On Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood and the American Dream - and Why It Matters"? The latter goes to show that when "The Flipside Of Feminism" was being written, the lifestyle option that Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly chose in the 70s almost ceased to exist, because of lack of men interested in giving their sweat to be burst.

Until at least the beginning of the 2000s, the anti-feminists was, roughly speaking, provincial women sexually repressed, sensationalist Puritan old men, misinformed miscreants, second-generation bourgeoises and angry virgins boys who had a romantic vision of the nineteenth century. And until then, the anti-feminism was also, roughly speaking, a traditional Christian preaching. Not only texts that had Christian ideas and anti-feminist ideas together, there were also texts and books that made the anti-feminism no longer reasonable for those who did not believe in God or in chastity, as in my own case. And this all at a time when there was still intellectually respectable people in the universities and in the newspapers defending the leftist ideas. Ah, and accusing feminists of encouraging licentiousness was for kill. With all this, many intellectually and morally formidable men went for the feminist-leftist movement, or were in solidarity with it, just to not to associate the moralist right-wing Christians and some of them only passed to the anti-feminism after they saw the rot inside.

In the 2000s, feminist-socialist militancy and a legion of manginas (remembering: mangina is a man who defends whatever a woman does only because she is a woman) became more visible in the political class, the universities, the press, the business environment, the upper echelons of the public service and private companies and even the traditional Christian churches. And they showed the crap that they are able to think, to say and to do. And the Socialists had not assumed formal power before the popularization of the Internet in several developed or developing countries, like the United States and Brazil. So, more and more ordinary people with normal reasoning could show the feminine universe and the direction where the feminists were taking us just showing observations of the real world and articles of the "mainstream media" itself. No one there was a sociologist, journalist, university professor or pastor, but for many readers, was the first time someone said something about this subject that seemed to make sense. So, more and more people with a lucid reasoning met, and these people were doing discussion forums, meeting on social networks and some began to write their own blogs and vlogs. The anti-feminism did not grow looking like lucid people stuff because "libertarian" traditionalist Christians managed to sell the 30s with a margarine ad image, anti-feminism grew mainly because the Lesbo-socialism demonstrated that it achieved to be worse.

Part 2: and who is Abigail to talk about Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker?

I started two blogs, made possible by that same free and popular internet, in 2006. The texts were the same, one blog was with pornography and one without. I was 15 at the epoch, but I made some observations that I believed I had to share. The book "The Flipside Of Feminism" was written in 2010 and released in 15 March 2011. Only in February 2011, I had published in Portuguese, English and Spanish the text "Machismo was created by women - part 4: if we put the right title, you can not read this text (Or: why a macho society discriminates against prostitution and pornography?)", where I said, for example, that

Any photo of a woman in topping and bare legs and belly, the women say that society is macho, treats women as objects, sums up the woman for sex, etc. So why in that same macho society the house of prostitution to satisfy men sexually was criminal until the first decade of the 21th century in Brazil?

Do men have built a society to meet with prostitutes on the sly, read Playboy in the bathroom, see porn movies in the room when everyone is asleep in the house? Men also build a society where a woman can be discriminated or lose his job because she made a porn film or posed for a sex magazine?


In the same year 2010 in which the book was written, on 17 December, I published "Machismo was created by women - part 3: is your model of woman your mother?", where I said that

You would not want to see the old woman again. The old woman (your grandmother or your mother) did not talk to a man because it's "not right". She did not work out of home because it was not something to a decent woman. She did not go out to the street alone because it was not something to a decent woman. In a situation like this, you will not get near a woman, you will not know how a woman's leg is like.

And then, do you know what will happen? A mediocre mateless devout woman like any other with whom you can marry will be the only woman you can achieve anything. The nice man today, getting horrible sex from only one woman, crumbs from some few and disregard from the rest, is better than the man of the past. And if the today's whore shows clearly that uses her body as a weapon, the "housewife" does the same thing. A young man interested in a "girl of respect" will talk with her parents and her brothers, head down, trying to prove he is not interested in sex, has to prove he has character, has to prove that earns sufficient money to sustain the girl, has to spent months or years dating with the old, fat and grumpy man which is the girl's father overseeing, has to make some goodies for family and will not have sex until marriage. That's when the boy meets the girl before the wedding day (people, feminists do not say that once women sometimes did not know her husband before the wedding day? Well, the reverse is true). All of this in order to this man can marry the only one woman that he will touch the lifetime. Not much humiliation for a man in a society dominated by men?


In the same 2010, April 26, I published "It is not what you can do for a woman, but what she will do for you", where I said that

I am admired on and off the internet just because I have some intelligence, some humility, I try to treat everyone well, I have some decent business to talk, I speak the truth about women, I assume I like sex, I advocate naughtiness with balance and responsibility and I fuck with some good kittens from time to time. Those who like me, thank you, but I'm not so much so. But when even courtesy is difficult coming from a woman, a woman with a minimum of decency is golden.


Now, I go to June 30, 2009, I was 18 and I wrote "Sex and friendship", where I wrote that

For many, seem incompatible friendship and sex. In fact, we learn to link sex to marriage, then is difficult for some to see sex outside of marriage as normal. But the link between sex and marriage is not mandatory. It's just social and religious control rules that tell us it is. So, it's possible a man and a woman to have a sexual relationship with no prospect of marriage and yet to have esteem for each other. I've had some men friends who were ashamed to look at me as a woman, until I touched the boys on the wall. I touched, I kissed by force and I took the tool. (...)

Ah, if there is friendship as feeling, it may be for something of quality that one sees on the other. If it happens sex, the relationship is sex plus friendship. I am not considering those cases, really common, in which the man pretends to be friend to have sex with the woman, because so is sex without friendship.


Now, let's go to my underage times. 16 years old, December 12, 2007, text "A naked woman will ever be punished?"

Christians say that pornography is a sign of the depravity of our society. But doing this, they, first, demonstrate more their own horror to sex for a contradictory, irrational and degrading mentality than a supposed abundance of lust, as if sexuality itself, and not the unwise exercise of it, was problematic. Second, they try to prove a point using a proof to the contrary. After all, if in pornography women are uninhibited and sex looks good, and it sounds artificial, it proves to us, as if he did not already know, that men and women meeting in normal situations and having a intercourse that is good for them is not an everyday thing.

(...) But it's also funny that we never see anyone of that group that advocates sexual freedom of women hinting that making a pornographic material is a sign of women's liberation. They also accuse any ads with a woman wearing bikini to be sexist objectification of the female body. And the Christian moralists say this is trivialization of the female body and of the sex.


And I had written eight months before, now aged 16, "The criminalization of sex": it's at I confess! I was watching pornography that epoch, alone and in company.

On August 31 the same year 2007, I think I was not acquainted with, yet, the boys in Real (a Brazilian male group focused in anti-Feminism and personal development), I wrote the text "Are men who are not good?", where I said

Let's face it. What men get the most beautiful and hot women? Are not those who have money? How many men want to be good husbands to the women and receive kicks, complaints one after another, cheating? How many men want to have a friendship with a female co-worker, a female school classmate, a female neighbor and only get kicks or she does not even talk with him unless she needs something? Which men have the most dedicated women? Are not the more so-called macho?


Going further, let us go to June 02, 2006, when I wrote "Take it easy, boy, you can look to my body":

Well, I barely started this blog and was already thinking of these things these days. I am 15 years old, as I said, and you know how is the girl that age. And I developed myself a lot. My breasts and my butts are already among the largest I have ever seen, and I also grew up a bit, I am 1.63 m. Men look at me. And where is the problem? At most, the problem is in being Astolfo, who is an old wino asshole, not Durval, who is older and not very beautiful, but is kind and good to chat.

The woman who poses topless for a calendar, or naked for Playboy, or makes a porn film, she worths less because men will see her body? It seems that many people confuse a woman being more than her body with this woman having horror to the "body" of man, many people confuse a woman having value with she never having an orgasm in her life and not seeming interested in having one. It is certain that if I make a porn material, at this time when men see me they will see is the body really. But why I can not show cool ideas or work in a good cause on other channels? What if I get out of pornography and I am a host of a talk show on television, for example, and I am a very good host, very knowledgeable, very smart, what's wrong if a viewer who has seen me in porn see me there? He will have to choose if he looks to my body or to my intelligence?


Part 3: why I repudiate "The 'Other Side' of Feminism"

1) Even though I have some writings about Lesbo-feminism and the female universe, what I wrote was amateur, it did not accomplish to form a book and neither I nor what I wrote had publicity in newspapers. Apparently, that was all that took me "authority".

2) I wrote the texts I quoted and hundreds of others like a girl who watched the everyday life and sought to draw inferences as an intellectually and morally normal person. If it caught the attention of thousands of boys, it's not because I was a special girl, it was that normal girls were missing.

3) When I started writing, I did not give much attention to Feminism, but I knew that the moral and mental poverty of the feminine universe needed to be publicly embarrassed. I only found out later that Feminism is only possible when a mediocre woman does not expect a finger in her face. And that without it, we can not fight even against "bad" Feminism.

4) Lack of cock is not character certificate or intelligence certificate to a woman. Neither lack of cock nor being sustained by a man in exchange for housework. I put my face on the internet to show that, at the epoch when was not known the difference between an anti-feminist woman and a sexually frustrated puritan housewife.

5) I wrote openly against Feminism in English before the Women Against Feminism group existed, in Italian before the Donne Contro Il Femminismo existed and in Portuguese before the Mulheres Contra o Feminismo.

6) All my modest work has been done on free blogs and social networks, without a computer my own, sometimes with the companionship of real life friends covering for me when I was "underage" and I was accessing pornography on Internet cafes. I already wrote at least since I was 16 years old that men of good character need and deserve to be treated by women with attention, affection, appreciation and good sex. The woman who thinks of them as supporters in their own movement is necessarily feminist, even if she defends traditionalism.

Questo testo in italiano senza film di dissolutezza in Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Perché penso che "Il Flipside del Femminismo" è un libro riprovevole, dato che io sono una donna e antifemminista (o: il rovescio è ancora lo stesso LP),
Questo testo in italiano con film di dissolutezza in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Perché penso che "Il Flipside del Femminismo" è un libro riprovevole, dato che io sono una donna e antifemminista (o: il rovescio è ancora lo stesso LP),
Eso texto en español sin videos de putaría en Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Por que pienso que "El Flipside del Feminismo" es un libro reprobable, dado que soy una mujer y anti-feminista (o: el reverso sigue siendo el mismo LP),
Eso texto en español con videos de putaría en Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Por que pienso que "El Flipside del Feminismo" es un libro reprobable, dado que soy una mujer y anti-feminista (o: el reverso sigue siendo el mismo LP),
This text in English without licentiousness videos at Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Why do I think "The Flipside Of Feminism" is a reprehensible book, given I am a woman and anti-feminist (or: the flipside is still the same LP),
This text in English with licentiousness videos at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Why do I think "The Flipside Of Feminism" is a reprehensible book, given I am a woman and anti-feminist (or: the flipside is still the same LP),
Texto original em português sem vídeos de putaria no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade: Por que eu acho "O Outro Lado do Feminismo" um livro reprovável, se eu sou mulher e antifeminista (ou: o flipside ainda é o mesmo disco),
Texto original em português com vídeos de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: Por que eu acho "O Outro Lado do Feminismo" um livro reprovável, se eu sou mulher e antifeminista (ou: o flipside ainda é o mesmo disco),
Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia
Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia
Section of sex, lust, licentiousness, naked woman, pornography
Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía
Thou Shalt Obey Thy Mother!
Tu deves obedecer à tua mãe!
¡Has de obedecer a tu madre!
Tu devi obbedire tua madre!

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