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The ex-useful innocents and idiots (or: 17 centuries of socialism)

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Chapter 1: What Jesus Christ and Our Lady have to do with the Lesbo-Socialism?

There are now seven years since I started the blog A Vez das Mulheres. In these days, I began to remember the beginning. Who disliked my work in the beginning were macho men and narrow-minded Christians. No much time, I has got antipathy in feminist groups because I condemned lesbianism and female mediocrity. And also I was together with atheists. Today, my great friends in Facebook are mostly devout Christians, right-wing or even machoes. And I am also partner of Brazilian masculinism, aka "Real", and I was almost always well received in their forums and blogs (when some disgusted misogynist came to attack me, I have been defended in the group itself). And the enemies I got still remain (lesbofeminists, manginas and "leftopaths"), in addition that atheists almost disappear from my company because, unless very few, they're emasculated leftists or just some sucker kids. But what caught my attention the most was not only my medium change to defend the same ideals (freedom, justice, honor, decency, naughtiness, etc.), along with a lot of people that came out from left-wing to defend democracy in the same time. Was that we went out, at least apparently, from a puritan hegemony to a socialist hegemony. Plus: it was kind half a century, and it seems like out of nowhere. But it was not. The history of socialism would have started at the beginning of the fourth century?

The Catholic Church was established in the year 313. Recalling that only the calculation of the year in which Jesus would have born was made in the seventh century. The Catholic Church as well as having similarities with the Babylonian paganism was a religion more of feasts and rituals than of doctrine (if you are older, you remember the time when the Catholic was afraid, literally, to read the Bible). Just to give an example, the Carnival was a farewell to flesh before Ash Wednesday. And Ash Wednesday, which begins Lent, is always 47 days before the first Sunday of the full moon of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, that is Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. And this Sunday is Easter. The pagan Easter, the Jew Passover is in late March or early April. And speaking of pagan, hence the term paganism? From paganus, which means peasant. Why is the Gospel of the Son of God had to make concessions to the pagans?

But there's more. Who was Jesus Christ, in human terms? A Jewish from people. Is it not curious that the Incarnate Word was supposedly one more nationalist leader of an obscure, failed and megalomaniacal colony of the Roman Empire? If the disciples of Jesus Christ at least stood out society, instead of Israel to continue in the same way until Dispersion and even today most devout Christians to be poorer than average even in Christian countries, we could even give a discount.

And Mary, or Our Lady? The Bible itself does not give any basis for all the veneration which is made to her in the Catholic Church. In the New Testament, she is just another disciple of Jesus without special position. Outside the Gospels, she is only mentioned in passing in Acts 1: 14. And where in the New Testament a woman has position or authority in the church? But the Catholic Church, making adaptation of Babylonian mythology, deifies the madam.

You reader did not understand the connection? How a people accustomed to alms and the glorification of misery will be against communism? What model of decent life a person will have if the Son of God was a carpenter in Israel, a irrelevant colony with superiority complex? How not having a socialism where the dominant religion began, according to its Bible, with a group almost all of poor and marginalized people around the God made man, who after it faced the power of the Roman Empire? How difficult would have the feminism where is venerated, or worshiped, a woman besides to God the Son?

Chapter 2: The Catholic Church was the Christianity's Soviet Union

And came Marxism, Socialism, Feminism. The Soviet Union began in Russia, with the base (or excuse, some might say) on the ideas of Karl Marx, a German. And this German had his inspiration, among other sources, on the Evolution of an English Anglican, Charles Darwin. Feminism came along (in time and space) with the Industrial Revolution, in the United Kingdom and the United States. In this whole story, which country was not Catholic or Protestant? The Catholic Inquisition ended in the late eighteenth century. Folks, is it no coincidence that at the end of the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century we had the end of the Inquisition, the Industrial Revolution, the Capitalism and the beginning of Socialism? Had the Christian Church (in that popular sense "we are the church") prepare its own kick in the ass?

Ah, you are a Christian but not a Catholic, and believe that Roman Catholicism is a deviation from the original Christianity? So why the Roman Catholic Church was the first major Christian church, assuming that Christianity really began at the end of the years 20 a. C.? Why Roman Catholicism is the main group in Christianity until today, and until a few decades ago the world's largest religion? If the Catholic Church was devious, it managed to chase the faithful churches just because it had political power? Ah, the Catholic Church was great in power and popularity because it was unfaithful, demagogic and corrupt? Well, you're getting to the point.

Everything some anti-left Christians complain today began in the time of glory of their church. The glorification of ignorance uses even today misinterpreted passages from the Bible itself. The internal fighting of the left or fighting between left and a centrism as if they were good (the leftist faction) against evil (the rest) resemble those braggadocioes of the Protestant Reformation and Counter-Reformation. The attacks on the internet against anyone who just says the name of a known anti-left or a snowman judas chosen by the left remember the Catholic Inquisition and their prohibitted books. And what should be an "exchange of ideas" with prominent people, including experts and university professors, reminds disagreements with provincial pious and illiterate rural workers in the 50's.

And what was the contribution of the Christian churches to humanity? Anti-sexuality, glorification of misery, destruction of science of the Greeks and ride on the backs of Christians who did something. And as we try to show here, the implementation of Marxism. If someone thought of high moral standards, all that is decent in terms of morality did not come in the years 20 a. C. But Christians want the royalties of Medicine made when the Catholic Church forbade dissection of cadavers, of Mathematics made when the Catholic Church said that zero was Devil's thing, of Rule of Law achieved after absolutism justified with the "divine right of kings", and so on. This resembles the leftist talk about countries "recovered" by socialism. They always ended up with a misery that did not exist and problems that after them got only wors. And the socialists still invented vaccine for cancer in Cuba (I like to play with phrases of double meaning, hehehehe).

Leaving a little of topic, but speaking of Christianity's contribution to humanity: the Catholic Church created Islam. According to the former Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera, the Church wanted Israel, especially Jerusalem, then funded Muhammad to create a sort of Al Qaeda and join the Arabian Peninsula, which was a bunch of disunited tribes, to everyone assault Israel. But until then, the business was so successful that at the time of deliver Jerusalem to the Pope, as agreed, the Arabs cheated. Red Ice Creations has this story (in English).

In Brazil, for example, there is no party, not even an organization of weight, which represents the right-wing or conservatism, yet the leftists have delirii of right-wing opposition or a plot of the elites when they see any tweet that disagrees with them. Any heterosexual not ashamed being heterosexual is gay killer, any man who mention the false charges of rape is in favor of violence against women, any white who thinks blacks should not get easier in college just for being blacks is racist. These things remind the times of the Inquisition, in which Catholics found heretics and atheists even among themselves. Remember also Brazil today, which has 90% of the population Catholic, Protestant or evangelical, but "turned its back to God".

And how begun the Protestant Reformation? As an attempt to restore the purity of original Christianity in the Roman Catholic Church. This recalls, in Brazil, the story of PSTU (Unified Socialist Workers Party, which started with people leaving PT, Workers Party, after the party started "fail" socialist ideology).

Chapter 3: The Christian Junior Anti-Sex League

Sex: wisdom in sexual life is one thing, good; chastity is another, pain in the ass. Who believes admire the opposite sex or have a good sex is sin, can accept anything. That "anything" includes the glorification of the lack of pleasure (in general), the canonization of self-sadism, treating as special who treats this one as inferior (family, church, company and country) and measuring oneself according to which will leave for the widow who has bored in the fifth year of marriage and spoiled children. Christian churches have stopped demonizing sex (in Brazil) trailer sex education in schools (90's), grudgingly. If in the 60's Christian men were still seeking prostitutes, harassed female employees or girls within their family or had sex with mares, is was because they could not stand accepting the repression of sexuality. Repress the own sexuality could have some advantage for women because release pusssy only to her husband and, perhaps, to some other prominent man could yield a livelihood or social and professional standing, all off the hard life of men. But lesbonazists can only see the supposed repression of female sexuality, and any man who has ever said something close to sexuality in conversations with their 2010's female friends knows the kick that takes these times. The person who tries not to enjoy sex turns neurotic. And more than neurotic, is inconsistent, hypocritical, doublethinker ("doublethink" is from the novel "1984", by George Orwell: bear in mind two contradictory things and accept both). When it is not just mental inactivity.

Who is the Christian who can make an intellectually serious defense, in 2013, of because only have sex after and within marriage? What is the Christian who can explain, as smart people, what makes a woman who has "enjoyed" having less dignity as a woman and be less desirable as a wife than one of the bizarre and pharisees lizards covered to the ankle in his church? The only reasonable answer to these questions that I saw published written was a text within the book "Excelentíssimos Senhores" (Gentlemen), by Rubem Amorese (yeah, sweeties, I know the good in the Christian culture and fine Christian). More than simple lack of arguments or self-criticism, the "moral and good manners" is a individual psychosis tributary of a collective psychosis. Is not it curious that the socialist countries are of people even more sexually frustrated that Puritan countries considered free? George Orwell gave this within "1984" in a dialogue of the girl of Junior Anti-Sex League with Winston.

Chapter 4 : Christian conservatism almost "fulfilling its historic role" and what it still has to offer (to "them")

If the Catholic Church was important in the Middle Ages, it was because it almost monopolized bit of Science of the time and also offered charity and illusion for the illiterate with so much fear and ignorance while they fought the true intelligence. It was also like this, with less force in the Modern Age. But even those who do not like reading and hate intelligence and truth like to use them up where it matters when they can. Or, at least, they like what scientists and thinkers get practicing their love of Science, the truth and the neighboor when it increases the quality of life. And those weird news that our students today use to read unwillingly in the books they have gained in the public school were better than the scientific level of the Europe which one third died in the Black Death in the Middle Ages. The Modern Age was the period which concentrated scientific development before the Industrial Revolution. If I lived in the late Modern Age and had some influence like Adam Weishaupt, who created order of Illuminati in May 1, 1776, I would not work hard, risk my leather and have exhausting discussions to give the fruit of my labor for imbecile nobles, untalented commissioned and parasite priests, trying to improve the lives of these same frustrated snitche illiterates that they would use to steal my work and my possessions. And it was more or less what the Illuminati have done.

And since one of the goals of the Illuminati was to destroy religion, is it not curious that of those of the Conspiracy Theory and speaking in secret societies, almost all are most devoted Christians? These particular people are even worthy of respect, but as a group of conservative Christians capitalists, they are the first to notice, and badly, that are being discarded. Folks, why the Communist Manifesto appeared almost 60 years after the French Revolution that ended feudalism and created capitalism? Why after the Second International, in 1889, the history of Christianity was basically emergence of Pentecostal churches and odd sects, heretical organizations as the World Council of Churches, factions of factions, the Catholic Church only shrinking, serious churches hardly growing and public shame in all aspects, while Marxism, Feminism and the LGBT Movement were only forward, and sponsored by capitalists? This can not be a satanic conspiracy to achieve the church because Christianity in the West was like Maoism in China, so someone outside mount a conspiracy, even more to destroy the church itself from within, was very unlikely. Was Christianity itself who ceded here or lost authority there.

Liberalism and Christianity as known in the late nineteenth century are dead by their own defects, without expectation of resurrection. This is not good only because the heirs of them are even worse. Sex after a wedding in adolescence for women and at least about 25 years for men have had their time to be at least explainable. Today, the churches don't talk a lot about their teens boyfriends that already have sex, since don't come pregnancy. The indissoluble marriage has been justifiable to protect both rich husbands and dependents wives. Today, those who preach the indissoluble marriage are hardly taken seriously in traditional churches, and even among those who support the idea are few who would accept some marriage that besides indissoluble was arranged by the parents of spouses. In the 60's, the churches divided by truth. Today, they are tolerant in error. In a country of more than 20 percent of evangelicals, cases of Christians persecuted or killed for preaching the Gospel in hostile countries or have an attitude that was typical of a Christian in the 50's or 60's are treated in median access blogs and occasionally in Sunday preaching (do you know the Open Door USA Ministry, for example?). And to make things worse, we have leftists within the church, and not a deacon here, a shepherd there, but groups of feminists, groups of abortionists, groups of socialist, and even churches for homosexuals. Up to insist that Christians stop to think beyond criticism to give themselves a minimum of honesty is complicated. Back to conditions at least the 50's is a laughable idea so unfeasible.

And we have also Liberalism. Defend the privatization of state enterprises and less state intervention in business mobilizes little bourgeoisie itself. Rodrigo Constantine and Von Mises Institute can confirm, in the case of Brazil. Why? Because socialism and communism are state capitalism, or an oligarchy controlled by the State. Whoever is inside will get along and still see out over. And entrepreneurs can do business very profitable with socialist governments of other countries, consider the example of China. Even in governments that are not formally socialist, many entrepreneurs please the government to get public money. The capitalist who invests and accepts the risk is rare today. Is not only to support community leaders, imbecile bureaucrats, ghost workers and poor crooks that the State is obese, incompetent, expensive and corrupt. The major customer of corruption and misuse of public funds is the major enterprise. You may have noticed (I take the example of Brazil) more and more unsympathetic women in boxes of the stores, more and more snarly black women in major fast food chains, more and more babes entering companies that only offer vague asking experience having some old employee moved to teach her the service or fix her errors. Leftism, is not even socialism consolidated, gives the possibility of public money to entrepreneurs who are only "someone" because they are children of bourgeois. Entrepreneurs strive less to please customers, flatter the rulers, make choir to any Soviet campaign and may even subsidize their own incompetence with public money. Meanwhile, politicians and bureaucrats dominate society.

But the role of Christianity and Liberalism (also Ultraliberalism, mistakenly called Anarcho-capitalism) is not only to be a punching bag and caricature of the opposition to the left: they can still do more for the "popular revolution". The right-wing Christians can still defend the family, while the LGBT-Feminism advocates civil unions and adopting children for homosexuals. They can still condemn any woman who has had an orgasm or more than one men in life, as Valerie Solanas called silly the heterosexual woman in SCUM Manifesto. They can still preach against pornography, as feminists do, including asking the criminalization of pornography. They can still help make a mess of female prostitution with violence, trafficking in persons and humiliation of women, as feminists do, including asking the criminalization of prostitution. They can still accuse the LGBT Movement to promote pedophilia, as feminists do with Brazilian masculinist. They can still defend the end of the "good life" of the prisoners, as if all without exception had life of king in jail, while in the socialist countries government opponents are arrested without fundamental rights, if they go to jail. They can still ask for censorship on television calling any scene of woman in bikini pornography, increasing the power of the State to decide what the 10 years old child can see or not, helping furthermore the dictatorship of lesbofeminist envy. Those who know me since 2006 know that I wanted to see Christianity over, but not in so much dishonor.

The power emanates from the people. Including the power of the "powerful". And the socialists understood that. Soon, they may say that Christian conservatism has fulfilled its historic role.

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