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Shamelessness of the New Year 2010 to 2011

Non-Brazilian readers: the account made here is not typical in Brazil, even the author are like the typical Brazilian women. Please read the text "The Brazilian woman is a huge pent-up" before reading this text, if you did not read it before.
Eso texto en español (con fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas): Desvergüenza del Año Nuevo 2010 a 2011 ,
This text in English (with sex pics and movies, at A Vez das Mulheres at Thumblogger): Shamelessness of the New Year 2010 to 2011,
Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam): Sem-vergonhices do Ano Novo de 2010 pra 2011 ,
The photos and films of the party I can not show. If it were only the bitchness I would not bother, but there were married men that their wives could not know they still talk to me, there were other friends of mine who had been there in secret, and this business of naughty videos when fall into the erroneous hands give troubles, and I want to preserve my friends.
The party was well planned, with selected guests, all friends of mine and only friends of mine knew (before). The guests were only men of quality (it's not because they were involved in high shamelessness they ceased to be men of character) and righteous women (who do not steal, do not give blows,...). And who knows me knew that it would have indecency, so some friends were afraid to go. My boss did not go, he is very good, he is good-looking, he knows my shameless, is my fan and of A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade, but is very afraid of his wife (who hates A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade and does not know the author works for her husband). My father was also invited, but he thought the lust would happen and did not have courage. Proof that there was nothing inappropriate for minors is that the ones who were there liked it so much, hehehehe.
But let's talk about the party. The party was the 30th at night (6 pm to 10 pm), 31th to 1st and 1st. Because there were people who were going to travel or spend the year with their bored family and could not get out. Some friends, as I said, came hiddenly (of his parents or his wife). It was in my house in the middle of the field (I left the city just to avoid neighbors bothering because of who comes, or a nail I hammer in the wall). I have reached the goal of 2 men for every woman, and it was difficult. Call male friends, not so much, but the call female friends was what tipped. Because in a party full of sex, almost no woman has the courage to go (with men of quality, mostly poor, because in a funk party full of thugs, night clubs with drunkers and party in a playboy's home, women go and exit with a cad, or have sex with him right there). So, some girls had come from another city. Some friends who are prostitutes (they are friends, not colleagues of profession, I am not and never was a prostitute). But I got: 28 men and 14 women (including me and two beautiful boys who live with me). There were barbecuemen (and barbecuewoman, because Abigail also knows how to do barbecue), there were porters (only to control the entry, ward off unwanted, these stuffs), there was a guitarist, but everyone enjoyed the party, and fucked. Because the staff rotated, there was always one I exiting from fun for another enters.
Entering the house, the guest saw who was there naked, so we always put one of the friends at the entrance. In this passing of years rained, but inside the house was warmer.
festinha-da-imaculada-3 e festinha-da-imaculada-4 -
Some good things in the party:
01 - We had chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup. Served for the men in our pussies and for the women in the cocks of the boys.
02 - A friend brought his computer so we can see some movies. And then he brought some porno movies recorded on the computer. There was one with midgets, there was one with a good-looking granny, there was one with a very sexy girl (words of the boys) with two at same time, etc.

03 - Oh, talking about movies, that movie of the funk party I've already put in the blog A Vez dos Homens que Prestam our friend also played.
04 - A friend saw the movie of the sexy girl (words of the boys) with two at same time and took our friend of the computer and another one to do the same. It was her first time (with two) and she liked it. Because beyond the boys were good, they already had experience with share a woman (with me).
05 - A friend saw another movie, of a woman with three, and, as she is playful, decided to do the same. Everything went well too, because beyond the boys were good, they already had experience with me. We were surprised because she said it was her first time (with three), and she is a prostitute.
06 - That friend who had sex with two is going to 17 years old, she saw the other with three and said that before the age of 18 she will do the same.
07 - Abigail did something she had tried before and had not been successful: having sex with four men at same time. One in the pussy, one in the ass, sucking one and masturbating one. This time it went well. So who was fucking stopped their fuck and stayed looking at us. But, people, Abigail is not so depraved, nymphomaniac, this fuck with 4 men at once was a big joke.
But the good things in the party were not just sex:
08 - Some friends at the party were not acquaintances before, they became known of by anothers, they talked a lot. Not only men knew women. I hope there is not some marriage, because I love to undo (the unlucky ones), not to do.
09 - A friend brought War for us to play, Abigail played a little.
10 - A friend of ours, also anarchist, talked with me about some texts in Coletivo de Estudos Anarquistas Domingos Passos. Frankly, I judge these anarchist pages a little weak. So we got to chat. Who did not know what was the anarchy learned by who knows, this was very good.
11 - We commented on the latest news, as the possession of the lamp post in the presidency (the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff).
Some people spent less than an hour (because they came in secret), but earned at least some barbecue, syrup (that way I spoke) and a little fuck. All they liked. After a few days, I found my three married men friends and they beyond praising the party again, because they already praised it there, they said they armed themselves with courage, and have begun to take steps to divorce their wives. They said their wives are unfriendly, consume their time and money, they do not say anything nice, and are so much bad in sex, when they do not go for months without having sex with them (and I know it's true because they are optimal and I know the daughters of the mother), and they were with them more to prevent separation (the process). And then, they say they will divorce and fuck the pension (their words), because they are bored and the straw that broke the camel's back was having to have such a good time with nice people (not just sex, not only with the women) hidden of the cows.
Ah, a detail. Nobody drank. I organized the party and alcohol was banned. It had lemongrass tea, lemonade (lemon grass and lemon were from the site), soda, chocolate. It had no alcohol, no drugs, no fight, the music was not high, the guests were just very good people, to be a family party failed only not to have sex, hehehehe.
Abigail Pereira Aranha
In some city in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This account was written in Portuguese on 01/07/2011.

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