lunedì 26 aprile 2010

It is not what you can do for a woman, but what she will do for you

Abigail Pereira Aranha

The women are accustomed to think that just being a woman is already much, she has no obligation to anything and she has a right to the world. We know women who are pampered, covered with benefits and who do nothing for anyone.

When a woman is at the height of her beauty and her youth, she enjoys life with her futile female friends, queers and miscreants. When a man is in the height of his life, he falls into the mistake of clinging to the first hot bitch giving his a chance.

If a man is interested in a woman and she in him, he takes all initiatives and she, at best, gives some indirect signs for him to get close her. And he will have to marry if he wants to have a sex life outside the red light district. And then, he has to give up his life since dating. Ten years later, he will share a bed with a horrible fat woman, who loads him with bills and nuisances, who ended with his social life and does not have sex with him for weeks or months.

If a woman earns well, she has to have a husband at her level. If a man has financial success, any siliconed slut is excellent for him. An honest man who works hard and earns little, resides far away and travels by bus has to thank to God for any stranded woman who gives him attention due to lack of a better option. But if a man does not want to date a woman who already has children of another man, he is a prejudiced.

How many husbands ceased to do this or that for his wife did not bother him? I mean, they have to do something to their wives to keep in silence. People, what the hell is this?

Another case that we have to watch out: our mother. There are wonderful mothers, and I'm not talking about those sillies without a life of their own who stay at home supported by their husbands and think that the higher quality of a woman is to marry virgin with the only man she will touch in her life. But most mothers do not give moral training, some mistreat the children, some leave the children abandoned walking with they do not know who while receiving the alimony from their sucker father, some leave the kids alone at home, with a sibling or her mother, to have fun in the night until they return drunk the next morning and some fail putting their children in school for them to work in the fields or to sell candy on the street when they are 8 years old. But if one of those poors have success in life and do not become a thug or a defeated and the mother is old, she is his mother and he must take care of her.

Pornography for a man is the realm of dreams. It is not only because of the good sex that he will never have unless he pays for it. It is because even be treated with respect by a woman is not common.

I am admired on and off the internet just because I have some intelligence, some humility, I try to treat everyone well, I have some decent business to talk, I speak the truth about women, I assume I like sex, I advocate naughtiness with balance and responsibility and I fuck with some good kittens from time to time. Those who like me, thank you, but I'm not so much so. But when even courtesy is difficult coming from a woman, a woman with a minimum of decency is golden.

If a woman has a little of sympathy, intelligence, maturity and humility, she is usually ugly, fat, old or poor (that, even I don't escape, because I am poor). And she had to fall very ugly from the top of the pedestal for it.

If a woman greets a man, he should not expect a lot of talk. If he can talk, he should not expect much decent things. If he does not befriend her, he is afraid to try to have. If he has friendship, he is afraid of losing. This not talking about sex. If he achieves to have sex with a woman, he can not expect anything else.

We are accustomed (mostly men, but some women too) to give thanks to God for anything that comes from a woman.

We (mostly men, but some women too) have to change. Man, no more be remembered by your nimpho friend in time to give a friend shoulder for her to cry because of some bastard. No more to meet call late at night from a woman who barely speaks to you asking to make a school work for two days later. No more to make cheaper services for friendship with a woman who barely talks to you.

It's not what we can do for them, it's what they are doing and they will do for us. It is not what we can receive from women, it is what we deserve to receive from them.

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