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Who do feminists defend?

Abigail Pereira Aranha

A young woman who posed for Playboy of the United States, Paula Sladewsky, had her body found burned in a trash can. And what feminist (male or female) of those who always have a case of a woman killed by her violent and scoundrel partner to tell talked about? None. Tania Nienkotter Rocha wrote nothing. Marcha Mundial das Mulheres, nothing. Agência Patrícia Galvão, nothing. This in Brazil. And there in the United States? Gender Across Borders, nothing. Womens eNews, nothing., nothing. Strange, right? Is it because she was a stripper?

After all, who and what feminists (men and women) are defending?

Feminists do not campaign for safe sex and against unwanted pregnancy

Who makes distribution of condoms and birth control is the government. Have you seen some feminist talking about safe sex? But they make an uproar to legalize abortion. Should not they worry about preventing unwanted pregnancy since they do so keen to end it when it happens?

Feminist defend the legalization of abortion

What woman wants to have an abortion? The one who does not want the baby, of course. But why she does not want the baby? Because the baby will not give gain for her. The teenager girl who became pregnant of the marginal boyfriend who did not want to use condoms will want to abort if the boyfriend does not want the child and her father throw her house when he finds that she is pregnant. The miss who can use the child to hold man or guarantee alimony will not think about abortion.

The feminists do not defend the prostitutes

If a feminist is against prostitution, let he or she advocate the legalization of prostitution for the person of the prostitute. I researched the internet and I found these arguments against. From blog Utopias Reais: "We are not conservative, moralistic or backward. It is not in the name of morality that we are against the legalization of prostitution, but on behalf of the fight against sexual oppression, exploitation of women, organized crime and violence against women. There is no modernity in proposals that would lead to the legalization of pimping, of women trafficking and organized crime." ("Legalização da Prostituição ou Institucionalização da Escravatura Sexual?" - Legalization of prostitution or institutionalization of sexual slavery? -, From blog Sexismo e Misoginia (sexism and misogyny): "We can not at all solve the problem of legalizing prostitution listening only the prostitutes, we have to hear, above all, the women and also men, despite the prospect of these in most cases be skewed, because what prostitutes do, although in my opinion it is harmful for them - but that's just my opinion, it is harmful to women in general, for me personally and for the dignity of the human being." ("Legalizar a prostituição?!" - Legalizing prostitution?! -, In the same blog: "To legalize is to legitimate, is to send the message that there is nothing wrong with this practice, and, in this particular case, it is to guarantee to men, calmly and quietly without bitter mouth or resentment, that there is nothing wrong in treating women of flesh and blood, women equal to their daughters, their mothers or their sisters, as objects, as merchandise at the disposal for sexual satisfaction that they are not able to ensure by acceptable means and, why not say it, socially healthy means" ("Teoria do contrato e legalização da escravatura sexual" - Contract Theory and legalizing sexual slavery -, Then, do we have to do what? Leave prostitutes in the situation where they are? Close brothels? Further repress prostitution? Women exploration is one thing, prostitution is another. Then, combating prostitution in the name of combating the exploitation of women is hypocrisy of repressed male bigots and married unsightly female bigots.

Feminist defend the trickster's wife

Who is the man who beats his wife? It is the bastard. Do feminists want women to marry the same miscreants that they always choose without being beaten? If the woman devalues so much the good men to give exclusive dedication in the bed and out it to some wino who pay her bills, let she bear the consequences.

The feminists do not defend women victims of violence who are not "decent women"

A woman can be a bitch who pretends she is holy, if she is sexually harassed or is harassed because she left home dressed as a bitch seeking a schedule, the feminists always appear to defend. But you who already saw cases of murdered women in feminist pages, you have seen how many of them are cases of prostitutes or nightclub dancers? And these girls suffer. Back in the case of Paula Sladewsky: feminists pages have not commented, the only female page that commented was my page A Vez das Mulheres.

Feminist advocate lesbianism

A lesbian has not attraction to women, she abhors the men. With the quantity of lesbians and lesbianism supporters in the feminist movement, it seems that the woman either thinks that a woman's life is to marry a virgin and have children or abhors the men and wants to withdraw what is his. And another thing: do they, when they talk about violence against women, think that every man is bad? Or do they think that violence against women is worse just because it is against women?

Feminists do not defend atheism

Have you seen any feminist who at least says that she is an atheist? There are even so-called Christian women who are feminists, such as Catholics for a Free Choice, ie abortionists who believe in God. But you can find some feminist of a different religion, or wanting to restore a worship of female deities. I mean, the problem is with Christianity and Judaism.

Feminist advocate discrimination in favor of women, not equality

If 99.9% of construction workers are men, feminists do not speak that civil construction is macho. But if 99.9% of civil engineers and master builders are men, they make a scandal. If a Brazilian bitch uses the Maria da Penha law to bother her husband and not being spanked, where are the feminists to say it was not what they wanted? If men could retire with less five years of age or work than women, the feminists would make a tumult, and they would not want to know that is not in jobs of gari, hodman, metallurgical which woman is most. But since is the opposite, they stay quiet.

In conclusion

Feminism advocates lesbianism, which is the horror to men. Feminism defends the bitches who date jerks. Feminism defends crook women who are poor when it suits. Feminism defends the frigid women. Feminism defends women with zero humility who think they deserve the world at his feet.

Feminism defends all women, unless true women and the women who have sex more than the boring, moralistic and bed in bad married women.

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