mercoledì 29 luglio 2009

What if a sister or daughter of yours was in a porn magazine?

Abigail Pereira Aranha
I like pornography (that normal, of course), I defend sex without stable relationship (not the casual sex) and I advocate open marriage. But what if in a pornographic magazine, photo or video was a daughter or sister of mine? Or what if I found out her work, which she said was another, was as a prostitute or stripper? Or what if she herself told me that would make a pornographic material or would work with her body? Before giving my answer, I'll make some considerations. And I will pretend that I am a lady of about 40 years old (I have only 18) and never lived in bitching.
Some men like to flirt and "improper for minors" materials, but they believe that their families' girls are different. This is called arrogance. Many people find themselves with more rights than the rest of humanity. This is the case of man who is "hunter", who finds himself worthy of having sex with every attractive women he can find, or of seeing their bodies whenever he can. Each time he achieve it, is a trophy for him. And this same "hunter" of the daughters and sisters of others is "protector" of his. So, when the daughter or sister has sex with her boyfriend... the thing is reversed. This case is different, the girl is of his family, she is for marriage. Any talk of her with a man brings the fear that the female of the house of the "hunter" is someone's hunting. We also have a different view of our parents, our brothers and our sons, we do not always see them as individuals with an individuality, like the rest of humankind.
Some men like porn, but divide women in women who have value and women that have no value, this value an amount against her sex life, and they hope that the one in their family are in the first group. This is contradictory. If all women were liberals, these men would protest because of lack of morals and good customs. If all women were puritanical, and their husbands "macho", they hardly would see or would talk with a woman who was not of their family or their wives. And this "macho" is the "protector" of their daughters and sisters.
And there are men who link the relationship between man and woman to a stable relationship and do not like pornography. This is called Puritanism. This is not exactly respecting women and discipline of sexual desire, which is good and I also have (I'm talking seriously). This is sexual repression, even when it not reaches neurosis. These have a concept of the sex that is highly negative. Did not say the Apostle Paul that "would be good if a man did not touch a woman" (I Corinthians 7. 1)? If sex is admitted within marriage, it is only because the purity of the marriage institution exceeds, or comes close to exceed, the filth of sexual practice and desire.
Let's assume that demonstrate liking sex or a disinhibition related to the body is the greatest moral stain on a woman. Women who appear in pornography are in majority "ordinary" women of day-to-day. You see: they are not nymphomaniacs pretending to be "decent" women, but women like the neighbor or the clerk. Many make these materials only one time and because of the money that is paid. To cite an example, Rita Cadillac made some porn videos for money, but seems to have not greatly enjoyed the experience.1
Now, let's to the questions. What if a daughter or sister of mine was in a pornographic material and I found out by chance? It would still be a surprise, but no indignation. What if she said before she would be in that stuff? Maybe I would do a few questions and would see the material later. In both cases, I would like it or not according to the material itself. And we would not show to all my relatives, friends and acquaintances because not everyone would have the same mentality as we. What if she was a prostitute or stripper and I discovered it by chance, or if she herself told me that she would enter in one of these jobs? I would have concerns about her being with men who do not respect women, which may include my pious neighbor who prohibits his daughter wear lipstick. That's all. Seeing my daughter or my sister in a pornographic magazine or working as prostitute for me would not be the end of the world. It's for you?
1 "Rita commented about the porn movies she starred. 'I made it of necessity, I needed money. But it was good to see that this was not what I wanted for me.'" ("O gingado de uma ex-chacrete poderosa" - The swinging of a powerful former chacrete [dancer of the television program Cassino do Chacrinha] -, Super Notícia, January 15, 2009. Available at <>. Section Variedades.)

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