venerdì 2 giugno 2006

Take it easy, boy, you can look to my body

Abigail Pereira Aranha
Yesterday, I went to a garage look for a mechanic, former co-worker of my father and great friend of him. Then I am there and I see that a colleague of his was guarding some thing hidden of me. I asked jokingly:
- Hi, fluffy, is it a calendar with a picture of a naked woman?
And it was, I saw it by his face. So, I said:
- People, you do not need to be ashamed because of me. There are much girls who are stupid, who are squeamish, who hate hard cock, but I am not. I can not like, but you can.
It is that the friend of my father did not know of my bad reputation, he just knew that I am 15 years old. Then, he said something about respecting women, especially adolescents, so I said:
- I get it. Or rather, I do not understand who had the idea that respecting a woman is pretending she is not a woman. If you both got with your "tent armed" in front of me, it would be disrespect? Spit in my face would be disrespect. Look at my butts not. Or move your hand on my ass, or even sex, it would be lack of respect anyway? A woman who thinks that touch her is lack of respect is a lesbian, is an idiotic.
Then I asked to go to the toilet, I undressed and I opened the door:
- Hey, you are seeing me naked. What's the problem? What I will be afraid of? Of you fuck me? It is because of my father? I am even going to talk to him that I had this chat with you. Just yesterday we were talking about it.
And I was exiting, I said to them jokingly:
- Next time, I want to see pages from a dirty magazine on the wall.
At that time, was entering a couple in the garage. The woman who was white turned pink, the man who was mulatto turned yellow.
Well, I barely started this blog and was already thinking of these things these days. I am 15 years old, as I said, and you know how is the girl that age. And I developed myself a lot. My breasts and my butts are already among the largest I have ever seen, and I also grew up a bit, I am 1.63 m. Men look at me. And where is the problem? At most, the problem is in being Astolfo, who is an old wino asshole, not Durval, who is older and not very beautiful, but is kind and good to chat.
The woman who poses topless for a calendar, or naked for Playboy, or makes a porn film, she worths less because men will see her body? It seems that many people confuse a woman being more than her body with this woman having horror to the "body" of man, many people confuse a woman having value with she never having an orgasm in her life and not seeming interested in having one. It is certain that if I make a porn material, at this time when men see me they will see is the body really. But why I can not show cool ideas or work in a good cause on other channels? What if I get out of pornography and I am a host of a talk show on television, for example, and I am a very good host, very knowledgeable, very smart, what's wrong if a viewer who has seen me in porn see me there? He will have to choose if he looks to my body or to my intelligence?
An ordinary woman wants to wear clothes that enhances her body but she does not want men to look? A man loves to have a beautiful daughter, but he does not like the boys come by? What inconsistency is that?

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