martedì 23 maggio 2006

Nice to meet you, my name is Abigail, I am a "teen" wanting a good chat with adults

Abigail Pereira Aranha
Girls, let's release ourselves. Who says women have to like only money? A nice big dick just for the pleasure is also not too bad, right? Chastity God wants you can, but you lose so much. And chastity is an insult to dignity. No more hypocrisy, because only men can enjoy sex?
Ah, my name is Abigail, I can already talk about sex because I already have 18. 18 sticks in my back (and also in my front) with 15 years. None of these sticks in the school newsletter, because I am a good student. And no one of them from a teacher, because since I started in the lust I only had female teachers and female directors. And I'm also a selective girl, I only select good men.
Here is a space of a normal girl, but let's not talk about diet, makeup, marriage, children, taking care of the house, gossip on artists, plastic surgery. And nor dating or ballad. Why do we women have to use love as an excuse to hide the horny? Or worse, why we have to have a horror of sex? Sex is good only for the man?
Here on this blog, if you want, you can bring anything you find productive. This is for women who likes men and men who like women. No defense of family or of life God has reserved for us because there is no God and Christianity is a delay of life.
And speaking of Christianity, they say Christians think that women are to blame for the woes of the world for eating the apple. Some men even treated their wives as second-class people for centuries. But is that the rule? Even though I being very disrespected by some Christian men, other Christian men are my friends. And the boys who had sex with me appreciate me. And I have also seen that worse than Christian men are the Christian women, who think that take cocks devalues a woman.
For starters, how about share some "educational" photos? After all, men can see naked women, so why we can only have eyes for the husband? Men can enjoy sex, why women do not?

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