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The witches took over the Inquisition and they are hunting the priests

Abigail Pereira Aranha

As a girl of licentious life, I was able to try to show in November 2014[01] that censorship and prosecution against prostitution and pornography in a country or a region grow with the lack of liberties in general. I also wrote in October 2015[02]:

It is not coincidence that all dictatorships criminalize prostitution and pornography, some of them also homosexuality, even that some of them have begun advocating the "morals": if the body is part of the individual, the individual freedoms include sexual freedom; thus, striving against sexual freedom is striving against the individual freedoms. The right-wing did not realize it until today.

One consequence of this is that when conservatives allow, or, even worse, they call for repression of pornography and prostitution, they can be targeted themselves as conservatives.

After that first text, we had the Daniel Pipes' website blocked in the wi-fi network of the British Library for denouncing Islamism, but under the pretext of being an "adult website"[03]; this after it has been done a blockade against pornography in the Internet in United Kingdom nationwide. We also had in Brazil in 2015 the blocking of at least one page on Facebook of a movement that organized protests for the impeachment of the then president Dilma Rousseff, blocking of the page and the profiles of its administrators[04]; this after Christians, for a few years, described social networks as Facebook and the still existing Orkut as dens of pedophiles, adulterers and sexual perverts, after, also, they denounced many photos of women breastfeeding on Facebook. It should be remembered that those movements were the largest street movements in Brazil of all time, in some days surpassing one million people in hundreds of cities, but the mainstream media, since it was an accomplice of the PT government, made reportages about them in the later, more grudgingly and more contemptible form as possible; therefore, their great channels were the social networks and Youtube. But in the last 30 days, we had something more.

1) The Russian government blocked LinkedIn, that social network with a "professional" format[05]. September 2015, it had blocked the Pornhub, under applauses of conservative Christian websites like ChurchMilitant[06]. May 2012, Gina Gerson (or Doris Ivy) was expelled from Tomsk State University because she was a porn actress[07].

2) News two weeks apart: November 21, "Texas teacher who had sex almost daily with 13-year-old student could face decades in prison"[08], more precisely 30 years, and December 05, "Elize Matsunaga gets 19 years and 11 months in prison for killing and quartering her husband in São Paulo"[09]. When the group Mulheres Contra o Feminismo (Women Against Feminism) shared July past year the news of teacher Brianne Altice's arrest in the United States, 30 years in prison for having sex with three students[10], I warned them to retain their fireworks, also because this happened two weeks after was approved gay marriage in the same United States[11].

3) The government of France has enacted a law that imposes arrest and fine for web pages that use "biased information" for a woman to give up an abortion[12]. April, France adopted the Nordic Model, a legal scheme against prostitution where the prostitute is not penalized and the client is punished with fine or imprisonment. Some prostitutes made protests against passage of the law. "The bill was authored by Socialist MP Maud Olivier"[13]. The one against prostitution or the one against the pro-life websites? The one against prostitution. And the one against the pro-life websites? Also. Maud Olivier, on her website, April 07: "the law fighting against the prostitution system definitely adopted!"[14]. December 1: "extension of the crime hindering abortion to information: another step forward for the rights and health of women!"[15].

A Christian website, I can not remember what, had an article saying that the Inquisition did not catch any real witch because the real witches bewitched the inquisitors and escaped. We can do a parallel of this in politics. We can have a "conservative Inquisition" that catches non-caste women while socialists preserve themselves, though hidden, and they manage to penetrate public administration and representative organizations. But in a "progressive Inquisition" that also catches non-caste women under the applause of traditionalist Christians, this is not going to happen. In terms of repression of sex, many Christians support the worst of the left-wing as if they also believed in the Marxist motto "the end justifies the means". And in the end, the means reach them too.


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Mulheres contra o feminismo via O Globo

July 11, 2015 at 01:19 AM

BANDIT! - Cry in jail.

Teacher who had sex with 3 students gets 30 years in prison []


[11] "Seu corpo, minhas leis episódio 3: duas semanas depois da aprovação do casamento gay nos Estados Unidos, professora é presa por sexo hétero (e a equipe Mulheres Contra o Feminismo apoia)", July 13, 2015,

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Questo testo in italiano senza filmati di dissolutezza in Men of Worth Newspaper: "Le streghe hanno assunto l'Inquisizione e stanno dando la caccia ai sacerdoti",
Questo testo in italiano con filmati di dissolutezza in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "Le streghe hanno assunto l'Inquisizione e stanno dando la caccia ai sacerdoti",
Ce texte en français sans films de libertinage au Men of Worth Newspaper: "Les sorcières ont repris l'Inquisition et elles chassent les prêtres",
Ce texte en français avec films de libertinage au Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "Les sorcières ont repris l'Inquisition et elles chassent les prêtres",
Eso texto en español sin películas de putaría en Men of Worth Newspaper: "Las brujas se apoderaron de la Inquisición y están cazando a los sacerdotes",
Eso texto en español con películas de putaría en Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "Las brujas se apoderaron de la Inquisición y están cazando a los sacerdotes",
This text in English without licentiousness movies at Men of Worth Newspaper: "The witches took over the Inquisition and they are hunting the priests",
This text in English with licentiousness movies at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía: "The witches took over the Inquisition and they are hunting the priests",
Texto original em português sem filmes de putaria no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade: "As bruxas assumiram a Inquisição e estão caçando os padres",
Texto original em português com filmes de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: "As bruxas assumiram a Inquisição e estão caçando os padres",
Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia
Section of sex, lust, licentiousness, naked woman, pornography
Section de sexe, luxure, débauche, femmes nues, pornographie
Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia
Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía

"After dad leaves" - featuring India Summer, Tysen Rich and Tyler Nixon,

Moms teach sex dot com. Excluding the part of woman licking woman, I liked this movie. Specially, I liked to imagine myself in the future like India Summer (having plus tits and buttocks) with a son like Tyler Nixon, hehehehe.

"After dad leaves" (Depois que o papai sai) - com India Summer, Tysen Rich e Tyler Nixon,

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"After dad leaves" (Après le papa quitte) - avec India Summer, Tysen Rich et Tyler Nixon,

Mamans enseignent sexe point com. Hors de la part de femme léchant femme, j'aimé ce film. Spécialement, je me plaisais à me imaginer à l'avenir comme l'Inde Summer (ayant plus seins et fesses) avec un fils comme Tyler Nixon, hehehehe.

"After dad leaves" (Después que papá sale) - con India Summer, Tysen Rich y Tyler Nixon,

Madres enseñan sexo punto com. Con exclusión de la parte de mujer que lame mujer, me ha gustado esta película. Especialmente, me gustó imaginar a mí misma en el futuro como India Summer (con más pechos y nalgas) con un hijo como Tyler Nixon, jejejeje.

"After dad leaves" (Dopo papà lascia) - con India Summer, Tysen Rich e Tyler Nixon,

Mamme insegnano sesso punto com. Escludendo la parte di donna che lecca donna, mi è piaciuto questo film. Specialmente, mi piaceva immaginare me stessa in futuro come India Summer (con più seni e glutei) con un figlio come Tyler Nixon, hehehehe.

BOOBSVILLE Police Department

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