martedì 8 maggio 2012

From Abigail's profile: fired from the school

If they had gone to school with a ridiculously short clothes, like Geisy Arruda, and were barred, feminists would protest massively even in the other side of the world, as they did the Slut Walk because of the blow to the ego by a police officer in Canada. But

Canadian teacher Julie Gagnon was fired from a school in Canada after a student found that she worked as a porn star

Kerri Mallier, administrator and secretary to a Catholic school in England, had to resign after coming to light that she works as a prostitute (who discovered it was the father of a student)

teacher in Bahia, Brazil, Jaqueline Carvalho dos Santos was fired by the school because was in a band rehearsal "O Troco" and appears in a video doing a choreography of the song "Todo Enfiado" (All Tucked)

American teacher Stacie Halas was dismissed from school after a porn video from Big Sausage Pizza with her participation circulate among students

Portuguese teacher Bruna Real was dismissed from school activities and transferred to a service where she has no contact with students because she posed for Playboy

Where were the feminists who say that pornography and prostitution is an affront to women when these women lost their jobs?

Feminism is lesbianism, narcissism, dick-horror, hatred of men and envy to captivating or sexy women.

(I said "sexy" in the view of the boys, because my preference is man)

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Read the series "Machismo was created by women" in

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