venerdì 17 settembre 2010

The world is in moral decay, then it chases the atheism and the s...

When a society is in moral decay, it chases atheism, nudity and sex. Have you noticed that almost every motherfucker is devout and moralistic?

The people are capable of supporting a dictatorship, theocratic or not, entitled to censorship on the internet, if to preserve traditional values, of lack of sex and contact between man and woman.

In the late nineteenth century, some pornographic movies were only strip scenes and even kisses. Meanwhile, Catholics denied medical care, school, burial and retail sales for Protestants.

A child or teen can already learn to hate who is of another race, another country or another religion, or to learn the bunch of hypocrites, idiot, without-sex blessed of the religion of the parents are the only in human race with ethical principles. All this while not old enough to see a kiss on the mouth or the body of someone of the opposite sex.

A politician can be a thief, corrupt, authoritarian, even murderous. But he can not be an atheist or betray his wife. And the former municipal manager Scott Janke, of Fort Myers Beach, Florida (USA), was fired because his wife Anabela Mota Janke, is porn star, and they had to leave town.

Stoning for sex outside of marriage is a matter of national culture and sovereignty. But after the teacher Tiffany Shepherd posed in a bikini on a boat, that was her school's bussiness and she was fired, she failed another job despite having sent 2,500 resumes and she turned porn star.

A company can mistreat its employees, pay poorly, impose journeys above the law and delay wages. But when TAM found that flight attendant Priscila Cabral posed nude for a magazine, it felt "morally offended," and the poor could not work in another airline.

A religious dictatorship that goes against human rights, religious freedom, freedom of expression and sex is right of the country's people who live in this misery. But an atheist government is sexually liberal, without ethical principles and genocidal.

In some countries, a prostitute and her client can be killed or split a jail with thieves and murderers. While those with money or power escapes from jail.

Television can alienate the people and distort the news. Indecent is a program with scantily clad women.

The city knows that John is drug dealer, is hired assassin or diverts public money, but Maria have to hide that dreams of fucking with two men at the same time. And she can not be seen watching a porn movie, as happened with the American Nicole Ann Altendorf, who was sentenced to a year of probation for watching a porn movie with the window open, allowing that it could be seen and heard by students of a school.

Marry a man well off pregnant of some cad is a good deal, but open marriage is a indecency.

A woman can be respected after she gets ahead on the back of a rich ex-husband of a well off sucker for who she spread her legs, but it is absurd if she is a porn actress.

A woman can have sex to get ahead or to win gifts, but she can not have sex for horny.

The society thinks the character maximum for a woman is to be a "decent lady", which is nothing more than a hypocritical bitch or stupid ugly woman who is envious of every woman who attracts a man.

Being hypocritical is a virtue. Being dishonest is cunning. Even get ahead spreading her legs is intelligence. But to like sex seems to be the worst of the vices.

Abigail Pereira Aranha

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