martedì 17 marzo 2009

What good in exchanging the burka for a miniskirt, tailleur or topless, if the frigidity is the same?

Abigail Pereira Aranha

In Muslim countries in Africa, at least 3 million women a year are victims of genital mutilation, the removal of the clitoris to prevent sexual pleasure. In Nigeria and Iran, suspects of adultery lead hundreds of women to death by stoning every year. In Pakistan, the gang rape remains being one of the forms of punishment of women considered dishonorable, among the most radical groups.1 In Muslim countries, women have to go on the streets covered from head to foot and can not walk alone. Afghanistan has the burka, which covers up the woman's face. An Islamic "revolution" threw Iran in a theocratic regime. The leader of this "revolution", Ayatollah Khomeini, made clear his purpose in coming to power in 1979: rid the country of any Western influence.

Here in Brazil and in other Western countries, we have the miniskirt. To some, it is a scandal to date. But in more liberal and more developed countries in terms of human dignity, the woman takes advantage of this freedom and makes, thinks and lives what women in Muslim countries are unable to live? Does anyone who uses miniskirt is more liberal than those using long skirt or dress? Do women here are if not more liberal at least have less "machismo"? Not always.

The woman left to marry in adolescence with someone chosen by her parents, but it is not unusual marriage for interests. A woman can wear a miniskirt or a short, but not being less puritanical than a woman of the 50s.

In a country, the woman gets married young and lives for her husband and for her children. In other country, the woman marries later and gets pregnant or diets to save the marriage2, and if she can not get pregnant, she makes a treatment. In a country, the woman does not leave home without a family man. In the other, the woman seems to have allergies to man, even when she treats the man well. In a country, parents choose the woman's husband. In the other, the woman chooses her husband for the money or for the rascality, or chooses a poor and nice husband to overwhelm him.

And when women assume key positions, sometimes she really deserves admiration, for qualities not only professional, personal too. But many prominent women are authoritarian and hysterical, this when they did not achieve to climb the career ladder on the basis of sex. If a prominent woman is reputed to be masculine or femi-nazist, it's not by chance. A woman building a successful carreer channeling frustration with her own appearance, her unsolved affective life and a large vanity for work and studies, she exists. And this woman, despite her personal achievements, shows her lack of humility, her difficulties in personal relationship or her inner wounds, both in personal and professional relationship. This woman, who can be an idol for feminists, is an anti-model as a person and as a professional.

We must see that women do not always value freedom and the rights they have, and are often so macho as the macho men. It even seems combined. Women can have some rights, but let they continue on the line and do not seek the right even of being women. So, with that old mindset still in the head, feminism becomes alimony, abortion, lesbianism, law against man and contest with men for key positions. Use burka, miniskirt, tailleur or topless, the woman remains sexually repressed.

But I fully agree with those who say that a woman must not be seen as a bitch just because she wears a less mannered clothes. I use long dress since I am 14 years old (I'm 18) and I have already more cocks in the curriculum than any girl wearing miniskirt will have in life. Hehehehe!


1 "Dia Internacional da Mulher relembra problemática da violência" (International Women's Day reminds issue of violence), Jornal Hoje, March 08, 2008. Available at,,MUL342652-5602,00-DIA+INTERNACIONAL+DA+MULHER+RELEMBRA+PROBLEMATICA+DA+VIOLENCIA.html.

2 A case is reported in the magazine Sou Mais Eu (I Am More Myself), at the internet at

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