venerdì 31 agosto 2007

Are men who are not good?

Abigail Pereira Aranha
Let's face it. What men get the most beautiful and hot women? Are not those who have money? How many men want to be good husbands to the women and receive kicks, complaints one after another, cheating? How many men want to have a friendship with a female co-worker, a female school classmate, a female neighbor and only get kicks or she does not even talk with him unless she needs something? Which men have the most dedicated women? Are not the more so-called macho?
And when the woman wants to marry? She seeks an intelligent man, who treats her well, who wants to have a partner rather than a shadow, preferably a nice kitty? Sometimes yes. But most want a sucker with money who can give good life for the slut, an hypocritical and ignorant moralist or any man more or less just to not get to auntie.
A woman knows that her hubby stayed with another woman. And hubby is so jealous. A jealous man when is not moralist is womanizer. She felt nice to be forbidden to talk, to have male friends, to have fun. She did not think that good women have no life outside of marriage and that good sex is something a whore? Hang on.
That some men are not good is true. That some men have wonderful women and do not value it is true. But many women do not have their own brightness, they make the kind my pussy is my treasure and find man who does not pay because they do nothing to deserve to attract good thing.
What woman talk with an intelligent man, man of character, friendly, but that does not have those exquisite clothes and just travel by bus? Many women know good men who are very cool and they are no longer friends of them because of half a dozen which were bad fathers, bad boyfriends, bad husbands, or because they earn little, or because they are too smart for them. Then they prefer flatter bosses, fuck with dealers, just chat with friends of her boyfriend.
An intelligent woman (not that pretending to be intellectual), who has good male friends, who gives value for those who like her, who has no frills to get close to man (and even grab a cool and clever kitten now and then) may find crap, but she don't have that conversation that men does not pay. To say that man does not pay, that a woman does not need a man, it is something of a unloved lesbian.
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