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TETESUDA: I Had Sex, I Filmed, I Liked it, I Assumed and I Spread (a novel by Abigail P. Aranha)


Abigail Pereira Aranha


Hello, my friends and womyn enemies. You might have seen my video having sex with three boys who gave what to say eight months ago. My name is Maria Tereza, I am 22 years old, raised in Santa Cruz do Escalvado, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, I live in Sabara, metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, I graduated in Computer Science from the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

The video is six years ago, one of the boys was my boyfriend at the time. He was 16 years old too, he is three months older than me. He is beautiful inside and out, very loving, very ethical, hard working in a grocery store in our town, studied at night. His parents were evangelicals from a crude little church, they did much surveillance relating to sex before marriage. One day, I arranged with him to we to meet hiddenly in a break, we managed to stick to the surveillance of his parents and of my (other devouts from hell), we met and went to a scrub to lose our virginities. Some months later, we both were with a loving couple friends of ours and I made a proposal for swinging with them. Playfully. My boyfriend thought it strange, but I told him I had to give some reason for him to be with me beyond the monopoly of the pleasure of the flesh. My female friend looked at me with that face what-are-you-thinking-that-I-am, but she seems that agreed with my argument. One day, we met for debauchery. And I, in addition, put in that business a friend of mine, classmate in 2nd year of high school that was the best student in the class and also excellent person. Business, but there was no money involved, hehehehe.

We made the debauchery and recorded with the digital camera of the brother of this friend of mine, single, and hitherto virgin. And it was also in his house. The four were masked, just me with a bare face. And what was recorded was just my part, I, my boyfriend and my two friends, and who shot it was my sweet friend from childhood, her boyfriend fucking my ass. After it, my boyfriend had sex with her, the two finding it weird, he with another girl, she with another boy. I gave a scolding (jokingly):

- Poxa!, folks, that's right I was pornographic, but do not be so ashamed. You look like my father and my mother. More enthusiasm, folks! Do you want to see a porn video that I copied on my mobile?

Then, they laughed and cheered up a few more.


Well! Then, a cretin boy from Santa Cruz do Escalvado found a copy. He found my mobile number, he proposed fuck me, I already knew him, I never liked him, I refused. Then he said he saw the video and threatened to publish on the Internet. I had started working two months earlier in the Prefecture of Sabara. Then, I cried, I asked what he wanted, he asked for money, I arranged to leave it in an envelope in the men's WC of a bar he frequented the following Saturday (that day was Wednesday). This day I prepared the envelope, I went there about ten minutes before him, I left the envelope in the WC, I came out fast. Then, he arrived with two friends and saw the envelope there, "For ..." (his name), he opened right there. But instead of money he asked, what was there was a pocket magazine of gay sex. And one of the guy's friends, in addition, came up behind him (in the sense of going to be there in the same minute) and saw the magazine. The guy was already pissed and yet was ashamed. Because I've already put the magazine in the envelope with the plastic opened (how he would explain that he did not open?). And I, looking outside, hiddenly, ran laughing a lot. Ah, the crying that other day was faked, I was already plotting all. Even foreseeing him to publish our film production, as he published.

But when I was leaving there, I remembered my four friends. I sent a SMS: "We will be successful on the internet, people! Prepare the face of surprise, I'll get three years in prison for brothel alone [were all minors at that time and the minor in Brazil can not be imprisoned for more than three years; at that time, keeping a brothel was a crime]". My ex-boyfriend was at work, then his fiancee did not see the message. The couple of friends were already married and had a young daughter (the daughter is not of my ex-boyfriend, hehehehe), they became embarrassed (they still are evangelicals). The single friend was at home with family, but had gone into the backyard alone a little before. And the good thing is that besides being all masked but me, only I was more or less the same body. The boys were thin, today are more robust. The girl my friend was thin, she fattened a bit. I developed a little bit early, I already had my milk cow tits and my plump ass. So, as in the video, the cocks will come all over me.

I went to visit first my ex-boyfriend. We ended up dating when I still lived in this town, because his mother thought I was too sinful for her son and pushed for us end it up. But we still have contact via mobile and social network. I was to his work, because he is engaged and his fiancee, besides being a very rough evangelical, does not like me. So I had to behave like a normal female friend. I met some friends, I was called for a snack, I accepted.


I rang the doorbell of the gate of my family's house two hours after leaving that package for that scoundrel, my mother already screaming from door:

- What is the story of a video of you with a man on the internet?

Poxa!, mom, you did not ever see and still heard by there wrong, were three. She did not receive me. Then I was listening to three meters away that I was a prostitute, that I abased myself as a person and as a woman, that I have no morals, that I shamed the family, she only missed call me a feminist and supporter of Atletico Mineiro. I left there getting ready to catch the last bus to Ponte Nova: 12:00. My mother said that my father was angry with me, but he called me later, he said he was ashamed of me, but he was softer than my mother, the most he swore at me was "wanton".

But before leaving town, I went to a bakery to have a coffee, before it I changed clothes and wore a dress tomara-que-caia (literally, "I wish it to fall" - if the reader is not from Brazil and does not know, "tomara-que-caia" is a dress or a feminine strapless sweater that goes thru a little above the breasts). The only person who did not looked at me crooked was a 16 year old boy, but he was embarrassed to talk to me there. I don’t know how, I foresaw I would find someone in this situation, I have arrived in the city with some printed pieces of paper with my name and my Facebook profile. Since he was the clerk, I delivered him one of those pieces of paper discretely along with the filling card to the cashier. Ah, and he was the only man present. He is a very nice guy, but women his colleagues were wanting him to get rid of me fast (or they wanted to get rid of me). I had never seen it before: a business struggling to meet a customer badly. But when I left, I got on the sidewalk (one of those junks that does not have a meter and a half wide), the boy was looking at me, I showed him my white melons with black olives in the middle. And yet, I was leaning on a pole (in the narrow sidewalk), raised my left leg, and the dress I-wish-it-to-fall was also an I-wish-it-to-rise, it was short and one those that lifts in its bottom while the girl walks and she has to stop occasionally to lower it again. But no one saw my underwear, only my hairy pussy. That imitations of transvestite who were there had no reaction. There were still about twenty minutes for the exiting of the bus Santa Cruz do Escalvado – Ponte Nova, I went to a point farther. On the way, I found some new fans and let some of the pieces of paper with my address on Facebook.

Later, that same day, the boy from the bakery (I'll call him Augustine) sent me a private message on Facebook saying he saw the video, that no woman is worse because has sex with pleasure, in addition to say that I am beautiful and very friendly. And he thanked me because I washed his soul showing my breasts in the middle of those "tribufus" (for who is not from Brazil, is a popular term for ugly woman) and I still left him a souvenir. It's that I've put the tomara-que-caia just for this, but I did not expect to do the prank so fast. And when I saw the boy being so friendly, I made a proposal: "do you want to take my picture here for a souvenir?". I was on the table, I posed for a photo (discreetly). I was leaving, he took another. The third was the photo against the family (he was caught off guard). The fourth shows me starting to get out of there and the "tribufus" horrified. He sent me them all in the private message. I almost cried with shame: how a girl showing a little sympathy and courage and has more moral beyond preaching the soft cock became an extraterrestrial thing! I thanked him, told him he was a kitten, he already seemed to me an excelente person at first, I asked him to keep contact and I called him a visit when he is close to see all he saw more closely.


The next day, Sunday, the news spread in Sabara. I became more loved by friends, most hated by the male and female enemies and better known by the ones who did not know me or people without much contact with me, that entered into one of the previous groups, almost always the second. I went to see it better on Monday, starting another week of work. The division of the Prefecture of Sabara where I was already was a trash to work, I just entered and was already looking for something else. And beyond the lesbian monkeys with their little hells ever, they managed to invent more lies about the quality of my work than about my sexual quality. I ended up leaving there two weeks later. Do you know the region of Guaicurus street in Belo Horizonte, where are the best-known brothels in the city? Yeah, I have gone to working on this piece, in a service shop for notebooks at a popular mall. Ah, I also have technical course in Electronics.

I am the only woman in the store, I replaced another woman who colleagues said she was not very friendly. On the first day of work, I arrived saying: "Good morning, friends! I am that same you are thinking. Now, we are together professionally". And I brought a box of donuts with condensed milk I prepared the day before. So I said to my two colleagues and a client who arrived soon after: "on my first day, I offer my donut to you to eat". Folks, I swear this has left without malice and without double meaning, but they laughed a lot, then I realized (explaining to the ones not from Brazil, "eat the donut" can be make anal sex). And they ate and liked it, gave me great pleasure to see the boys finishing my donut (with condensed milk). So I'm with the company for six months, the company has grown, I visit the three addresses (before it was just one store), colleagues and customers are very fond of me and I of them (because clients who have not seen me with sympathy got out, hehehehe).

Ah, and I created a personal blog on my second month in business: Tetesuda Tetê de Luz (something as "T. Bombshell T. T. of Light"). I had the nickname Tetê (in Portuguese, sounds like "TT") in my home town and a friend of mine from there made the play of words with "tesuda" (bombshell) at the time of the sex scandal. The female enemies made the play of words with "tê de luz" (T of light – in popular talk, that piece to connect three electrical appliances into the same socket). I write there mostly about everyday things, literature, university life, Computing and sexuality. Ops, sexuality is a thing of old ladies pretending to be liberals, my business is debauchery! My first posting was the famous video. The second and the third, shortly thereafter, were about two cases of academic bullshit. The fourth, shortly thereafter, was about good health habits.

At the same time, I also decided to pick up some extra income on the Guaicurus street. I told friends where I was serving. Until today came 16 friends from Sabara, 2 work colleagues, 5 friends from Santa Cruz do Escalvado and the brother of the wife of one of those friends from Santa Cruz do Escalvado because she saw the SMS and sent the guy to surveil her husband in Belo Horizonte. Ah, and Augustine came to see me too. He came, I was on the stairs, I called him, the doorman did not ask his identity card (we combine everything by mobile). I took his virginity. But you will not believe: I had colleagues in the edge of call me a prostitute, because I did the work for pleasure, and not for being at rock bottom. And my colleagues were all ugly, very skinny, fat, drug addicted or jobless, almost all of them showed that they did not like what they did. I conquered the customers and they only not didn’t lined up for me because they had no courage to stand in front of one another. I was there only for two months, but I serve the good customers still today. Some I already served in the store, I said that I was repairing laptops and when they needed the service, came to me (to repair the defective laptop) and came out with one more thing to praise me.

At the same time, I suggested to my boss that we did a small newspaper with some texts, among them some of mine, as our advertising, and he accepted. Then, we were gaining more customers, the company has grown, my salary increased, my quota in the company grew, the number of T. T. of Light's fans grew, the admiration of the ones who were fans grew, and I know I made a lot out there grow and no one was watching.


But I also had some displeasures, and with it I noticed some things. I'll take note of some things I've been thinking about in all this turbulence:

01) Who firstly gave the fanfare and condemned me most were the whores and the scoundrels. Second, came the "ex-bitches", the anorgasmic "mature" and the legalistic "gentlemen" with increasingly more frustrations and less sex. Well, joining everyone is almost all the people, but there is still society beyond that, right?

02) When one says that a woman's life was destroyed because of an "intimate video" posted on the internet, are three ideas behind it: to defame heterosexuality and to censor the internet.

03) The third idea (aha!) is to strengthen the arbitrariness of sluts and lesbians. Have you ever imagined a thief robbing a store with surveillance camera and, after being arrested, sue the business for moral damages? Worse: have you imagined the judge really condemning the business? If a video of me, am I myself literally at will, is deleted from the internet because I opened a lawsuit saying it hurts my honor (I will still come back to this point), what else can I scrape the map? A comment on Facebook saying how I serve badly the customers of the company where I work? I can publish that a man who views pornography is childish, that a man who seeks a prostitute is incompetent, that a woman who publishes a photo wearing a bikini is vulgar, that whoever who reads a right-wing website is mentally handicapped, but whoever publishes ten words that displease me will be obliged to delete?

04) If I had said that I was betrayed, really crying, perhaps killed myself, I would have had dozens of feminists saying I was a victim of patriarchy. But as I took it easy, no word from them. Ops, I forgot: a bisexual feminist said I was mocking of the girls who were destroyed by machismo. And she was to say it just in my blog.

05) Who said I can have the sex life that I want are the ones who more talk bad of me, and after much talk bad about me.

06) Who signed my resignation for the well-being of public service because of an intimate video of six years before was a secretary indicted for embezzlement and fraud in bidding at the same time, and he is not arrested only because the judge ignored the evidences. Why a bad attendant can continue in the store, a corrupt can be cop, a killer may be a congressman, but a woman with a sexual record outside the workplace harms the image of her employer? Next municipal elections, I will be candidate to city councilwoman and I already got my slogan: "Vote T. Bombshell T. T. of Light, because it is better doing double penetration than corruption".

07) Those pictures that my new friend had, I told him "I'll put in my profile and you can share too". He commented later that when he showed the photos to a friend of his, he had more concern that three guys he saw in the same day smoking marijuana inside a bus (collective) in Ponte Nova.

08) As recently as four years ago, I read cases of women who lost jobs because they did commercial erotic or pornographic material. Lately, I see the same thing with "intimate video" or "intimate photo". Why? Only a porn star fucks and can show? Pretty soon we will return to that time when pregnant women hid the pregnancy and said that babies were delivered by storks.

09) So, does releasing a video or a picture of me of nudity or sex hurt my honor and violate my privacy? If I'm at a family lunch and someone takes a picture of me eating pasta like a starving with my chin red with sauce and publish it on Facebook, will be about 100 comments from people amused, and perhaps I myself will laugh. Why when someone sees my thighs bare it has to be this drama?

10) So, is every woman in a amateur sex video or a pornographic material a human person, with her father, with her brother, with her dreams, with a human dignity? Do not tell! Who said hetero sex is disrespect to the woman's body?

11) So, does a woman in a amateur sex video or pornographic material, or even wearing a bikini in an advertisement, trivialize herself? What will you make me a special woman? No one man (or only one) know my navel? Believing that my dignity and the dick of a man who sees me are on a seesaw, one goes up and the other goes down?

12) I've seen nymphets who married for interest with old men having family support. Why when I appear in a video having sex, my mother hates me? Is it better to be bastard behind the curtain than make good things with everyone watching me on the internet?

13) Who speaks about women victims of the pornography industry or prostitution, or the exposure of "intimacy" on the internet, would not let one of these "victims" to be a teacher of his son in 1st grade. Who really thinks that sex is not dirty do not think that a woman who made a porn movie can not be a teacher.

14) Why do all my intellectual, professional and moral qualities disappear when someone finds out I'm a prostitute, I made a porn movie or only I like sex more than the mother of the one who talks? If it is macho stereotype, why no one feminist discovered a porn star with a university degree or a prostitute with an intelligent conversation? Why no female feminist professor, political or philosopher hinted that she ever touched a man in life, except her husband? I have to choose between lack of cocks and lack of qualities?

15) Several men have told me personally, on my Facebook profile and in my blog that I am beautiful, I like sex and I am friendly; that I am beautiful, I like sex and I am smart; that I am beautiful, I like sex and I have a great character. Women have told me that I am very beautiful and have a very good university degree to go after man; or that they respect my ideas and my debaucheries (they only respect), but admire my inner strength and my intelligence; or they only offended me.

16) Is it honorable to me that no one can imagine me sucking a dick?

Now, I go to sleep to get the job tomorrow. Since these days are hot, I will sleep naked on a mattress on the living room floor. Today, I am in the house of a former colleague of mine at UFMG who is already there waiting for me. I'll take a photo to post on Facebook with appropriate black bands on his face and on my milk cow tits.

Questo testo in italiano senza fumetti di libertinaggio in Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: TETESUDA: io Ho Fatto Sesso, Ho Filmato, Mi è Piaciuto, Ho Assunto e Ho Propagato (un romanzo da Abigail P. Aranha),
Questo testo in italiano con fumetti di libertinaggio in Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: TETESUDA: io Ho Fatto Sesso, Ho Filmato, Mi è Piaciuto, Ho Assunto e Ho Propagato (un romanzo da Abigail P. Aranha),
Eso texto en español sin dibujos de putaría en Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: TETESUDA: yo Tuve Relaciones Sexuales, Filmé, me Gustó, yo Asumí y Propagué (una novela de Abigail P. Aranha),
Eso texto en español con dibujos de putaría en Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: TETESUDA: yo Tuve Relaciones Sexuales, Filmé, me Gustó, yo Asumí y Propagué (una novela de Abigail P. Aranha),
This text in English without debauchery cartoons at Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: TETESUDA: I Had Sex, I Filmed, I Liked it, I Assumed and I Spread (a novel by Abigail P. Aranha),
This text in English with debauchery cartoons at Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: TETESUDA: I Had Sex, I Filmed, I Liked it, I Assumed and I Spread (a novel by Abigail P. Aranha),
Texto original em português sem desenhos de putaria no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade: TETESUDA: eu Transei, Filmei, Gostei, Assumi e Espalhei,
Texto original em português com desenhos de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: TETESUDA: eu Transei, Filmei, Gostei, Assumi e Espalhei,

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