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Women Against Feminism and Feminism against them - part 4: twenty years of silence

Abigail Pereira Aranha

It was 1992 when Pat Robertson said: "The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians" ("Equal Rights Initiative in Iowa Attacked", Washington Post, August 23 1992, To this day, there are many people citing it as if the pastor had said a big dumbness, but the worst is that he was very right. And it was also the beginning of the 90s when he began to Third Wave Feminism. Wow, was also at this epoch when ended the Soviet Union! But why, then, the churches did not denounced Socialism and Feminism in the 90s?

Well, folks, I have to insist: the traditional Christian churches were never obstacle to Feminism, even in the nineteenth century. The pattern of the relationship between husband and wife is the one between Christ and the church, to give an example. And when Socialism was consolidating, it infiltrated also in the churches, even the traditional, plus the "winds of doctrine" especially the 60's over here. Socialists in the formal power could corrupt the church. In Brazil, we reached the point of having the PRB (Brazilian Republican Party), connected to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, supporting the lesbo-nazist leftist former guerrilla Dilma Rousseff in the election for the presidency last year, in exchange for an position for a pastor in a ministry. Indeed, this Universal Church also has its own newspaper, Folha Universal, and has part in the Portal R7, both became heaps of banalities and leftism.

Given that I was born in 91, the older ones know better than me: evangelicals and Protestants in traditional churches become dinosaurs in their own churches for defending behaviors, ideas and even doctrines that were standards 30 or 40 years ago. In the Catholic case, Pope Francis I said that "homosexual people have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community"[1]. What the f@%# is this, fellow?! It is true that the Catholic Church is not homophobic, or would not have been left any homosexual in Christian countries, but the Bible says that homosexuals will not enter Heaven (Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:10).

So, leftism entered the church, and this last could play hit scarecrows: the lost world of 90% Christian, the great company that has a pact with the Devil, the evangelical church splitting and one group accuses the other of being of the Devil, boys under 10 years addicted to pornography, etc. And also the fight against the "pornography" which includes any woman with short clothes in programs and ads at television. Oh, and by what we hear in conversations of evangelical women (especially from the new churches, but more and more from the traditional ones), Satan is very interested in annoying unfriendly bitches who try to hide their rotten past in the church and underemployed mummies with consumerist dreams.

Perhaps you have seen a piece of the propaganda against prostitution and pornography saying that a woman in these activities is someone's daughter or sister. With one sentence, traditionalist women and feminist women agree: "intercourse is the pure, sterile, formal expression of contempt for women’s bodies"[2]. Who campaigns against prostitution and pornography, trying to show opposing arguments, ends up showing his / her own psychotic gimnophobia, showing how (s)he sees heterosexuality itself as unclean, even if (s)he is not a feminist of the most disgusting lesbian. But this shows us more. For traditionalist women, including many anti-feminists, a woman is subjected to another man (father or brother) to NOT to have sex with a man of worth. For feminist women, this woman is free, but also to NOT to have sex with him. And for both groups, this woman, a woman doing an advertising with sexy pose and clothing, or a woman who is prostitute or in adult industry has not to be FREE TO, she has to be SET FREE FROM offering sex or showing her body to this man. In fact, I brought the case in 2013, shown by a Facebook friend: evangelical women leaders have joined lesbo-feminist Gail Dines to censor pornography in Canada. As the Brazilian humourist Millor Fernandes said, "it's democracy when I rule over you, it's dictatorship when you rule over me".

Until the beginning of this decade, intelligent men and women of good character joined the feminist just because anti-feminist women, the little they manifested, made it to seem that the fight was the anorgasmic archaic devout women, even the friendliest, against feminists who were bizarre lesbians but still spoke well, some of them preaching sexual freedom only to reproach Christianity. So, I myself, atheist and advocate of licentiousness, I made a modest blog against Feminism and the mediocrity of the feminine universe, back in the mid-2000s. And until 2011, it seems that I was the only woman in Brazil to write about these subjects often, perhaps also in English or Spanish, with my blog in other languages.

But if all the difference between the traditional Christian woman and the perverse generation is some tics, a neurotic anti-sexuality and a speech in which she herself barely believes, she will be discarded in the medium term by the socialist movement itself. And it's here where enter the Women Against Feminism. And they already err ugly preaching against a supposed bitching encouraged by Feminism. The greatest female preacher against the family and chastity in Brazil is me!

Another detail, which you reader may not have noticed: did you ever notice that the anti-feminist women are often young, some 20 or 30 years? A feminist woman can claim that the Women Against Feminism were not born in the 60s, and she will be right. But their mothers were. When Pat Robertson said that quote, the mother has more or less with the years old of her daughter today. What she thought at that time, if she found preachers like that? Where are the mothers while their daughters publish posters "I do not need Feminism" in social networks? Explaining it better: if, being a woman, I believed in 2006 that I could not stay quiet in my corner seeing the poverty of spirit of women in general, and even I did not know much about Feminism and misandry, because mothers of Women Against Feminism think they can? Explaining it much better: what the mothers of Women Against Feminism are ESCAPING TO SAY about Feminism?

And, finally, Women Against Feminism are not Women Activists for Men's Rights. They are against Feminism also because this is turning into shame being a man and honest and making women victims of each other as few were of the worst men. In fact, a case of the week before the one I wrote this text: "Bar female owner orders raping female neighbor and she telephones asking 'if she liked'" (O Tempo, March 16, 2015,, the victim had given a complaint to the police against the woman owner of the bar the day before (13) for disturbance. What does this have to do with Feminism? "We" want to expel men from the Politics and senior positions saying women are angels. Women Against Feminism want to go back to the 90's, when they had the good of the "machismo" and the good of the Feminism. If not for the freedom that the feminine universe itself gives itself to show its worst, anti-feminist traditionalist women would be even more despised. And they may have arrived too late: Feminism may be discarding women as Socialism made with proletarians.


[1] "Concílio de bispos pede que a Igreja 'aceite e valorize' os homossexuais", El País, October 13, 2014,

[2] Andrea Dworkin, "Intercourse" (1987), chapter 7, "Occupation/Collaboration",

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