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Viva prostitution, pornography and... civil liberties

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Good evening, my friends and my female enemies. I commented on January 11, on "Os inocentes e idiotas ex-úteis 2: falta de s..., mentiras e Comunismo" (The former useful innocent and idiots 2: lack of s..., lies and Communism,

In Brazil, we had the case of a public servant in Brasilia, Denise Leitão Rocha, who was fired because an intimate video with her was posted on the internet in August 2012 ( She was advisor to Senator Ciro Nogueira, who was in the Joint Parliamentary Committee Inquiries known as "Cachoeira CPI", investigating a corruption scheme by contractor Carlinhos Cachoeira. The case, everything leads to believe it, was raised only to make an opposition senator, Demostenes Torres, be placed in its middle and be drawn away for corruption, because he not only he was an outstanding senator and he was a notorious opponent of president Lula and had a character acknowledged even by enemies. And also because the media resembled Mensalão case, case in which members of the PT paid opposition politicians to vote in favor of projects of the Lula government, which was discovered in 2005 and got nothing up there unless the revoking of one of operators and the congressman who denounced it. "Denise Furacão" (Denise Hurricane) was exonerated in August 2012 as soon as the case came to the public (the video was 2006); Demostenes Torres was revoked in July 2012, narrowly he has not left after Denise; just last month those involved in Mensalão were tried and convicted. Then, following the principle of proportionality and priority, being a public servant, and being in a sex video on the Internet is more serious than being a corrupt politician, and being in a politician of the opposition to a socialist government engaged in a scheme only for corruption is more serious than being a politician in the party of this same socialist government engaged in a scheme of corruption and attack on democracy.

The indicative rating of the movie American Pie is over 16 years because of scenes of frontal nudity, but for a little a vulgar material to "withdraw prejudice" against homosexuality ("Gay Kit") is no longer distributed in Brazil by government itself among students of the first grade of public school, some still children. The "moralistic" lady who has a teenage son can use the "parental control" for him not to see naked women on the internet, but if the browser is Chrome, she herself would access the Mídia Sem Máscara (Media Without Mask) a few months ago and see the message that the page is known for install malicious software. But it is not only in Brazil.

In the United States, President Bill Clinton underwent a process of impeachment accused of sexually abusing a White House intern. There, prostitution is a crime, and an illustrative case was that of a man who sought a stripper for son's birthday party and the woman was an undercover policewoman especially to find and arrest men seeking prostitutes. But meanwhile, a Muslim African leftist was in the presidence country and just because besides being anti-American, foreigner and Muslim was proven that he uses false documents, all of this was no reason for him to lose office or reelection. And while was going to vote a law to create a pretext to persecute the porn industry, government Barack Hussein Obama was spying on journalists who were critical of the government and even ordinary citizens. His predecessor, George W. Bush, also censored the criticism against the government in the press and made patrol in the internet (Obama promised to finish it) while doing a campaign for sexual abstinence before marriage with public money.

In France, a law to fine clients of prostitutes was passed, but before that gay marriage was approved.

In England, a law was passed forcing ISPs to block adult content unless the customer requests otherwise. But Norton Antivirus flags all masculinist pages in English as infected, and several have already been classified as hate speech. (Thanks to my friend Charlton Heslich Hauer, Sexo Privilegiado (Sex privileged) blog, for this information)

In Argentina, an erotic video with a girl of 13 years old shared between students was a scandal, but a boy of 6 years old was authorized for sex change after the mother even asked for president Cristina Kirchner. The case of the girl of 13 years old had psychologists giving lectures in school. And what if they were in the school of 6 boy mention of his case as abnormal?

In China, software to block adult content blocked also content censored by the government, and citizens have won cash reward for report pages and phones with erotic content. After it, one says that Communism produces sexual release (it was true in the beginning).

The social network Facebook deletes sensual images and even photos of women breastfeeding if the nipple appears and blocks these users, but also deletes anti-leftist, anti-feminist and traditional Christians profiles and pages. And while any friend request not accepted or most provocative photo (not always sexually) can lead to suspension of seven days or more, I denounced months ago feminist and black movement pages advocating for the killing of men, and they are still active today.

If I say that legalization or acceptance of prostitution and pornography in a region increase with the level of freedom and development of it, will it make sense to my friends? I already know that my female enemies will say that swallow cum every day is bad for the brain, hehehehe. I will try to prove it:

  1. When prostitution or keeping a house of prostitution was a crime in Brazil and (simultaneously) the penalty for rape was lower if the victim was a prostitute, was up to the beginning of the 40s, men and women could not even choose their own spouse, parents separated their son from the woman or their daughter from the man because they perceived they loved each other. In fact, the beautiful image that many conservatives use to defend the family and attack sex, of a couple who loves one another and is happy because of the marriage, is a very recent achievement even in developed countries.
  2. The worst countries for human rights are the same that more repress prostitution and pornography (China and Islamic countries).
  3. The United States is considered a reference in freedom and punish prostitution with imprisonment, both clients and prostitutes, but this does not refute the thesis. After all, the man or the woman can be arrested only for prostitution, which makes seeking or offering a good fuck literally be a police matter. And there was a time when at least in part of the country there was a separation between whites and blacks.
  4. A bankrupt country can even provide prostitutes for foreign tourists (okay, they offer themselves to earn extra money), always girls expelled from home, mothers with no prospect of husband and employment, girls exploited by powerful criminals or sluts trying to get out. But we have never seen a porn movie coming from there.
  5. The experiences of legalization and regulation of prostitution occurred in developed or developing countries, like in our Brazil we have bill PL 4211/2012 of regulation of prostitution (by deputy Jean Wyllys, Socialism and Freedom Party - PSOL - which is a big fag and gayist, but here he was admirable).
  6. Draft legislations to block pornography on Internet in developed countries only came after a consolidation of Feminism in national life and growth of Islamic representation.
  7. Cities, regions and countries where illiterate peasants or provincial military transform any contact of a man with a daughter or sister of one of them in a pathetic battle are not usually known for technological production, for cultural production, for a large company, etc. The United States only is the exception to this rule because they were not too bothered by England in the time of the colony and managed exit of the Second World War with half the world's gold, or it would be one British Guiana.
  8. The feminists are opposed to prostitution and pornography (there are supposed exceptions, which in practice are part of the rule). These same are insensitive to cases of men arrested for false allegations of rape, sexual harassment or assault against a woman, something that can be made against a man just because he is against socialism (as Dr. Milton Simon Pires) or because he has a exemplary curriculum and said that women who are bad professionals are bad professionals (as the delegate Pinho).

Ah, and why a prostitute, a stripper or, perhaps, an erotic model or porn star can not have a second occupation? Or vice versa, why a "common" woman can not be a prostitute or do erotic or pornographic material without having to hide it and without being penalized? A woman loses her job because was discovered that she is a prostitute, made a pornographic work or has a personal blog with erotic content. You mean the company pays that pittance to buy her life? Why the company is not obliged to pay compensation for it, besides, probably, suffer the loss of expel a good employee (as it often do it because of an intrigue of a envious female colleague)? In fact, let's take a look at the company that makes it, whether it has lovable attendants, whether it values who has merit, whether it is a government agency that deserves respect, whether it is a school where the teachers care more about the education than about bureaucrats from the Department of Education. And another: you, friends, have realized that those who say that prostitution and pornography are degrading to women are so concerned about criminalizing heterosexuality that they have never seen a mentally healthy, educated and well qualified professional woman in these environments?

Furthermore, did you ever notice that the mere seeking porn or the mere going to a brothel looks like a passing through a interdimensional gateway? The repression against and the difficulties to the adult industry, the prostitution or merely seeing porn is still high, it was even higher in the past decades. We can see even a porn scene in a public place, or in a beach, but we will not see a bird besides the actors. Why? It's not only because of the sexphobia in our society, it's also because "real world" is a place in where when a male greets a female, unless in a cold conversation, generally it results between rudeness by the woman and a murdering by her stupid boyfriend, via a chance of charge of sexual harassment.

Finally, let us go to the very idea of individual freedom. Individual freedom is not the individual doing whatever wants arbitrarily, is the individual having the right to seek his or her own well-being while also doing good for the people of his or her surroundings. When someone in a group has the right to be well in a way that damages another person in certain other group unfairly, this group does not have the freedom that corresponds to that damage. Thus, we do not have individual freedom, but freedom of one group and lack of freedoms of another group. The good prostitute makes a good thing, the good porn actress makes a good thing, the woman who does decent sex with a man without a stable relationship makes a good thing. If these women have legal or social problems to do what they do, it is an individual freedom that they lose, and that men who would benefit from lose of enjoying what they would offer. And the removal of that liberty necessarily means freedom of other women to censor sex of everyday life, with exception of a poor and horrible offer to their husbands who endured ugly face from their parents for this; and also the freedom of other men to censor a sexual vitality that they themselves did not have and are frustrated because of it.

And the aversion to prostitution and pornography are outcomes of the poverty of the relationship between men and women in general. Every woman who makes an ugly face seeing a photo of a hottie in bikini is a person with little to offer and that protects a facade of majesty offering much less. I myself try to enrich the lives of the men I cherish in my real life and, in addition to good conversations, sports, pampering, good food and seeing porn and non-porn together, I also offer, when I can and they accept, good places for them to accommodate their sausages. Then, I would like to see the naughtiness allowed so I can see the boys accessing my blog with porn in a cybercafe in peace and open my micro enterprise of parties offering parties with me and my team half-naked with teenagers allowed as regular company, hehehehe.

Questo testo in italiano senza foti e filmati di dissolutezza in Men of Worth Newspaper / Concrete Paradise: Viva la prostituzione, la pornografia e... le libertà civili,
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Eso texto en español con fotos e peliculas de putaría en Periódico de Los Hombres de Valía / Paraíso Tangible: Viva la prostitución, la pornografía y... las libertades civiles,
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Texto original em português com fotos e vídeos de putaria no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam: Viva a prostituição, a pornografia e... as liberdades civis,

Seção de sexo, safadeza, putaria, mulher pelada, pornografia

Secção dedicada ao meu amigo Filezinho Recife, que foi denunciado ao Facebook porque mulheres estúpidas que não gostam de sexo e as mulheres bem torneadas viram pornografia como estas em seu perfil.

Sezione de sesso, libertinaggio, lussuria, donna nuda, pornografia

Sezione dedicata al mio amico Filezinho Recife, che è stato denunciato per Facebook, perché donne stupide che non amano il sesso e le donne a forma di pozzo hanno visto porno come queste nel suo profilo.

Sex, lust, debauchery, naked woman, pornography section

Section dedicated to my friend Filezinho Recife, who has been denounced to Facebook because of stupid women who don't like sex and well-shaped women have seen porn like these in his profile.

Sección de sexo, perrez, putaría, mujer desnuda, pornografía

Sección dedicada a mi amigo Filezinho Recife, que ha sido denunciado a Facebook debido a que mujeres estúpidas que no les gusta el sexo y las mujeres bien formadas han visto pornografías como estas en su perfil.

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