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Machismo was created by women - part 7: why even feminists are moralistic? (and why the macho males talk like your grandmother?)

Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Concrete Paradise): El machismo fue creado por las mujeres - parte 7: ¿por qué incluso las feministas son moralistas? (¿y por qué los hombres machistas hablar como tu abuela?),
Eso texto en español (con fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Paraíso Tangible): El machismo fue creado por las mujeres - parte 7: ¿por qué incluso las feministas son moralistas? (¿y por qué los hombres machistas hablar como tu abuela?),
This text in English (without sex pics and movies, at Concrete Paradise): Machismo was created by women - part 7: why even feminists are moralistic? (and why the macho males talk like your grandmother?),
This text in English (with sex pics and movies, at Paraíso Tangible): Machismo was created by women - part 7: why even feminists are moralistic? (and why the macho males talk like your grandmother?),
Texto original em português (sem fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade): O machismo foi criado pelas mulheres – parte 7: porque até as feministas são moralistas? (e porque os homens machistas falam igual a sua avó?),
Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam): O machismo foi criado pelas mulheres – parte 7: porque até as feministas são moralistas? (e porque os homens machistas falam igual a sua avó?),

Abigail Pereira Aranha


Why in old times a woman with loose hair was considered a wanton women? Why a woman smile at a man meant she was a chick? Why a couple exchanging affection in public was indecent? The list goes on. But most importantly: why women had accepted so many nonsense? And you see, I'm saying accept as who makes an option in exchange for benefits. I will explain why.

Tania Nienkotter Rocha, my favorite feminazist, also advocates moral and good manners

Chastity before marriage results happy relationships

According to the study, couples who had not sex before marriage end up having more stable and happy relationship, besides a more satisfying sex life. The study published in the journal "Journal of Family Psychology", of the American Psychological Association, reveals that people who practiced abstinence until the night of marriage gave scores 22% higher for the stability of their relationship than others. The scores for satisfaction with the relationship were also 20% higher among couples who have waited so with questions about quality of sexual life (15% higher) and communication between spouses (12% higher). Over two thousand people answered an online questionnaire assessment of marriage called "RELATE", which included questions such as when the respondent became sexually active in the relationship. Although research has been done by Brigham Young University, funded by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the researcher Dean Busby said he has controlled the influence of religious involvement in the analysis of the material.

Source: SRZD (the blog is already down)

Okay, the text is not hers. But she only copies the text on her own blog, without comments, then she must have agreed.

Feminist women about sexism

This is the recipe for being a panicat [a girl of the Brazilian program Pânico na TV]! I'm pumped, ignorant, without self-esteem and submit myself to all the humiliations of macho perverts.

From our favorite anti-male, Tania Nienkotter Rocha, "Recipe for being a panicat: ignorant, pumped and with much cellulite",

When she becomes a beautiful young woman what this poor victim of familiar ignorance and macho Brazilian society does? She applies for a muse of some idiocy - or will dance with Ronaldinho Gaucho legs in the program Pânico na TV. Help! Stop the world I wanna get off!

She again, Tania Nienkotter Rocha, "Musas e Panicats - Exemplos da ignorância e submissão feminina" (Muses and Panicats - Examples of ignorance and submission), I would give the entire text, but the blog went down.

In my opinion, legalize prostitution is to say what is right to treat women as objects, as commodities to be bought by amounts previously stipulated. Understanding prostitution as a contract between people is depoliticize prostitution and concealing that it is primarily and above all a question of power and a question of exploitation of the weaker by the stronger.

Adília (from Sexismo e Misoginia - Sexism and Misogyny), "Transformar sexo em trabalho" (Turning sex into work),

To those who favor the legalization of prostitution, who consider the prostitutes "workers" of sex, who do not see anything more in this kind of work - one like any other one - I ask why they do not draw the logical consequences of this view and do not encourage their daughters, sisters, mothers or even wives, to follow the career?


Beer Devassa has faced some problems with CONAR and has saying it's a martyr of censorship with this video, very niggard. Well, this episode did not mean much to anyone, further because he did not touch the central problem of marketing of beer: it relies on female racialized, sexualized and objectified stereotypes.

Bárbara Araújo Machado (from Ou Barbárie - Or Barbarism), "A Devassa e a mulher negra: 'Só corpo, sem mente'" (The Devassa and black women: "Only the body, no mind"), Bold in original.

Pornography seems to me being a powerful instrument of brutalization of the people and their relationships. For brutalisation I understand the destruction of sensitivity, especially to what is smooth and spontaneous. And hunger, military repression, prostitution, and mass media pornography as a modern version of prostitution in the series are the core forms of repression and brutalization without which the Imperialist Capitalist Patriarchal System could not be supported. For we to accept to be dominated, for we to be just ordenated to anything, especially the unjust, without the natural reaction of resistance, it is necessary to make us feel sick, weak, unable or simply that we find natural to suffer injustice and violence against what is beautiful or important to us, against what we believe, against what we are and want to be and build.

"Manifesto Antipornografia" (Antipornography Manifesto), or

The group of Central Masculinist and some macho on family and traditional values (or lack thereof)

They clearly believe that the customs of 5000 years should be abolished from day to night because they concluded that this was not good for women and for the rest of humanity. They want to prove the things of biological order by studying just history and sociology.

Lobo Sagrado, "Os três tipos de feministas" (The three types of feminists),

Lobo Sagrado said he is agnostic. So when I said that the macho are religious, in his case I was half right, hehehehe.

In Brazil, for example, women have all the freedom the world. Complete freedom to show his butts on the beach, carnival, half-naked or completely naked in men's magazines. Whether single or married, mothers, they can. They have all freedom to fuck whomever they want, sexual freedom, total freedom to study, work, go and do whatever they want. The culture has changed a lot thanks to social and sexual revolutions between 1950's and 1960's. Women of the West are no longer submissive to parents or husbands, even less children. Muslim women are.

Daniel Coelho, "Mulher Submissa, Vítima do Machismo" (Submissive Woman, Victim of Machismo),

The term "periguete" designates those women who are around her mid-thirties (28-34) and could not hold an alpha male, provider, during his promiscuous sexual career performed in her youth and now at the end of his career ending with the beauty of your body try at all costs to hold males that have potential providering, which can sustain them and even start a family.

(...) This is one of the side effects of feminism and its policy of unbridled anti-family sexual freedom and religion.

Minerim (from Mulher Gosta é de Homem Babaca - Women Like Asshole Men), "O Brasil é a nação das Periguetes!!!" (Brazil is the nation of Periguetes),

Having rejected the only ideology that could safely fight the sexual perversion, Europe accomodates prostitution.

Marxismo Cultural, "Decadência: Boxes para prostitutas 'trabalharem' com mais privacidade" (Decadence: Boxes for prostitutes "work" with more privacy),

DP is one of the most degrading things for a man to know.

Go now a porn site and see WHAT IS Double penetration. It is EXTREMELY humiliating.

"[Dúvida] Esse caso deve ser perdoado?" ([Doubt] This case should be forgiven?), quoted in Mulher Gosta é de Homem Babaca,

Why feminists and machos have morals and good customs in common

Experience shows that if the two enemies in a war or two opponents in a debate agree or look very much on something, it is suspicious. As I mentioned in my text on Dialectic, thesis and antithesis always kick out the truth.

The feminists (men and women) say that machismo represses women's sexuality. Okay, so why Catholicism which sent witches to the stake, according to some feminist women to suppress female sexuality, now has more than a billion adherents? And Islam that stones even women rape victims and has another billion and something? We can safely say that two of every five women in the world are Catholic or Muslim. And why even lesbians feminists are not atheists? The biggest problem for God or Allah is being a male? I talk about it in Part 6.

But shouldn't be only the macho men repudiating the women who saw more than a dick in their life? Do women love moralism? Yes! Why?

Firstly, morality is even a misnomer. Moral is honesty, altruism, sympathy, etc. Morality should not be a name for a horror of an orgasm of illiterate unsightly devout women. And the vast majority of women are more than ugly, sordid, hypocritical, cowardly, unintelligent and poor content. Then come the traditionalist societies. The worst women have always profited from what is called "moral and good manners," or so many women would not have supported it for centuries. Let's see?

  1. Where the moral is horror of cock, some short ideas, accept without even thinking about asking some fancies and some gestures to mark the appearance, any woman who is stupid, futile, illiterate, poor, cowardly, frustrated, frigid and UGLY can be "correct".
  2. Few women were prevented from doing something they really wanted so much. Ah, but even to work out was a stuff of bitches. Well, few women who really were interested, for example, by car mechanics thought to spare a husband who earned to support her and the children by vocation.
  3. Ah, but a woman also could not even go out to the street alone, or hardly can go to a (male) friend's house today without the people talking. You see that even today in decent countries many women have little contact with men while in a depressing relationship with some rude man because they make an OPTION. There are much more lovable men than women say. When a man wants to get closer, she herself speaks of the idiot to divert the poor man.
  4. Oh, and women hardly spoke with a man not her husband not only because there was no DNA testing because it was useful not to arouse suspicion of their "moral". Life was hard, and women were only interested in the job market after some comforts and labor rights conquered by men.
  5. It was very difficult a man having contact with any woman who was not his wife or of his family. Very interesting thing for a unpleasant woman. Thus, any woman could get married and every man got married with any woman who could get close.
  6. There have been time that was said to be an actress, for example, was something of a bitch? Yes. But that thing would be better for a envious nut than if every beautiful and famous woman was a thing what for her (and everyone) is a defect?
  7. Loose hair being thing of wanton women? The Western woman today who overvalues the beauty care first of what? The hair. The hair is the face frame. For a woman who besides empty, ugly and nasty is poor, a culture where a beautiful woman with a beautiful loose hair is indecent is a good opportunity to not seem frustrated and envious.
  8. There have been time when couples exchanging affection in public was considered indecent. Even today there are bars in Brazil with signs forbidding. Well, couples of that era were very unhappy, they did not even chose one another. A man and a woman who enjoyed each other's company was a smoke in the eyes.
  9. Why feminist women do not talk about the situation of women in Islamic countries? When we saw reports of murders of women in Islamic countries or Islamic communities with some comment has always been on masculinist or even macho blogs. Do they also think that a woman is protected and loved in Islam such as Daniel Coelho said in the text above (in another section)? Apparently it's so. Life in the Middle East is worse than the rural life here. If our heroic bra-burners women of the West does not want to be truck drivers, mechanical, bricklayers, imagine if the women there will want to get out of the terrible oppression of the husband or father to take the tough life at the dry air and the heat of 105, 120 Fahrenheit degrees. Let men working hard to sustain some wives and dozens of children. Unless, of course, for the wealthy, which incidentally may have several wives. Do you see how all that touch-me-not is useful for women?
  10. And why women in the hole of the Garden of Allah suffer the terrible oppression of walking covered down the neck and at least a veil on her head to not show their hair and unable to even look at a man? Well, there women are horrible, mostly illiterate and use this coverage to protect themselves from each other and especially to protect their husbands from sexy women. Does it make sense to you?
  11. When feminist women talk about sexuality, is to condemn rape, advocating abortion, even to defend lesbianism. And for them, the woman who believes that heterosexuality is the normal is homophobic, even if she do not hate homosexuals or support violence against homosexuals. But they never advocated contraception (they even boycotts male pill) and never advocated a non-monogamous sex life for women (sexual liberation for them is lesbianism and abortion). Woman eating with two or three chopsticks or who is with a good man today and another tomorrow (like Abigail) are most hated and called sluts by other women than by men.
  12. Prostitution and pornography is not speech. I'll still talk more about it. But even those scenes of soap operas in which the couple kiss and appears in bed under the sheets would be pornography a few decades ago (even today there are some weak cocks saying this is porn). To shorten: was what the average woman had no interest or courage to do sexually that determined the "pornography", and not vice versa.
  13. Prostitution and pornography, why in the machoer societies they are MORE fought, even with imprisonment or death penalty? I talk about this in Part 4 (at Paraíso Concreto and at A Vez das Mulheres). And why feminists also fight prostitution and pornography, sometimes with a speech much like a sermon like one in a church of illiterates? Because usually a woman to appear naked have to be pretty or sexy, and the feminists women and "moral" women besides unsympathetic or at least empty are ugly. That is, is pure ENVY of a woman who has SOMETHING pleasant.
  14. In "moralist" societies also elders are taken very seriously. Valuing an elderly only for the elderly may be convenient for decadent, ignorant and ridiculous people. Who is wise, calm, intelligent, can be valued for these qualities, not by white hair. When parents teach their children to bow to any clown with wrinkles, they are thinking of themselves when they are decaying, slow, sick and unhappy.
  15. Combat atheism or even a faith more shaky is essential. Associate crime, evil, human sacrifices to atheism is very convenient for those already accustomed to believe in what was never proven. Because the order is the destruction or isolation of those who can at least have the courage to think.
  16. And why beautiful women do not swim against the tide? Some even do some things outside the standard, but nothing to drop a foot in the face of the hypocritical and dumb society. Because if all this crap is to benefit women who are poor of spirit, they themselves can be poor in spirit and intelligence. It's not every beautiful or attractive woman to be futile and stupid, but to date a woman who is beautiful or has a reasonable body (sometimes not even that, only breasts or a butts a little bigger) can go out walking the street with a suit, decollete or glued clothes and be looked and bootlicked by dozens of suckers. Sometimes an frustrated ugly woman striving studies is more worthy than a beauty. A woman attempting a revolution against the religious and anti-sexual stupidity, only with much character.

A "moralist" society served or serves well women who were or are poor, ugly, stupid, illiterate, alienated and mainly with aversion to cock, and is also an instrument to practice envy, mediocrity, intimidation and the pursuit of unhappiness of others. But all this envy and mediocrity was not only from horrible women. Came from men too.

The men of formerly macho societies were often poorly educated or illiterate, married with unattractive women that they did not choose. Otherwise, they were educated by macho mothers, in a limited society about information and worldviews allowed. Macho men TRIES to be "moralist" because they were educated and traumatized by their mommies and have not greatness to face or even think about the lesbian moralism, and men who do that are discriminated or killed, according to the place.

There's more: fathers have less moralists frills than mothers. Macho men can be stupid, but they are hypocrites. After all, they like women, especially women with a handful of qualities that can be physical or not. It is poor women that "morality" interest.

Have you ever seek meaning in men who read Playboy when are 13 years old fighting pornography when they grow up? Have you ever seek meaning in men who reach 13 years old wanting to fuck fighting prostitution when they grow up? Have you ever seek meaning in men RAPING MARES in a society that they could build their way? More odd than an oppressed working for their own oppression is an oppressor who makes an oppression where he loses more than earns.

As Mencken said: "The Puritan is one who lives suspicious that someone, somewhere, is happy. The immoral are those who are having more fun than us." The face of pleasure cause pain to the eyes of these beasts.

The serie "Machismo was created by women" in English at Paraíso Concreto (without lust)

The serie "Machismo was created by women" in English at Concrete Paradise (without lust)

The serie "Machismo was created by women" in English at Paraíso Tangible (with lust)

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The topic today is: whoring in the elderly.

Big beautiful tits on Michelle Barre...

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Pure fiction, a wife who looks like a doll, and furthermore let you fuck another woman, including her mother, hehehehe. Kidding, some rare women defend the open marriage.

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