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Let's fight against the feminazism

Eso texto en español (con fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas en Blogger): Vamos luchar contra el feminazismo,
Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Paraíso Tangible en Wordpress): Vamos luchar contra el feminazismo,
This text in English (with sex pics and movies, at A Vez das Mulheres at Thumblogger): Let's fight against the feminazism,
This text in English (without sex pics and movies, at Paraíso Concreto): Let's fight against the feminazism,
Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam): Vamos lutar contra o feminazismo,
Texto original em português (sem fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade): Vamos lutar contra o feminazismo,

Abigail Pereira Aranha

  1. A woman can close her face, hit, break things for anything that she does not like and does not bother to explain. But she need not worry about what she does or says to anyone that is not so stupid or overbearing like her.

  2. A woman who wants to marry a man her level up respects yourself. A man who wants to marry a woman who earns more than he is a pimp.

  3. If a man comes home like a wreck after a day in a horrible job, going and going back standing on a crowded bus, his wife bores him saying that he does not love her, not the value her, etc. If a woman comes home like a wreck after a day in a horrible job, going and going back standing on a crowded bus, she is tired.

  4. If a woman is in PMS, let the world bend it. If a man is with stress and speaks more loudly to the woman who is annoying him, he is cashing his problems in her.

  5. If a mural in a public place shows all men as aggressors, rudes, machoes, rapists, murderers, war-doers, perverted and incompetents, it's a fight in defense of women. If a man in a bar conversation says women do not respect or do not even see men of character, he is generalizing, is a get-nobody, frustrated, gay.

  6. If a man writes a text "what women want" (wow, was not the woman the black of the world?), he is sensitive. If a woman writes a text "what men want", she is a mixture of submissive housewife with a bitch who takes it all.

  7. If a wife asks her husband to fix the roof or to divide her tasks of house, the men are there for that. If the husband wants sex with his wife for the third or fourth time this month, he thinks women are only for sex and housework.

  8. If a man says "I can not", is grudgingly. If a woman denies something, she has grounds.

  9. A husband who is kind, loving, intelligent, hardworking, helpful, character and good in bed is found in any alley. A beautiful and moralist woman with one or two qualities among intelligence, simpathy, character and work is worth their weight in gold.

  10. If a woman had a child before age 18, has matured early. If a man has not a son at 30, he is a brat.

  11. If a woman is not married nor had children at age 25, is taking care of professional life. If a man is not married nor had children at age 25, he does not want to compromise.

  12. If a man has ethics, love of neighbor and kindness and likes pornography or is an atheist, is depraved and without moral principles. If a woman is veiled, inhuman and unpleasant, but is religious and defends sex only within marriage, she is a woman of principles.

  13. A woman wants her husband to remember the wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day, International Women's Day, Mother's Day. Even though she never says him something nice and she is the worst thing that happened in his life.

A woman finds unacceptable to receive something far less worse than that she thinks she have the right to do unto others.

And do not even work to make to the women parallels like these. Almost all really think that women are queens: are superior, they want to give orders and have the right to have whatever they want.

Women consider their most stupid fads (such as buying something that they never used), your PMS, your futile subjects to talk (as reality shows), their need to be pampered as a way of being that must be respected. While they have what to criticize in the hair, clothing and WAY OF BEING OF THE OTHERS.

Women are less and less concerned about being, doing or pretending anything good. Women shop assistants with a shit-face, beautiful women who do not give a smile, poor women who speak like police approaching gangster are very common. Ah, but men ... forget the men. Where are the women who are better than men in everything and will fix the world? Where are the women of the poems of International Women's Day, those who treat children with love and the others with gentleness?

The woman who opens her legs to get a job or a promotion is going into extinction. She is giving way to the woman who got his first job only for being a woman or because she had prepared while she was in college, playing clean or dirty, while male colleagues were more concerned with fucking sluts in the weekend or the moralistic girlfriend than in studying. And got the others by the experience of previous. And unless we act now, the boys can see even before old age:

  1. A woman can get the best jobs simply for being women. Some jobs are offered to women today. The man who sought work knows what I'm talking about.

  2. The end of heterosexual marriages. If you know any woman today married to a man who earns less than twice of her, usually is a woman with low education or who had a youth very limited. As women are increasingly gaining better, they need not be married.

  3. Prostitution and pornography will be crimes and will be truly punished. If you are a male and finds it good, you'll excuse me, you have no balls nor dignity. If you are a male and respects women, ok, but if you can not imagine a male who respects a prostitute and does not consider a porn star as of less value than a "family girl", you are a scoundrel hypocrite who learned their patterns of ugly, frigid, unhappy and hypocritical women (your mother and friends). If you are male and don't know to differentiate between prostitution and pornography and sexual exploitation, you hit the play of feminazis. When women dominate the world, men will be even more despised than they already are. Mainly because these men will be concentrated in the worst and most poorly paid jobs, so prostitution and pornography will not move enough money and will close the doors.

  4. Heterosexual sex will be considered rape. The working men of character already know how sex is difficult. They also see the worst trash if not fucking a lot of women, at least married. When the good man gets sex, it is with his wife, which appears after that his life is in order financially, or when she has exhausted all other options (including semi-literate thugs). When the miscreants enter into crisis and a man earn less than a woman, she will not fuck with anyone.

  5. Crimes against women will no longer be treated as violence, but will be treated as insubordination. This is a longer discussion, but have you ever noticed that violence and violence against women are two different things?

Thankfully, the problem of feminarcinazism is not in women. A woman can put a man in jail for sexual harassment and say that feminists do not represent her. And they are very afraid, very suspicious and very jealous of each other to put a colleague on the boards or in politics. It was not the union of the oppressed women who gave us Dilma Rousseff as president in Brazil, because despite being slight majority of the electorate they chose José Serra (her opposite, who lose the election). Although feminists remain silent about the unbalanced lesbian colleagues, I think they don't have a secret plan style Conspiracy Theory.

The strength of the lesbian Nazism is in males. In the poems to International Women's Day, those who speak of perfect women that do not exist in the real world, I do not know one of an author who identifies oneself which author is not a male. Are the men who after a lifetime fighting to have something finance credit card or the formation of the first bitch who give them attention. Are the men who find themselves blessed and forced to give their best when after 30 years, and put in order their lives financially honestly, find a bitch that went hand in hand (of miscreants and outcasts) in youth and is now thirty-odd years, in an evangelical church and giving them some attention. Are the men who think they've found a true woman when they find a goody frigid and narrow that behaves like a goody frigid and narrow, and find themselves blessed and forced to give their best in exchange for a dull life and a mediocre sex. A prominent woman almost always has a man behind (sometimes in the front). And most importantly: are the men who do not feel as men if do not have a wife and a child to support with what they accumulated in his whole life.

So, here's a strategy to combat lesbian narcinazism. It may seem silly, but if half the men do will ever do much good.

  1. If men are pussy-slaves, the problem is ours, not theirs alone. Because what I say about women a few years ago is something that any wise man over 30 years have already seen and more something, but usually this man is already married or is separated and with a son. Then this man has already begun to pay for their mistakes. And what's worse is that some creditors are women. And look, I that am a woman also am going to benefit in the struggle against lesbian Nazism, because so-called feminism and machismo fight in the first true women.

  2. Respect women, but don't feminist. Be prepared to find a woman who deserves your respect, but mainly to avoid wasting kindness and solidarity with those who deserve a beating.

  3. When a man on your side see a chick in short clothes and say "that sexy woman", give him a stiff. If women think (they sure) that with a body more or less, a pretty face and a provocative clothing they will be valued for that reason alone, if men overvalue women just because they're hot, women will never mature and men will spend the best of their lives with them.

  4. Do not marry, unless open marriage. Sex is a weapon and a commodity for women. In a conventional marriage with a woman, you do not have a woman only for you, you have the only woman available to you. And monopoly never is good. If a woman has to offer a man something beyond the only socially accepted opportunity for him to fuck someone, she will have no problem with open marriage. You have sex with another woman and she with another man neither mean you love each other less, nor will end your relationship.

  5. Defend prostitution and pornography. If you can, sign a paid porn site, to this business to continue making a profit. And forget talk of unsightly lesbo-nazi-puritanical that prostitution and pornography harm the woman. They use the disgusting tactic of mixing trafficking of women and sexual slavery with prostitution and pornography. And they believe that "heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women's bodies" (this phrase was said by a feminist and no woman has called about). Moreover, they step on the man as one step on a paper lying on the floor.

  6. Viva male comradeship. Replace the conversations on MSN with little women assholes that will not get anything and the weekend nights in places where it's easier you to leave with a hematoma than with a woman by the investment in friendship with men of character, kind and intelligent. Enter the "Campaign To Make A Kindness To A Male".

The oppression of men over women never existed, what existed was a world where was not easy for women to be single. And if the lesbo-nazi-moralism is deployed, some men will find that the world has always been dominated by women. It is likely that the SCUM Manifesto end showing itself as a psychopath lesbian delusion, because men are who to this day delivered the women to pay for their own vices and rascality (why no feminist seems to know of the existence of the SCUM Manifesto?). But even if the lesbonazist ideal goes to the hole, the men will go ahead if they do not act.

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