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2011 Abigail's Carnival, Holy Week and birthday party

Non-Brazilian readers: the account made here is not something typical in Brazil, not even the author are like typical Brazilian women. I recomend you to read my text "The Brazilian woman is a huge pent-up" before you read this text, if you didn't read it before.
Eso texto en español (con fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas): El Carnaval, la Semana Santa y la fiesta de cumpleaños de Abigail en 2011,
This text in English (with sex pics and movies, at A Vez das Mulheres at Thumblogger): Part 1: 2011 Abigail's Carnival, Holy Week and birthday party,, and Part 2: 2011 Abigail's Carnival, Holy Week and birthday party,
Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam): O carnaval, a Semana Santa e a festa de aniversário da Abigail de 2011,

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Our carnival has not big news. Miss Abigail, carnival, I say I fucked in the morning, noon and night, you will wonder what else is new. But the real news of this year's carnival is that it was an extended party to my birthday. My birthday was March 13, which besides being Sunday was the Sunday following the carnival. Then, from Saturday 5 until my birthday was only 2 workdays (but I also worked at the carnival).

loura-peituda-com-dois-Tampa-Bukkake-Clarissa-280411 -,0

The parties were also at my house in the countrysides at Lassance*. Friends came from other cities, and we brought friends from outside as well. In total there were 46 men and 18 women including me (we did not bother this time with the scheme two men for each woman). Had barbecue, tea and lemon balm (and it was good because this carnival it rained), breakfast, afternoon coffee, was a tourism package, only there was not rooms for everybody, then we asked for who was from the city not to sleep there to make room for someone who was outside. Again, there was alcohol at the party.

When I spoke of our naughtiness of the new year, a friend of mine wondered why our party was discrete and with selected guests, and I think it'll be good to talk about it here. It's because I am liberal, dirty, shameless, slut, chicken, really, I do not hide from anyone, but that does not mean that I fuck with anyone. There are men who think that if a woman is not a dull sexually repressed, she is trash. So I do not want to give a party with sex running loose for puritan men who forbid their daughters to have social networking profile and crude and jealous boyfriends. Otherwise, if I broach the subject with some pussy slave, will come 10 more at the party, and then will be some 20 men for every woman. And the party was for friends. And the same friend, which says himself atheist/agnostic, found square attitude our party to be alcohol-free. Heck, the party must have drink to be funny? We had no pictures of our parties too, not to expose our friends.

coroa-morena-com-dois-280411 -


Brazilian Carnaval -

The party was good, was the whole carnival (Saturday to Tuesday). Who went there liked so much. Sex all day (I work at a supermarket, so I had to work) and other good things besides sex. We had no gatekeepers, because the garden there was very quiet. My neighbors are gone. We could be naked on the site. Literally. We had our own carnival parade, because friends took their costumes, and we made our games. Therefore, we do not attend the carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian Carnaval Orgy -

The non-sexual part of the party. Friends of our who did not know met one another, so lot of game (queen, chess, sudoku, War ,...), so much drink (tea, soda, chocolate, juice ,...).

Carnaval 2007 S4 -

The sexual part of the party. I took the virginity of a male friend in our party. He's 17 and was dating a girl of 16 very frigid with some parents that are devotee as hell (in English it gives a funny play on words) and very boring. And he is very nice and very smart. He went there hidden from his parents. I knew the boy was about three months, and already got rid of him dating the girl. But I did not take more married men, the latter were those who spent the New Year with me and divorced.

Brasileirinhas - carnaval 2008 ( carnival of brazil ) -

Also in the sexual part of the party. We have seen porn movies on the computer of a friend of ours. And the countrysides was so calm that two male friends and a female friend had sex on the road that passes on the site (they came out dressed, but they without underwear and she without bra and without panties). I've seen it by far, it was standing with the girl in the middle of the two. Did you understand how or do you want me to draw? You want me to draw, right?

XXX Nova CBR 2 CILINDROS em V - sent by a member of our group A Vez das Mulheres

My birthday

orgia-280411 -

A funny case that I remembered. On the Thursday before my birthday, I met an acquaintance on a bus, crowded, and she broached the topic of my birthday, gave me her congratulations in advance and asked jokingly if the party would be good. Then I said that, how I would do 20 years, I was thinking of sex with 20 friends sequencially (one behind the other not, because they would not have courage). I said it jokingly, it's also a bit joker, but it seems that there were people who believed.

festinha safada 1 e festinha safada 2 -

My birthday I spent at the home of an uncle. My father called me to spend the day with my family in Porto Firme*, Minas Gerais, my hometown, but could not be at his house because he did not want to hassle with his girlfriend. She and I do not like one another. And there are some aunts, from my mother and from my father, who hate me, they at least were not at the party. It was good to see some cousins that I like, the uncles that I like, my brothers (because my mother and I moved from that town) and some friends. We had cake, snack, barbecue, was a very good party. Thank you, family that loves me.

gangbang_0232_5_1_320_240 -

The party was great. Then some friends of mine in the city who knew of my birthday organized one party for me and told me on Thursday. It was at the home of one who lives alone. Our party started at 8 pm, was a thing between friends (male friends, because the female friends were afraid to go there). This party had what was missing at the party with the family: dick. And were not 20, were only 12. Many people do not believe that my male friends do not lose respect for me even knowing how I am naughty. Many people do not believe that my male friends even treat me like I was a "common" female friend. I say this because our party began like any birthday party, I went, the crowd sang "Happy Birthday", cake in the room, candles lit up (the 2 and 0), a gorgeous card. I came, I took a nice kiss on the cheek of each one. Then I said: "Guys, the party is very good, but let's start again. I will come back in two minutes, as if I was coming, and when I enter, you can repeat the congratulations, but I just want to meet you all side by side, naked, dick hard, for me to suck one by one". And they did a gangway and I entered in the middle sucking, they gave me this another gift. After I drank and smeared my face with milk, we went to the cake, to the soda, to the snack. After it I entered in the rotation of sausage. The boys took turns to put me three cocks, one in the pussy, one in the ass and one in the mouth. But it was not because I'm debauched or was desperate for sex, it was instead a great joke.

Kylee Strutt 07 e Kylee Strutt 14 -

I took the bus to Belo Horizonte* midnight. I slept the whole trip, I sat on the couch and just woke up in the bus station of Belo Horizonte*. I arrived at Lassance* in time for the Monday routine.

The (that was for others) Holy Week

From Thursday to Sunday I made a point of repeating the carnival. Barbecue, carnival parade, a lot of game (queen, chess, sudoku, War ,...), so much drink (tea, soda, chocolate, juice ,...).

O Melhor do Carnaval de Salão da Sexxxy 2010 -

We also had porn movies and bitching all day. And the rural calm down again. Then was I who was encouraged to make the sandwich with two standing in the road on Friday morning, and it still was good for both to cum in my mouth, and no one passed. The two were Bernardo*, a friend of mine for more time, and Tales*, a new coworker that I liked so much (he is not very pretty, but he is intelligent, friendly and has character) and he is 17 years old and lost her virginity there with me. We asked to the folks to bring the carnival costumes (they were the same people and more Tales*, and two male friends and three female friends who could not go in the carnival) and then we could play and do our parade. We had the cleaners that were fucked in the bathroom, the waitresses only in miniskirts and no panties to meet the boys, waiters only in underwear to meet the girls (all friends of ours). Were six policemen in the party that examined two female friends of ours, led both to the woods and fucked two, three together to fuck each one (to the disappointment of our enemies, was friends of our dressed up and it was all a combined joke). It was very similar with carnival, but talk of lust and enjoy in the Holy Week has more fun, right?

O Melhor do Carnaval de Salão da Sexxxy 2010 - Parte 2 -

And we coludn't forget the chocolate. Candy and chocolate syrup to the girls in the boys' cocks and to the men in our pussies, like the other time.

O Melhor do Carnaval de Salão da Sexxxy 2010 - Parte 3 -

Broken relationships: 3. Those of the three new guests: Tales* (who had a girlfriend from his church), Astolfo* (a wonderful gentleman, assistant general services, 42, been married for 21 with a unbearable "mistress maria" and Claudionor* (35 years, married for 11 years with a girl too fatuous and the richer that even fucked me until this day: work safety technical).

O Melhor do Carnaval de Salão da Sexxxy 2010 - Parte 4 -

Diverted from the Christian faith: 6. The three aforementioned men and three male friends.

facial-garota-com-bolo-280411 e garota-comendo-bolo-com-porra-na-cara-280411 -

I was happy, for birthday prolonged with loved ones, of my family of blood and outside, and for the Holy Week with loved ones. Sex with love is a delight, hehehehe.

*Besides the name of Abigail and the state of Minas Gerais, the names have been changed to protect the characters and make a mess of enemies.

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