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The Brazilian woman is a huge pent-up

Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría, en lo Paraíso Tangible): La mujer brasileña es una gran reprimida,
Texto original em português (com fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez dos Homens que Prestam): A mulher brasileira é uma grande reprimida,
Texto original em português (sem fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade): A mulher brasileira é uma grande reprimida,

Abigail Pereira Aranha

Male tourists who come to Brazil thinking that Brazilian women are whores always "break their faces". They see images, real images and that we Brazilian send, of sexy woman in bikini and sexy woman parading around nearly naked in the carnival. Then they get here, and further see that lot of bitches in short clothes and believe they are in the sexual paradise.

But the Brazilian woman is a great sexually repressed. Our women are not the most beautiful in the world, as Porco Fantasma already shown. Nor are the most hotties. Some information about our babes:

  1. First, three quarters of women (and of the people) are (or say themselves) Catholic. So what? Let's see the woman and sex in the Bible. All the evils of the world begin with the first woman, Eve, and original sin was the sex. Sensual women in the Bible are adulterous, pagan, prostitutes. And most woman of the Bible was a virgin who was mother, Mary.

  2. Women will say that women are fucking with everybody. Some men also will say that does not fuck no one woman the man who is unwilling or incompetent. But sex for nice or poor men with permanent commitment is near zero.

  3. Many women here in Brazil make the kind of "decent in the street and hot in bed", but that woman does point to sound cold, repressed sexually and asexual, and indeed she is. Some men can become aroused by a woman like that, but that, sometimes I have said, is nothing but a frigid hypocrite or a badly assumed bitch.

  4. The Brazilian woman who has little breast but uses a bra that gives more volume, or that girl who always show their legs, or that one that has a bigger butt and uses a short or a miniskirt that highlights the attribute is not ready for sex. One thing that women here love is to cause looks. The women here are futiles with big egos that need feeding. The Brazilian women love to be seen as a nice body, although they say otherwise. Go to a newsstand and see how many layers with a thin woman or a woman wearing bikini.

  5. Of course, even a very liberal woman selects a man who will get laid, but if a Brazilian woman sees a man who is looking for her too, she turns dark. Any man. Are not few the Brazilian women who do not respond, or respond with an asshole face, if a man gives them a hi.

  6. Does Brazil have women who fuck a lot? Has, who fuck a lot with drug dealers, football players, rich old men. Oh, and with male tourists from the First World.

  7. Does Brazil have women who goes to sex shop, rent porn movies in video stores, etc.? Yes, it has. Most are prostitutes. Most of those are not will wear provocative lingerie or watch porn movie with her boyfriend. And these are faithful to the relationship. What is so exciting in a woman doing so much charm to the man who is the only one who have sex with her and the only man she'll fuck? Good question.

  8. Our prostitutes are usually women over 30 years, single or separated mothers, with little schooling, even uglier than the overall average of women, and who had no other option to earn money or to supplement income. Some are addicted to drugs or drink. The young, beautiful and well-shaped body charge expensive.

  9. Brazilian girls are full of non-touch-me-up even with their boyfriends.

  10. According to the text "As terríveis fases do casamento na visão de um homem" (The terrible stages of marriage in the sight of a man), in the blog of Silvio Koerich, based on the experiences of married men: the sex lives of married men in marriage nearly ends in about 5 year of marriage.

  11. The Brazilian women use sex strike or adultery to avenge their husbands.

  12. Open marriage is not popular here. To give you an idea, check out research in the text "Open Marriage", the survey only among women. Results until 27/01/2011 16:00, 27 voters:

    Concordo, já tenho um relacionamento aberto (I agree, I already have an open relationship)518:52%
    Concordo, gostaria de ter um, mas meu companheiro não aceitaria (I agree, I would like if I could have one, but my partner would not accept)414.81%
    Isso é do Diabo! (This is the Devil!)414.81%
    Acho legal, mas não tenho coragem (I think it's cool, but I have no courage)311.11%
    Discordo, mas respeito quem tem (I disagree, but I respect those who have)311.11%
    Que sem-vergonhice! (How indecent!)27.41%
    Concordo, gostaria de ter um, procuro um homem que queira também (I agree, I would like to have one, I seek a man who wants too)13.7%
    Discordo, mas admiro quem consegue ter um (I disagree, but I admire those who can have one)00%

Women in Brazil can use a miniskirt showing her panties, but about sex nothing. If it is not only with scroundels, it is only with her boyfriend. And many girls with bare belly and thighs are not much different from the old ugly and churchgoing in the United States. But our country still has hope. There are still women who are not hypocrites, are not self-absorbed, hates religious moralism, have something profitable in their minds and like to fuck. For example: I, hehehehe.

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