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True Women Manifesto

Eso texto en español (sin fotos e peliculas de putaría): Manifiesto de las Mujeres Verdaderas, (en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas en Wordpress) o (en lo Para Hombres de Calidad y Mujeres Verdaderas en Blogger)
This text in English (without sex pics and movies, at A Vez das Mulheres at Thumblogger): True Women Manifesto,
Texto original em português (sem fotos e vídeos de putaria, no A Vez das Mulheres de Verdade): Manifesto das Mulheres de Verdade,

01 - We're not those lesbians heirs of the owner of the world and that thinks themselves good and experts in everything, that need good cocks and humility.

02 - We strive to treat others as we would like to be treated.

03 - We get very angry when we see that no magazine, no website, no program said female failed believing woman is futile, alienated, repressed, gossip and concentrate on beauty of face and body.

04 - We get very angry when we see that a woman is idolized by men and women just because she is a woman with a beautiful body.

05 - Even when we are beautiful to stop traffic, we have an inner beauty that is larger than the exterior.

06 - We take care of the appearance and health, but we really are more than a body, not like the ladies who say that society treats women as an object but what they more read are magazines that talk about diet and beauty on the cover.

07 - We're clever but we do not want to intimidate anyone or are unsympathetic.

08 - We have self-esteem, we are not cretins who take themselves too seriously.

09 - We're true, not poorly educated imbeciles.

10 - We seek to be happy, but we are not alienated or without ideals.

11 - We're friends of our friends and make tens or hundreds of people happier, while the mediocre woman is at best educated and a good wife-mother.

12 - When we are married, our husbands are actually happier for we are in their lives, unlike the husband of the woman who has learned to be happy because he still has an unpleasant job, an ugly and away home and a frigid bellied woman to have sex two or three times a month.

13 - When we are mothers, we true mothers, we actually participate in the life of our children and are examples of life and person for them, not reckless pretending to be mature and superwomen.

14 - We do not think the man has the obligation to take the initiative to approach a woman, including ourselves take the initiative to approach a man once in a while (sometimes for sex but sometimes it's just a talk).

15 - We are atheists and have critical sense.

16 - We have more ethics without believing in God than many churchgoers that not wear makeup.

17 - We are not necessarily prostitutes or porn stars, but even when we are, the churchgoer that find herself the best character because he married a virgin but is the Hell in the life of her husband and employees have much to learn from us about what is moral and character.

18 - The feminist movement does not represent us, is a movement of lesbian, unloved, sexually repressed women and some useful inocents fighting for the Lesbian Nazism.

19 - Almost any woman says directly that likes scoundrels, but we really did not fail to give time, friendship, attention and sex to a nice man to hang out with queers, flirt with marginal in funk parties or stay at home because a macho mate does not leave us out.

20 - We are sexually free, not restrained babes that fuck with marginals, old rich men and assholes and miscreants in general while playing with the imagination of men.

21 - We are open minded, not churchgoers mimicking bitches ashamed to look square.

22 - Some of us enjoy anal sex, others not, some like to have sex with 2 or 3, some not, some like a large cock, others prefer a medium one, sometimes we are single, sometimes we have an open marriage, but neither are we sexual compulsive nor we try to seem like churchgoers.

23 - We think that a woman is so empty and stupid when thinks that character is to avoid talking to men and have sex only within marriage.

24 - We do not hide that we like sex and don't use it to hold a man.

25 - We (not the lesbians who call themselves independent or feminists) enter a typically masculine profession or college study because we think it has to do with us, and not as a king by invading an enemy country.

26 - We believe that a woman value herself is to give value to those who regard her in the bed and out, and not find that almost any man in the world at the height of her pussy.

27 - For us, lesbianism is not sexual orientation, is a mixture of narcissism with horror of dick.

28 - We are witnesses that there are men who are courteous, ethical, intelligent, hardworking, humorous, caring, loving and good in sex , unlike say the unloved mediocre women who ignored these men to go behind a macho boor behind another and now weep the wounds.

29 - We are witnesses that these men who are courteous, ethical, intelligent, hardworking, humorous, caring, loving and good in sex appreciate women who are smart, mature, cheerful and courageous who treat them with the respect, affection and attention they deserve.

30 - We feel disgust and shame for the women who think that have a pussy gives the right to be stupid and have a pretty face and good curves gives the right to be imbeciles.

31 - If we do not feel ashamed of females because of the lack of character, content and education of the chicks, it's because we're better than that.

32 - We are the true target of machismo, which is more convenient to ugly, dumb and repressed mediocre women than to men themselves (do not think they were crying because they were illiterate sexually restrained women sustained by their husbands).

33 - The mediocre women always clapped when we and even other mediocre women were discriminated or murdered by have sex outside of marriage, leaving to the street alone, do not go out to the street covered, study, etc.

34 - We were the target when the women walked covered and did not left the house without her husband or someone in your family, so that a mediocre woman could be sure that her husband would neither see the arms nor go near of another woman.

35 - We were the target when women had no life outside their home, so that a mediocre woman could be sure that her husband would not find an intelligent and interesting woman in the street or at work.

36 - Mediocre women have fed societies where we true women are discriminated, harassed or killed so that the only option for sex to a nice man to be some woman who is ugly, frigid, hypocritical, little intelligent, unloved and bastard who failed to find a better male, that he will sustain and support in exchange for 2 or 3 sexual relations per month.

37 - The real violence against women is the one that mediocre women make against us, themselves or manipulating men who are said to be macho oppressors, the other women are victims of what they chose to her own lives.

38 - Everything we want, and will fight for it, is a decent world where all people will have each other to discover the world and live life, without mediocre women against us and without men extolling any imbecile just because she a pussy and a beautiful body.

39 - Appreciation, friendship, affection, protection where things are hard, some good fucks and other things we already gain from nice men who love us and we thank for that.

Abigail Pereira Aranha

See also the Nice Men Manifesto (at A Vez das Mulheres at Thumblogger or at Paraíso Concreto).

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